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Two Videos Teach Us Important Lessons | Active Self Protection


today we actually get two lessons that are connected incidents that really bring home some important principles of self-defense welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Korea after some protection exists to educate good people like you to protect yourself and your family today's video comes to us out of Walnut Hills Ohio and it's actually two separate incidents that are related the first one we're going to see the the generating incident were the first attack by a guy on a guy in a retail establishment it's pretty crazy then we're going to see officers serving a warrant on the guy and trying to take him into custody and that one gets crazier still today's video is brought to you thanks to MagTek ammunition the official ammunition supplier for all range activities of active self-protection first incident here is going to lead into the officer-involved incident in a little bit you can see this guy walk in to this store and just kind of be nonchalant and walk his way around now this came from the police briefing so you're gonna see why that's important in a little bit but he's just gonna walk behind the counter and you know after just a second of kind of you know getting after the clerk verbally he's just gonna punch him right in the face and then take him to the ground now notice again that came from the PD that's why I say that they're a minute seven seconds later he's got him on the ground and he is punching him in the face now it's just gonna go on like that and what you're gonna see here is after a little bit he's gonna try to get up but our bad guy is gonna get him pick him up again throw him back on the floor and get after him some more from a top mount position four minutes 54 seconds later more so now we're at about seven minutes in he's just absolutely destroyed this guy and beat him up really bad and now he's going to go back and start taking anything he wants out of the store now there's some interesting stuff here and that our victim kind of gets up and now it's kind of over so he's just kind of cowed or whatever he can get what he want notice our victim just kind of hangs out here and he's like hey man I don't want any problems I'm gonna get out or whatever and then he tries to do with that but again he then comes back into the place here because I think he wants his cell phone or something so he's gonna grab that stuff guy says hey I want it nope he's gonna run off and that's where the initial encounter ends now the police figure out who this guy is he lives in a halfway house in like a place for you know mentally ill and substance abusing people and so they know that he is there and so they asked the guys to let them into his room and that's why they're able to get in here so the guy in the white shirts letting them into the room he you know this isn't his private place this is in you know a shelter where they're having people have stuff so there's multiple officers three officers are gonna come take this guy into custody for an aggravated assault so this guy's got a violent history they know he's got problems he's got other priors as well so they're gonna walk in here we see the first badge cam and you see them gonna try to take him into custody and they're gonna have a hard time he doesn't want to be taken into custody so he is hand fighting with them now the officer I don't have the audio he says hey I'm gonna tase you I'm gonna tase you guy grabs a Taser and then points a gun at the officer and he's gonna get shot a bunch we have a second badge cam from another officer as well so let's go back and see it a second time gonna see them once again hand fight with the guy we're just watching it at full speed right now we'll slow it down on the playback but what you're gonna see here is is that he is gonna kind of get them away and say hey man I only problems go to his back here now he pulls that out and the officers go to work on him fired total 18 rounds he didn't make it one of the officers was actually shot in the arm we'll talk about it again in a minute the bad guy took the room-temperature challenge and that is where this one ends both incredibly nuts stuff and I think there's a ton of lessons here I got a pull question for you out of this one and that's this do you train in either standing or ground-based grappling at all whatever art that is hit the pole and let me know what you think I've trained empty handed skills for 13 years now just recently switched over to start training about a year or were a little bit more who knows worth of jiu-jitsu with mr.

Josh Stockman at attitude first and I'm interested what it is that you're doing to protect yourself against this kind of violence out of today's video first thing I want to talk about the incredible importance of empty handed skills secondly I want to talk about working together with partners and third the critical importance of marksmanship so let's think about this one first of all as we kind of cut to the chase here from the perspective of the fight starting and I hear people who carry firearms all the time and they say well John I don't need to learn ground fighting I don't need to learn grappling because I carry a gun I'm not gonna let a fight go to the ground or they say well the clear thing here is you don't want to fight to go to the ground so just don't let it go to the ground well that sounds really good except for the bad guy gets vote in the fight as well and you don't always get that you know that soul vote so learning some ground fighting learning some standing grappling learning how to take a punch learning how to deal with a grappling fight incredibly important in your empty-handed skills second I think cardio incredibly important having some gas in the tank a seven-minute ground fight against an attacker who means you harm that's no joke friends that you're only gonna get that stuff by being on the mat and getting into some protracted battles yourself in those safe environments knowing how to fight a guy who's behind you knowing how to fight from your back knowing how to fight from top position and having emotional fitness from those only way you're gonna learn that and be able to handle this kind of event guys and I can't say that enough you are the primary agent in your own rescue notice here this one goes on for minutes and minutes and minutes and you you know the cops just aren't gonna be there fast enough to save you now the other thing here I want to see is get the heck out of the danger zone notice that our victim is standing around no just get the heck out of there go to the next store go down the block and call 911 one don't get in here and grab your wallet let him have it for gracious sakes cancel your credit cards and and file a police report because he's still in danger in this instance now thankfully he got away no further harm done but recognize how serious this assault was and the fact that you have to have the empty-handed skills in order to fight it off now when the officers are coming in here I want to start paying attention first they know this guy's dangerous they know he's wanted on warrants you better have a plan if you were gonna work with partners you and your partner's better have