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Prepared Homeowner Gets The Drop On Burglars


when the prey is armed the predator goes hungry welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us out of Sao Paulo in Brazil the Mantis x10 firearms performance system is an invaluable training tool for shooters of all levels to make themselves better with their defensive firearms so we can see the garage door opening in this car pulling in that seems okay until you realize when you go read the news stories linked in the description this is actually a car full of home invaders who have hacked the garage door opener on this house I've been driving around and trying to hack garage doors and this one works so they pull in you know I've got dark tinted windows and you're gonna see five dudes pile out of here at least two of whom are armed and they are going to ransack the place now I think most guys doing this they're to thinking this burglars or whatever now there's a guy home with that gal down at the bottom the news story says is a worker there not his spouse or anything but our guy who happens to be home and is apparently working on this house is now going to go back into his master bedroom or whatever and grab a handgun and start investigating what the heck's going on well of course he's gonna see this group of five guys now you could see that the stairs heading up to his way right there and one of the guys says hey go up there and see what's going on upstairs and so as soon as he hits that first landing you're gonna see our homeowner get after him see a couple shots come up his way and now he is going to return fire and once he starts returning fire those guys forgot that they left the oven on and so they are going to run off as our good guy is still going to pie the corners and see where they have gone now what you're going to see happen here is as they pile out and you see our dude does not chase them that's a great thing we'll talk about it in a minute they actually leave the car there and one of the robbers actually left his wallet and his cell phone there and so the cops are going to pick all of them up in due time I am sure they scamper off and legend has it that they are running to this day nobody was harmed in this video and that's where this one ends boy thank God that homeowner had a firearm in order to defend himself against all those home invaders you want to support the work we do an act of self-protection what always you can do that is by picking up some merch there's a link in the description with a bunch of new styles go check it out and support the work that we here thank you for that let's get to some lessons let's start this one by talking about home invasions you can see this is a Thursday at 10 o'clock in the morning if you're looking at the timestamp up there and this is when home invasions happen now they're almost never these kind of you know middle of the night on burglars breaking in and those happen too but we see them more and more now during the day and the reason for that when they talk to you know bad guys who've been caught and they say there's less of a chance for somebody to be home and so because of that people are working more whatever there's more likelihood they can get in steal stuff get out secondly they used an electronic means here and are hacking the garage door I don't think that that can be prevented completely but I would say if you are home even with the garage door closed lock your garage door from the door you know into the house if everybody is home now sometimes that doesn't work for everybody because of things but don't expect an automatic garage door opener to be a secure a completely secure way you might want to keep other means on that now then we notice this home invasion is five men at least two of whom are armed so when we talk about our home defense plan I want your home defense plan to include multiple attackers about a third of the tax of all kinds that I narrate here on active sell protection involve multiple attackers now I almost never see a good person engage more than two before the guys flee like this but having a plan in place that says listen I can engage at least a couple of bad guys with whatever defensive firearm I have is incredibly wise because fighting a gun fight against multiple armed attackers is no easy feat now then let's think about our owner here is he's going out and he hears something going on so he's gonna go and grab his home defense firearm can't tell you enough I really recommend that you have your home defense tool staged appropriately now what does that mean depends on who's in your home and those kinds of things but you got to recognize he's coming out here to investigate now he's got a hold of this and you should be able to get that and go and see what the heck is going on in your world and and of course you got to keep your guns you know safe from unauthorized access and those kinds of things now let's think about his choice here ok so he has a handgun in the house thank God it was a legally own handgun there in South Paulo he surrendered it to the police for the investigation when it happened again in the news story ok great but we talked about the difference here between a handgun and a shotgun and a rifle for home defense now that's beyond the scope of a video like this however if I said hey you're going to a gunfight today with at least two guys with a gun five of them present they all may be armed as well would you want to have a handgun or would you want to have a long gun me personally I'd like to have a long gun again they're all going to penetrate tons of interior wools and those kinds of things but the ability to actually put somebody down with a long gun it's pretty good so if you can have those in your area oh properly built home defense shotgun or a home defense rifle can be a very very good thing to have and I think they all have pluses and minuses now I love that he doesn't go downstairs in there though they might be downstairs so he's kind of looking and seeing okay is everybody okay is he's investigating his house but this gives him a good vantage point is you see them come up here you notice the fact that he has a choke point here so he kind of maintains that so he can hear what's going on that's very wise because again they have to if they're gonna come up and get him they've got to come up this one place and that kind of choke point gives him a good ensconce 'men a place that he can easily defend now I also noticed that our good guy here number one has a good you know seemingly decent technique here looks like he's got some training but also you notice he's fighting in flip-flops in a pair of shorts man you just gonna dance with what you brung on that day so make sure that you know you're ready to fight as you come now that's out there if you look that's coming from the bottom up that's not our good guy shooting that's the bad guy shooting and I do want to notice that our good guy moved very quickly so rather than just stand and have a gun fight he saw the problem and moved himself to a more defensible position and yes they're gonna put some shots his way but they saw the fact that he was armed so moving with a gun in your hand and getting yourself to a good position might be the right choice rather than standing and trading shots might be getting yourself to a place where you have concealment and they can't see you and that's exactly what our good guy did here that's really good now you notice here that he pops out and sees a guy and gets a shot off as well it doesn't look like he hit anybody here in some sense the gun was more of a noisemaker than anything else but I want to notice that the mere presence of a home defense firearm the mere fact that this guy had a firearm available to him and was willing to use it got it and actually put it out in the fight the fact that he didn't hit anybody of course we got to think about the fact that that you know he that bullets gonna come to rest somewhere but the fact that he had it was a significant difference and caused those guys to run off and this is incredibly important the very fact that there was equal force to what they had got this guy to be safe now you notice here he's poking in and out and he's jumping back and forth and I don't really recommend that that's again for another day but he did something incredibly excellent here and he did not chase a deadly threat this is something I see people do all the time that gets them in a lot of mortal danger is that they chase deadly threats because they're predator Drive kicks in here our good guy did not do that he hunkered down held this position knowing that they were gonna have to come up the stairs to come get him and he let them run off that was incredibly wise now again if we take a second his you know popping in and out and popping in and out wasn't the best technique there the best tactic but it worked for him in this instance because those guys didn't want to continue to have a gunfight with him good well hey you know it doesn't matter a whole lot of things there as long as they get the heck out of there this was a very successful home defense now somebody might well say and say well John you know he didn't get these guys he should have chased them because now they can go rob another day or whatever but guarantee they're not gonna rob this house again and that's where his duty is his duty is to protect himself and his family and his loved ones he did that with the plump so thank God he had a home defense handgun thank God that it was ready thank God that he had enough skill in order to get after it in the moment so I can't tell you enough the lessons out of this one have a home defense tool have it properly staged know where the defensible positions in your home arc don't chase deadly threats but make sure that you're ready to return fire to cover your ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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