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California Officers Stop Active Shooter At Walmart


the critical skill i hope we all get out of these badge cam lessons is learning how to think with a gun in our hands [Applause] [Music] i'm john korea the founder and owner here at active self protection thank you for joining us for today's bonus badge cam lesson it comes to us from red bluff california zero nine solutions is our newest member of the holster consortium they focus on duty gear for law enforcement needs but also private citizens who are putting stuff on a load-bearing vest check out their website at xero the number nine holsters dot com call has gone out over dispatch active killer at walmart distribution center not only as a sheriff's department but also the local pd is responding let's listen in get down drop your gun get back over here now get on your face and face me oh okay [Music] keep me keep your hands out in front of you one at gunpoint don't yep good do not move do not move you understand me do you have any other weapons on you i'd like to get your medical treatment if you can keep your hand when you see them do you have any firearms on you so we can get you medical help [Music] they took this perp into custody uh he was the active killer within 16 minutes of the stopping of the shooting he was at the hospital but he succumbed to his wounds so he took the asphalt temperature challenge and no officer was harmed in this one there was one other private citizen who lost their life to the active killer and that's where this one ends pretty incredible stuff all the way around you know that i don't ask this very often but if you are not subscribed to active self-protection please make sure you hit that subscribe button because every day in addition to these badge cams that we do several times a week every single day we do private citizen defensive encounters here on the channel so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss them let's think about lessons when that call goes out active killer you know that it is going to ramp emotions way up and so what i can't say enough for my law enforcement guys make sure you're practicing your combat breathing make sure you're going through the mind of being process focused and do your best to stay calm because if you show up with your adrenaline through the roof it's not going to help your performance so combat breathing and going through your mind process performance seeing your sights pressing your trigger as you need to when you need to love the fact that our officer gets out with his patrol carbine he knew what was coming so he had his car being ready now had he pulled the trigger on this guy right here if he knew the fact that this guy was his shooter would he have been justified the answer is absolutely this right here is exactly how people get shot in the back and justifiably so now i think that this officer went way above and beyond the call of duty by calling out to this guy and giving him another chance to surrender and say hey drop the rifle or whatever he wasn't actively shooting in that moment but there were shots that were being fired so he might have been better off to actually press the trigger now let's pay attention here as he calls out dude looks back on him and starts swinging that rifle his way is this a deadly threat unequivocally yes so in giving him those commands the officer did put himself at more risk because that's going to draw attention dude starts bringing the firearm over to him and that means hey wait a minute at least he's not shooting at somebody else now i don't know if the officer knew if he was shooting at another cop or shooting at a private citizen most cops i know man they're really incredible people and they say better he's shooting at me than shooting at a private citizen now then as he comes back over we see him here start shooting and i want you to recognize that our previous freeze frame was where the officer decided to shoot it's about a half second between them so then that way when the guy started shooting about a half second later he puts rounds on target but recognized where they had to go they had to go through the truck because the guy moved in that half second and so the the glass and the body panels and all those things do all kinds of crazy stuff to rounds when they go through them they will pass through them for sure but it's going to do all kinds of crazy deflection stuff so you may not get the hit you need now i love that our officer here comes over and you see him change levels notice he got down here in a squat and came over and i think that was really savvy and here's why is that the bad guy knew he had to come around that corner now we know our bad guy's kind of out of the fight but he doesn't know that and so again he squats and comes over to see him so that he's at a different level and the fact of the matter is if the guy you know was still up on him or whatever that might have given him an advantage because the guy wasn't expecting him to be down low but rather up high so maybe the first round goes over his head and he gets the drop i think that's a pretty savvy move and when he sees the guy there he's still got the gun now could he have shot him here again absolutely he could have again and been totally justified dude is still holding on to the rifle he has not surrendered he's he's hurting for sure but he is not necessarily out of the fight but i think our officer shows really extreme restraint here by giving him another opportunity to drop the gun because it's not actively in the fight he's wounded and injured and we see if he gives up here and he actually does give up here and so i think that that choice is borne out in its results but it was dangerous again this officer is putting himself at great danger doing that now as soon as he drops the rifle we're in a different world we can see both of his hands here and now what are we gonna do we gotta get this guy into custody he's hurt but he's not completely out of the fight i love the fact here that our second officer comes in takes an l-shaped angle on this guy doesn't endanger his fellow officer by you know getting into his backstop or whatever and gets a second gun on him and starts issuing commands now that said what are you gonna do when the guy just decides not to follow your commands whether he's too injured to or he just chooses not to now you gotta muster up and get this guy into custody if he won't put himself in a place where he can get into custody so they start issuing commands show me your hands those kinds of things gotta work out of your verbal loop eventually as well and stop saying the same thing over and over and instead say other stuff that will try to get this guy to do what you say now you can see he's injured here and he finally goes down but i want to note that from the time that the officer shoots for from that time that his volley goes off until this guy goes down 30 seconds and this is rifle fire this is not pistol fire so people are remarkably resilient and even if you shoot them with a rifle it may be up to 30 seconds before they are out of the fight before they lose enough blood volume and that's a pretty significant difference and a huge amount of time so make sure that you stay on the gun and i think both these officers did stay on their gun and stay on it very very well i love the fact that our responding officer that we have the badge cam says hey i need to get this gun out of the fight right now leaves his buddy that is is holding on to the perp and keeping the perpet bay and then goes and gets to him i will give him a little bit of a hard time here though because if you are paying attention his rifle is on fire he has not engaged his safety i want you to really work with your patrol carbine and recognize when i am on the site and i have chosen to fire that safety selector switch comes to the fire position as soon as i am done firing and out of my sights i i move that safety selector to the safe position my ar really demands that and you want to be very cautious with that flip that safety selector up to the safe position because otherwise you can have a negligent discharge and good people get hurt and we don't want that he did a great job though of getting that gun out of the fight and i love this this is just some bystanders car and he's like well that's going to be a storage device for the rifle right there that's good and i think a really good problem solving i want to also notice here that i do see another sheriff's deputy come in and he is looking for additional bad guys really smart one of the things that we talk about always look for work and so he's looking for work i will say though that he is looking for work through his optic and and i would encourage you instead keep that that rifle at a low ready or a high ready look through your mark 1 mod 0 eyeball instead of trying to look through your optic when you're trying to scan through your optic it really limits your ability to see so instead get out of your optics see what's going on and then bring the rifle to bear when you need it that's the way that you do that in the best manner without pointing a gun at people don't need to get guns pointed at them and with being able to see as much as you can now then man these guys are really working hard and this is a bad spot because we're trying to get this guy into custody we're trying to get him where we can get him to a safe spot and they have to be able to work and the reason that i'm letting this play here is i want you to notice that our officer whose badge cam we are watching does not have a sling on his rifle that i can see at least it might be bunched up at his uh you know at the butt stock but right now he can't sling that rifle and what he probably needs to do is leave somebody out there who is on the rifle and then get this guy into custody or somebody needs to do that so if you are going to have a patrol rifle if it is going to be something that is taken outside your home it needs a sling a sling is to a carbine as a holster is to a pistol and you have to keep a sling on that gun so then that way you can sling it instead of dropping it and then go do the work that you need to do if you need to have both hands available or even one hand available sometimes so a patrol rifle should have some kind of optic sighting system i love that here he's got a red dot with a magnifier on it that's a great setup it will work just fine a white light a powerful white light and a sling those are the three things that your defensive carbine needs and i don't see a sling on this particular one thankfully the officers put this threat down quickly he acted decisively and that was incredibly important when the shooting was done he kept thinking kept making steps to get safer and the officers worked very well together to stop this killer and cover their asp


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