a plan and that plan better say I'm gonna get after this guy in a hurry and we're gonna decide to get him into custody as fast as we can and if you want to talk to him great or whatever but who's doing what when and where have a plan in place with your partners if at all possible recognizing they're gonna change in a hurry now noticing of course they're gonna get out to this guy and say okay man you're gonna under arrest you got to come with us or whatever but notice this guy's hand fighting and he is actively resisting so once again having some hand fighting skills having some standing grappling skills incredibly important also recognizing hey sometimes you've got to be violent enough early enough to keep a fight from going to the place where you have to shoot somebody so recognizing whether it's these officers or something else for you like you know what this is going to escalate to a bad place I got a disengage and get the heck out of here if you're a non-sworn or if you're an officer listen you know I know I got to get this guy into cuffs so I'm gonna get him into cuffs right now is incredibly important when you actively resisting suspect next thing if you go watch the original on this I put the link in the description the officer says hey man I'm gonna tase you and then stands around I can't say enough I've see this often enough that I'm gonna recommend if you pull something like this I mean if you're non-sworn I'd I recommend don't warn whatsoever if you have to use it use it but as a sworn officer I get it there are policies and procedures in place where you have to give them another opportunity you have to tell them what's going on but don't give them much time hey man comply right now or I'm gonna tase you one Chicago bang and get after him with it because otherwise you give him time to plan and a time to do something else next thing we see he puts his hand behind his back you can't see what's going on behind his back the eyes maybe the windows to the soul but the hands of the windows to the intent we have a suspect here who we know is violent who we know has a violent past who was wanted on a very violent crime who is hand fighting with other officers and he puts his hand behind his back from there is coming nothing good hit him with the Taser right now or one of the other officers from side to side tackled this guy right now you've got to decide to go early enough and recognize nothing good is coming out from back behind this guy whatsoever now I want to notice will slow it down just a little bit notice here that because the officer had the Taser within hands distance our bad guy is able to reach out and SWAT it if you're within two arm's length recognized it's not your gun it's our gun it's not your taser it's our taser which is why you have to understand how to keep these things at a compression position out of arms reach at a retention position out of arms reach these are the kinds of things that you learn in defensive tactics classes and in grappling classes you've got to have that kind of skill now notice he's pulling this gun out now if you go read the news story in the description that ends up being a BB gun but there's no way in the moment that the officers could have seen that that was a BB gun or discerned that it was this guy is a known violent guy he's guy he's wanted on felony warrants and out he comes with what certainly looks to anybody's world like a real gun and he is going to stick that gun right in the chest of the officer and listen if that officer you know was not lucky here that it was fake because if it was real he was totally dead no question or at least shot in his vest now get it from another perspective here once again we get it from a slightly different perspective that he's gonna reach back behind him here and what is he reaching for back there what could we'll be back there he is not pulling his Bible out of there he has not you know going to just surrender peacefully here you got to be ready to go to not just say hey man let's talk some more but the time for talking is over this is when an attitude comes and says I'm gonna get after this guy and go with everything that I have so then that way whatever is in that hand doesn't hurt me and doesn't hurt my partners that's incredibly important as an attitude because when it comes out it's way too late now notice from this point that he goes our officer is going for his gun but look at his support him he has something in his support hand I can't quite see what it is it's gonna be incredibly important you got to learn to drop what's in your support hand when it's time to go to guns because we're gonna see the officer go get his gun out here and start working on the guy notice the terrible second hand grip that he has because he's not dropped what's in his support hand you must train yourself to drop what's in your support hand when it's time to go get your gun and honestly I recommend at this point especially if you're working out of a you know an open holster or something like that to keep the things that you were going to need to drop in your dominant hand because you will drop them when it's time to go and get your gun oftentimes I see people not drop things that's in their support hand it's one of the reasons that I train a two-handed draw from concealment pretty consistently now he starts going after the guy and getting shots on him here's a shot and there's another shot now I'm pretty sure this is the shot right here that shoots his fellow officer and I want you to see first of all how fast that this situation changes how difficult it can be to maintain not here a safe backstop but a safe or ground remember the rules of firearm safety say that we must always keep our firearm pointed in a safe direction and these are like third second splits that he's saying I got to shoot this guy shoot this guy shoot this guy you got to recognize when you got partners around there in the real world you got to watch out for that because that shot I'm pretty sure is the one right there that went through the forearm of his fellow officer and through grazed his hand as well now they filled this guy in and he took the room temperature challenge they took the officer to you know the hospital he made it through ok but let's make sure that we know how to communicate together that we've got a plan in place that we know how to be violent enough soon enough in order to keep the big violence from happening because I think everybody would have preferred here for them to get the Taser on this guy and hinder him end up doing a faceplant rather than ended up shooting him and getting shot yourself I think that everybody would have preferred that now I'm not faulting these off for what they did I get it they work in an environment that it's very difficult for them and it could be career-ending for them to shoot a guy so they're like hey I don't want to be violent if at all possible but let's watch those cues let's know where the hands are let's not get hurt and from the non-sworn side let's make sure that we recognize that those hand fighting skills are incredibly important because they ain't nobody coming to save us two lessons in one here from really the source of the same incident that can teach us how to cover 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