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Novritsch’ Secret to being Invisible #10 of 14 – Military Sniper Training


all right so I will try this again on my own cover right over there and then we'll see if I can do it in a good way just like this guy early morning wake up with 4:00 in the morning today we will transport our entire staff to the figured military facility in Austria back back back back back back back straight music come and also the box right here and that's just me just imagine 200 soldiers bringing off all suburbs a ridiculous amount of food so that's a lot of this couple of staples and then I also have one of those boxes too quite a lot of skew runa truckers are stuff one truck full of military equipment how much is that versa [Music] loaded all the stuff all ready to go all right however there we already drove three hours would be another three to get to military facility the truck full of here [Music] look at all those vehicles so there will be loaded off the train and then they will be used for the next week training next week special training and hopefully I get a ride on one of the screams hangs over there [Music] holy tank back to the training now we're going to learn how to build natural cover support it's basically used for observation sports where there's not enough of cover you just will to cover yourself but it still should look natural it's kind of a challenge when you look at the background right here you can mostly see dry grass and this gives you it's way too green for this environment so in order to make the cover support work obviously on the Achilles use has to become flush and adapted to the environment so that's why right now I'm looping those dry grass thingies through those Sai record loops here on the skinny so here we already put the base of the cover support it's basically a bunch of branches put together into this matrix it's connected with wire and now of course this doesn't look natural and also we have to add some vegetation basically mostly dry grass so we just add some of those into those loops and the space and then I just have some additional cover which you can use to hide stuff behind like the sport of sixty for example additional equipment like your assault rifle all right so I will try this again on my own cover right over there and then I will see if I can do it in a good way just like this guy all right so that's the cover I built let's see if I blended what's very important here is that I have to ensure that I still have a nice field of view camouflage is not everything if I can't see the enemy if I can't look through my crosshairs what's the point of all of this so right here I have a small hole where I can look through and to the entire cover right here that I built it's not stationary right I can basically move it to the desired shooting position how does it work using the back of a branch which you can see it's connected to the entire cover so you basically take it you move it a few centimeters forward and then you move afterwards in a very slow and smooth motion now we might ask doesn't that even you know it's like this big chunk of vegetation that moves and yes it's right but if you move it in a very slow way nobody will notice but additional to that it covers up your tremor footprint so let's say there's an enemy with the thermal optic you will not be able to see you because it kind of isolates your heat which a ghillie suit usually doesn't I mean that gives you the out there which do but not in a perfect way you will still be able to see the face in the gloves but is the converse apart like this the enemy won't be able to see the heat difference from you and there's a rounding vegetation so to give you an idea how this thing actually looks very lightweight so here in the back we have some support branches because the whole thing should be supported I mean the worst thing that could happen is that it actually falls and makes a lot of movement maybe also some noise so camouflage training is always a day took me around 2 hours to cover flushes Kili I have to remove it again so I can redo it tomorrow ah


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