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Israeli Defender Teaches Us About The Five D’s Plus One


even when you've got co-workers in the vicinity with rifles who want to protect you somebody attacks you with a knife you're going to have to defend yourself [Music] hi everyone thank you for joining us for today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john korea today's video comes to us from hebron in israel new bold targets is now through throne targets are lightweight weatherproof take thousands of rounds of shooting and make shooting fun pick up a set for your next range trip the video that was released begins with the attack already in progress this is at a security checkpoint in hebron and what you see on the left you you can see the face of the guard on the right you can see our attacker who has a big old knife in a short held position and is already attacking with it as it begins you're gonna see him go after the guard with it and make bunches of stabbing attempts at him the guard actually disarmed him there in the midst of that we'll see in a little while and after he gets him disarmed couple other buddies show up and they get this guy into custody see it one more time they are going to get after him with the knife and then he gets that knife away from him kind of hard to see in the inner room there then when his buddies show up he is disarmed at that time and so they end up not shooting the guy but rather taking him into custody if you go read the news story that i've linked in the description thankfully the guard was only injured with minor injuries didn't actually get him with any of them tons of lessons out of this one that's where it ends boy that is some scary scary stuff let's talk about lessons and yeah you know we're gonna talk about those five d's plus one my first lesson here is that you're gonna have to train to that point of failure in order to succeed in cases like this that no one is coming to save you there are multiple people around here who have firearms with them but none of them are going to get to this guy in time to protect him you are the primary agent in your own rescue no one is coming to save you and you must take action to protect yourself as if no one is coming to save you because nobody's going to get there in time and that's the biggest thing this guard had to have now i want you to notice that our bad guy has the knife up and then immediately drives that knife into that downward position so so we see this all the time that he's actually got a leveraging arm on our intended victim on you know our defender and then he comes down hard with that knife over the top and those are the two attacks that we see again and again in real life knife attacks from the short held position we see them over the top like that from a long hill position a sewing machine style attack and that's what we see we don't see these you know really kind of convoluted strikes i do want you to notice the kind of knife that our bad guy has here you can see that this is a very large knife that he is coming after this guy with so you better do something here otherwise it is going to get you now notice here that as we slow down what we're going to see here is we see our guard do something that's very common he reaches way out with that hand and tries a wrist tie here very common to reach out try to grab the wrist the hand hopefully not the knife that is trying to attack you the problem with that is very difficult to control that that wrist and our bad guy has a leveraging arm on as well and he's going to be able to pull that wrist away and continue his attack so if you're going to try to tie him up a bicep tie is way better than a wrist tie in these initial stages also i love that the guard here moved away from the knife you see him move towards the leveraging arm and an away circle away from the knife that's a great strategy to buy you just a little bit of time it doesn't work with the bicep tie or with the wrist tie but it is a strategy now i want you to notice on this one that as our guard backs up the problem of course is that our bad guy has a hold of him with the leveraging arm with the left hand so when you try to disengage and gain space which you'd normally want to try to do it's very difficult to do and that ends up with the knife being in very close proximity he's lucky lucky he didn't get stabbed here but now he starts doing something that i actually really like you see him catch a little bit of distance here so in this particular spot if you've got a little bit of distance that the bad guy lets go with the leveraging arm i i really find in training that the best thing that we can do is use a front push kick to try to keep that guy as far away from us as we can because if you can keep his hand from being able to get close you might get cut on the shin but that's really your best bet unfortunately our guard doesn't do that here but instead as the guy closes distance he does something that i think is kind of a number two is that what you see here is he dove his hand inside and that pushes the hand with the knife outside which generally means it'll miss out and wide and that's exactly what he did so he kind of dove his hand in between the head and the knife arm of the bad guy and that push the knife to the outside got to work on that in training won't work if you haven't done it ahead of time but look at what it did as well if you see your bad guy's hand here that bad guy's hand he has been successfully disarmed at this point is that he was stabbing and stabbing and just kicking that over got him to let the knife go because they're fighting over it okay if you recognize that now you've got to get after something here and maintain the fight you don't know what else the guy has on him and so our dude does that as you notice that a he gets him away from the place where the knife is b he keeps after him because now he's got to get him into custody this is where mission drives tactics techniques and procedures of course as a private citizen you would want to get the heck away from him here as fast as you possibly can but of course as an idf soldier he's got to take this guy into custody and so he does a really good job of that and doesn't go to his deadly force tools i think that's our final lesson here is that you notice his partners show up of course they show up quite a bit after the action is already done we've already talked about that but number two the fact of the matter is this guy is unarmed in this moment and so even though he was a deadly threat earlier he's not a deadly threat at this point and so they take him into custody you gotta communicate work well to do that i think this is a really good video that shows us the dangers of defending yourself against a knife attack shows us how that leveraging arm can really be used against us how to protect ourselves and some of the strategies that are more and less effective as we seek to do so and cover our asp


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