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Swarm of Moto Robbers Mess With The Wrong Dude


today we get to see a group of motor robbers who get away with it and then don't i'm your host john correa and i welcome you to today's lesson here at active self protection it comes to us from sao paulo in brazil luckygunner.com works hard to stock ammo to ship today and take care of their customers they've stood by us all in this ammo crisis and earned my business time and time again they ship immediately often same day so give them your next ammo order this is a gang of a couple of motorcycle thieves two dudes riding on a moto in brazil is an attack and you see this guy here he's gonna take the wallet from this lady and her phone her purse and just rolls up on the back of a moto grabs their stuff and they've got two motos full of bad guys here we see a second time where this same group of guys is going to chase a motorist down point a gun at them get them to stop and then they're going to get everybody out and shake them down the funny part to me here is they're not even going to steal their car this get them out of their car take all their stuff and then you know ride off on their moto after they've got all their things they're going to get a third person here where on the left-hand side you see this lady in the suv but a couple of cars in front of her is an off-duty brazilian cop so we're going to see them shaking this lady down just again carrying on all in the same day apparently but you're going to see our guy in the moto here kind of turn around and start heading the other way dude starts firing at him why well because there's a cop firing his way as well so we don't get to see the actual gunfight from the end user's perspective but we actually have a little bit of cell phone footage here as well and you can see that motorcyclist down taking the speed bump temperature challenge there one of our perps was definitely hit by our good guy in that case and you're gonna see him now you can just barely see him standing at the woman's car who was being carjacked in that last one checking in on her another view there of our perp they got one of them our officer did the other one ran off and they're still looking for him but at least he stopped him for the day see our officer gonna run back to his car i think get his cell phone out of it so that he can call it in and we're going to think about lessons lots to think about out of this one do you want to get better as a self-defender go over to our second channel active self protection extra and join us over there eight videos a week to help you be better as a self-defender first things first on this one if you don't have attitude skills and plan your thing to do here is just to comply and that's exactly what she did complied okay man take my stuff whatever you're pointing a gun at me fine whatever take the stuff so sometimes that's the only answer you have of course though paying attention to your surroundings getting out of there not hanging out in transitional space is all valuable lessons here second thing i think here notice that he's pointing a gun at him and i think that there was a possibility on this particular one if you're the driver here and you go oh no we're in real trouble you might have used the car turn hard into these guys knock them off their bike and then speed out of there as fast as you can of course though you got two motors and they're both pointing guns at you so we see this very commonly in central and south america very commonly in the caribbean as well that you see these guys you know two dudes on a moto is a prelude to an armed robbery very commonly in those areas so again compliance may very well have been the best option or may have been the only option here as a matter of fact although you know again if you had a vehicle if you were armed yourself there are plenty of other things but these people don't have any of that so okay man here's all the stuff don't hurt us take take the car and go from there don't love it but that is what it is in some of those situations now these guys are our thugs and they're going to keep doing what they're doing but i want you to notice that here is where our good guy's car is so he is actually about three car lengths away around 20 to 25 yards from these guys because there's space in between the cars so you're about three full car lengths plus the space between them he's got some distance here and he decides okay i'm gonna step in i want you to think about that as well am i willing to step into a third-party encounter like this or is my best bet just to drive off just to get the heck out of the danger zone you've got to decide that for yourself i do want you to recognize a couple things that if you decide to get involved just like we see here the bad guy might start firing at you this involves a non-zero risk so if you're going to step into a third party encounter you better have talked that over with your loved ones you better have gotten the agreement from your friends and family that they are okay with you taking that kind of risk that they will then have to deal with the consequences of because you might well be dead the number two thing here is that you better have a high level of confidence in your skills at this distance and then probably one of the biggest things you've got to have is to say buddy you're not going to hit me at this kind of distance probably but i'm absolutely going to hit you i'm going to get hits on you and put you down quickly and you can only do that if you've done it again and again and again and you've got that kind of skill on demand that you know that that you can bring all the skill that you currently possess on demand to that task at hand as my friend brian hill says now let's talk about follow-ups we really want to talk about follow-ups here and you know that that we learned from i got it from the legendary lawman chuck haggart his follow-up paradigm that i've kind of made a little acronym for and it is tap ifs so then we look threat down is t a is accomplices do i need to shoot the threat again did he bring any accomplices to the fight p is a partner this guy doesn't have any partners so we're not going to mess with that but then then i started asking partners and or people so is any are any innocent people hurting now then we move on to ifs so the next thing i do is am i injured or is anybody else injured around me then look at my firearm is my firearm in working condition do i you know do i still have any rounds in the gun am i okay there then f take appropriate follow-up actions do i need to do first aid do i need to get to a safer location what else do i need to do to make us safer here and then s is seek help make sure then that you call it in and get some help so tap ifs you can just put that in your mind drill it a little bit and it will help you in that follow-up mode when you are highly adrenalized to think where am i in my follow-up actions here then what do i need to do and when they are emergency actions like that and then and we go okay now i can think about where i am in those we can do good i think this officer did a great job his skills were high he put that guy down stopped the gang of robbers who were robbing everyone and handled his business well let's make sure that we follow up appropriately as we cover our asp [Music] you


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