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Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol w/ David “Reaper” Justin | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan


– Hey guys, what's going on? Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm gonna do a
quick unboxing and review of the Tippman TiPX pistol. (intense music) All right guys, I'm gonna
start off from the outside. This does come with a
nice, hard shell case to keep this gun protected. Whether it's banging
around in your gear bag, or you threw it in the bed of your truck. It's got a nice hard shell case on here. It's gonna keep this gun protected. Let's open it up. All right, on the inside
it's gonna come with a barrel blocking device. It's gonna go actually inside
the barrel of the pistol, and an elastic strap that'll
secure around the back. That way no accidents happen. It does come with a quick
little lube and maintenance kit inside here as well. If you need to do any
work, grease any parts, it's all in this bag and included with it.

It does come with a full-on owner's manual for any maintenance, any troubleshooting. Any questions, you should
look in this manual. It'll fill you in. Then lastly, it does come,
this is just an extra mag. It does come with two magazines. One is already inside of the gun. Then, this is your second one. All right guys, on to the pistol itself. This has two different air source options. In the front, you can pull this out. Any twelve gram C02
cartridge will go in here. And on the first trigger pull,
that will puncture the CO2. You'll be on your way to play
roughly about 25 to 30 shots. Out of the twelve gram
up front will get you that many shots, about 25
to 30 out of a twelve gram.

The second option that we have here, this gun can actually
be run on a remote line. You have to install the remote
line which we have here. It's just a metal piece that threads into the back of the gun and then you can have
a constant air source. Remote line to a tank on your back, and you can power the pistol that way. All right guys, there is a mag release right here on the side. This is a mag fed gun. Push the button, if I can find it. And the magazine comes out. These are 7 Tru-Ball magazines by Tippman. They work great. I can kind of show you
real quick how it happens.

When you go to load this magazine, you pull the tab all the
way down to the bottom 'til it clicks and locks in place. All your paint balls, seven
of them, go into the magazine. As soon as you insert
it into the gun itself, this spring will automatically pop up. Then you'll begin feeding. (magazine clicks) You can hear the spring. You are good to go, you are all set. Next thing I'm gonna go
over is a big feature that the pistol itself, is
it is A5 barrel threaded. Actually, you can take this
little small stock barrel that has A5 threads and put in, basically whatever barrel that you'd like, as long as it fits inside of
the plastic shroud up front. Screw that back in. As I did mention earlier, a lot of people just run
it with the twelve grams. When you put your twelve gram in the front then screw the cap back on, all you have to do is point
the gun towards the ground, pull the trigger one time and that'll puncture the CO2 for you, and you'll be on your way to playing. Next thing I'm gonna
mention about this pistol is the namesake, and very
well-known people who shoot these.

I call it the TipX, some
people call it the T-I-P-X. Some people call it just the T-P-X. Whatever you wanna call it,
this is a great pistol to have. I would say that a lot of people that I see out at the fields
actually can dual-wield these. So they have two pistols,
one on each hand. Speaking of that topic,
David The Reaper Justin shoots these. He's very well known. – Hey guys, it's Reaper. So as you guys know, I only use pistols. I've been playing since
2008 and that's all I use is the pistols. This one's a customized one
that I got from GI Sports. It's the T-P-X. This has a fake suppressor on it, but the barrel inside is actually rifle. This one's set up to actually
do first-strike rounds, which is actually really cool. If you guys are interested
in getting into pistols, you can buy them brand new. You can buy them at Ashmark, you can buy 'em way over the place. For me, it's not just a side-arm. For me, this is my actual primary weapon.

I carry two of these here. I'm wearing my summer wear. I usually have a vest with
a bunch of things on it. So during the summer I wear this. These are quick if I'm out in the field, and I'm playing and I'm shooting, I get a dump pouch behind me, then I can quickly just
reload with these guys. And just keep on going. So, that's it. Pistols are great, I
use only twelve grams. I don't use the cables. I get about 20 shots, that's
about two of these clips.

That's it. Get into pistols, start using 'em. If you want any more information about me, just go to shoot you soon,
s-h-o-o-t, letter U and soon. If you just type David Justin into Google, I'm number one on Google search. So you'll find me, I'm out there. PM me if you've got any
questions or anything about guns, just PM me.

If I can help you out, I'll do it. All right guys, I'll shoot you soon, bye. – So, pretty cool. He's out there, he does
a lot for the sport. He travels all over the world. His main guns are two
Tippman TiPX pistols. Quick shout-out to The Reaper. All right guys, lastly,
this is just the basic kit that comes with the gun and two magazines. These retail at $219.95. If you guys wanted to step
up your game a little bit, we also have the deluxe
pistol kit over here. It comes with three magazines total, and also a leg holster for the pistol, which is really nice and secure. When you need to pull, it
fits your primary, so be it. If you need to pull it
out from the leg holster, it's real nice and secure to the leg. These are $249.95. Once again, the deluxe
pistol kit or the normal kit.

You can pick 'em up at our pro shop here in Clinton Township. Give this video a like and subscribe to the channel
if you haven't already. Shoot you soon. – [Rob] You had to put the
shoot you soon in at the end. Pew, pew, pew. If you're gonna talk about
the pistols and The Reaper..


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