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Intruders Beware! The World’s Toughest Guard Dogs | BIG DOGZ


this dog will show you a high level of intensity they'll show you real aggression we really do aim to achieve the world's best protection dog praise is a serious serious thought there's no games played with Frazee literally Mauer will be blow after this 100% he turns into an absolute lunatic no no I know I know no no my name is adore this is protection dogs worldwide I train dogs for families that have had certain situations scenarios that need protection we offer a four levels of training free are the most populous and then we have a dog that's called the directors dog which is only one every two years very rare and it's add-on that's been brought by me on one of the head trainers from four feet in a house for two years straight Vegas would be an example of the directors done [Music] the parting from Pope Leo brought him up but literally he spends all the time in the house with me the kids and I took him on every sort of scenario you can imagine sit down here yes boy yeah boy the cost of the dog there is completely on the level of training that we do that can start anywhere from 20,000 look to seventy eighty thousand pound everyone asked me is the higest to sale I couldn't sell him I love him to bits been offered 100 thousand for in Saudi Arabia in the end of the day it's like a child to me so the money is irrelevant don't cuz I live here at the kennels we live here full-time 24/7 we live with all the dogs being my family god young daughter one of the first words she ever said was doggy so I know when I've got a dog with my daughter that he's safe and if it isn't then it won't be safe for anybody else his daughter that's it hey Vegas sit sit and now give it down okay good boy god no you training me tensed way more than it used to be that six on the morning in the finish nine o'clock most nights and that's seven days a week all right guys so flood of action as usual see how that goes and then then a little bit two and half hours of protection so some Colver stuff some intense stuff and see what goes from there every morning we wake up we the first thing we do is clean we always start with a small walk let the dog out later have a wee whoever it needs to do so this is minced chicken really really good stuff everything's a raw diet we then decide who were working in obedience will make a list for obedience then we'll make a list for protection everything in dog training you have to start with one whatever the dog actually wants Bentley his nine-month-old cane corso very very happy dog always excited always happy to work great energy it's actually a pleasure to work him he'll grow a lot more year he's still a puppy I'm excited to see what it becomes I love working the king course I was they're very slow at developing so the end the end product is so much more rewarding the biggest dog we ever had here was a dog called Lex seventy-eight kilo cake or self absolutely massive I'm not kidding but he's heady like what a remarkable looking dog we're about to get two puppies out I say pop is the seven and eight months old two Dobermans we're working on by work development so here's a Helius we're going to show you what we've been teaching him lately [Music] the end goal is I send him to the primary guard of the pram 360 perimeter around the barking guarding for money threat anyone makes a strike or anything like that many other LLL bite you've got this goofy cube side but you've just got such an intense side in protection which is a perfect perfect combination so yeah look we're ready to do some work with Frazer phrases a serious serious dog there's no games played with phrase this dog will show you a high level of intensity he'll show you real aggression I don't need to why'd you take him II just ready for action I'd do it twice but that's about it cuz literally our world we blow after this 100% Fraser Fraser is not your everyday dog he's a very sweet dog but when it comes to working the dog he turns into an absolute lunatic it's intense anyone has to be on the ball when you're working Fraser finish the day by turning the TV's on that's gonna mimic basically that this is the end of the day TVs would go on heating goes on lights go out and then he's good night imitates a sort of family environment all right good night guys what sets us apart from other dog Travis is the level of training that we're willing to go to and the things that we're willing to do my ambition is to keep pushing dogs as far as up and push them and to reach the best ability with any job we get I love the place with a passion I love the dogs I love what we do we really do aim to achieve the world's best protection dog you


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