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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow!


Hello and welcome to the slingshot channel! As you know, I love homemade crossbows and they are a lot of fun specifically if they have repeating function like this one. Oops! hahaha Nice! but you know what's missing? full-auto I always always wanted to have a full auto slingshot, imagine if i could do [machine gun noises] haha haha haha that's what I want. You know I tried so many things I made lots of gatling slingshots but those have a limited max capacity and they're cumbersome to load I even made a full auto pencil shooter but that has the disadvantage that it was only shooting weak pencils for a very short distance but now I found a solution rack-and-pinion haha meet the full auto crossbow slingshot! haha Hahahahaha let me show you its features! As you see, it's operated by this makita battery drill which is really strong and has about 50 newton meters of torque in first gear so can handle a lot of band power and it turns this wheel, this flywheel here pushing the rod and to the right actually pushes back the string until the trigger [??] here engages and then when it keeps moving it actually automatically fires the trigger and then the cycle repeats itself and as you see we have this rubber powered force-feed magazine that holds up to 32 of these inexpensive crossbow bolts what I love about this is that it really has this full auto feel that's what I mean that's what I'm talking about loading is really easy you simply take the bullets and let them drop down right into the magazine and then put in the sled and attach the rubber bands these are important because gravity is not quick enough to feed the mechanism in time let's try 40 meters distance it works hahahaha why no ballistic jelly tests? first of all I haven't optimized the power there's a little room for making it more powerful and then we can probably test performance but also because I prepared some and I think typical for me I underestimated the cold look what happened I don't think that this is that suited for penetration test today is the scalable can we make it bigger sure I think we can imagine using this trailer which has a hundred newton meters of power and 36 volts and full-size bottles or of course imagine what you could do with the John Deere engine haha well i hope you like this because that's it for today thanks haha alright questions and answers first question: can we attach more teeth to the other side and a second cycle the answer is No as you can see in slow-motion advanced actually pushing back the sled and also the main band needs some time for their action too and time is very critical if it would add a second set then actually the bands would hit the sled as long as it's still be setting and then the whole action would be shot second question it's awkward at the drill is sideways is this really a problem i don't think so you just have to think outside of the box just because of the fact that firearms have inline handles doesn't mean that it always has to be the case because look this is not uncomfortable to hold it actually gives me a lot of dexterity and it is not a necessity to always pull the trigger with your right hand finger you know can do that the same way with this one as you see it's not a problem at all can you not use a 90-degree adapter for trailer it's so that it's inline answer is no because these adapters only go up to maximum 20 Newton meters and you need more than that and also you lose a lot of power that way because there is friction and everything is remastered has to be moved and I don't have any spare power to lose in fact one of the things that will do is increase the amount of Robert to make it should be even harder because I think there is a reserve next question can this be done with an exchangeable magazine sure it's a little bit of mechanical efforts and then you can do it i just don't have enough of the bolts to really justify all the time that it costs but that's an option is this legal in Germany yes it is because as you see that doesn't have a Cuban barrel this whole actually doesn't touch the bolts and the rest is just a slot and therefore this isn't considered a firearm it's also not a crossbow because it's obviously not operated by muscle power so it's unregulated same as my over the barrel arrow shoulders why is the fork so why couldn't it also be done with a smaller fork yes anything we could but then what would happen is that the angle here would be a lot more steep and that would squeeze in the sled in cocked condition and actually would make it harder to pull back the sled on time therefore the wide crossbow here gives me a mechanical advantage so why i am still shooting in first gear and not a second gear although there will be a lot quicker well the main reason for this is because then the action would no longer work timing is off what happened is that the rubber bands would hit the slit when it's still traveling backwards and then the whole thing would actually shoot weaker than now so timing is critical and we are reaching about the limit of the speed of rubber can we also use a normal crossbow prod instead of rubber yes in theory we can although rubber will be well suited for this because there is no services effect which means they're rubber loses power when it cools down so he shouldn't you keep it cocked back for a long time otherwise you lose how quickly but this is actually not happening here because the shot falls right afterwards so this is an ideally suitable media for storing the energy can the battery drill still be removed sure it's simply touched by a little bit of rubber there's a small wooden shoe here that keeps it in place and the rest simply just love it so yes i can remove it within seconds so the wooden rack and pinion is this not going to go dull after a while it's not going to be a lot of you know mechanical abrasion yes and actually that is an issue and therefore what i've done is i actually added innately metal layer of aluminum so that actually the word is mostly for guiding everything so that there's no room but i think the abrasion is kept under control because i use metal most important question does this really feels like a machine gun heck it does really does ha ha ha


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