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Carjacker Tries His Luck on Tesla Owner


today we get to see another instance of florida man hi everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection hosting with me today stephanie weidner our ceo and i'm john korea and we are going to take a look at this video out of jacksonville florida throne targets are lightweight weatherproof take thousands of rounds of shooting and make shooting fun pick up a set for your next range trip the video that we see here is already in progress a little bit you can see the guy running up uh on the guy who's sitting in his tesla model 3 that's why we've got all the cameras on it we have some audio from the tesla let's listen in i stay on the side probably [Music] if you click through to the original this was on twitter what you will see here is that our victim got away had a bullet hole in his tesla for it asked elon musk for a replacement tesla for it i don't think he got one but we're gonna get some lessons oh today you can go and check out our online seminar on carjacking defense i think that is a deep dive you're gonna get a lesson here today from this one but there's a bunch more information about carjackings check the link in the description and you can participate too steph i think the first thing i want to talk about here is sitting in your car in the parking lot while a lot of us do it and i totally understand it especially sitting on your mobile device or whatever and on your social media just invite attack it's a place where you're sitting with highly valuable items like your car and your smartphone right out in the open where people that are watching for someone to take valuable items can see you at the very least you should be having a locked door and hopefully maybe parked in a place where people aren't able to sneak up on you so get in the car lock the doors windows up start the engine in gear and get yourself in a place that if you had to get out of there in a hurry you can't i think that's what really saved our victim in this particular case because what you're going to see here is you're going to see the guy run up hard and just point a gun immediately now if you were paying very close attention what you saw is that our defender here was actually you know had his hand kind of hanging out the window and the window of the car is open this is a bad spot to be in a dude pointing a gun at you you have very few options here and the the bad guy's finger is right on the trigger you can clearly see in this video here it is you are already behind way behind and think about this now if you're just in the car by yourself whatever compliance might be the best answer here right jump out of the car okay man it's all it's yours have a nice day go at it whatever now for most of us you're driving a very modern car it doesn't have a key in the ignition or whatever he's going to get off down the road with it and the car is going to stop but if you got your family in the car you don't have that option right you got to defend them as well whatever so instead what he's going to do here is he is going to take off in a hurry but before he does the thing that we see is locked doors save lives yeah our bad guy tries to get in here and he's not able to because the door is locked and that was the first of a couple of pretty good choices here other than having the windows open the door was locked and that gave him some more time and i actually think it's an interesting feature of the tesla that helped him here that the door handles on the tesla go flush mount right so when you're inside the car and the doors are locked the door handles actually pull in so they can't be grabbed which is another way that i think it keeps us safe that's a cool feature it's not the only car that does it but it's one that does so what's the big thing here again friends lock your doors i would also recommend i get it it's fall weather right now it's beautiful those kinds of things but but roll your windows up this is a safety item that keeps you from bad guys so then our driver is going to decide to go off and that makes our perp take a shot at it but like most perps couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a gun he's not using his sights he's just using it as an intimidation tool distance is your friend here because the farther you get away from this guy faster the less chance he's able to actually hit anything with that gun and handgun calibers are so you know weak really anyway that even if you are going to get hit your odds of surviving if you're taking off are much better than staying there so i think this is a really good choice here to hit that accelerator and vacate the area absolutely a good choice but one of the things that we want to say with that of course is that cars are really weird as far as what they do to handgun bullets i can't tell you if that's cover or concealment sometimes the doors will stop bullets sometimes they won't it's it's really hit or miss no pun intended but uh you know recognize as well if a guy points a gun at you he's probably willing to use it assume that he's willing to use it and and act accordingly this guy certainly was final thing i really want to say here is that our victim our defender who now has a bullet hole in his car but he's okay he doesn't really have a whole lot of place to go here because he's stuck inside this parking lot with this guy and it takes him a while to get away last thing i want to say is in an emergency situation curbs are suggestions not rules you've got to be willing and able to get over them to protect your life and you certainly want to get as much space as possible between you and the guy that just threatened to murder you over a car over a car so if you got to go back in that direction your safety lies in your speed make sure that you are able to use that well this guy said on the twitter you know post that he made it of that it was the locked doors and acceleration and having his head on a swivel that protected him that day those are our big lessons and steph i appreciate your help thanks for having me [Music] [Music] you


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