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Paintball Sniper DESTROYING Cheaters – Paintball Wars


– [Nightmare] Get down, get down. (ominous music) Put the shield down, it's super bright. (quiet murmuring) What's up guys? Today we are at Commando Action Center for their annual D day event. As a special treat, I was
offered to join SAS Ottawa and Greg Hastings to become a paratrooper for the opening game. As all of the other players
got to their starting points, we were placed into an area that simulated dropping into the game. Guys, I would say lay down, just get nice and low. This was the most intense moment I have ever experienced in paintball. Knowing that roughly 500
players would be running right in front of us. Not knowing whether or
not they would see us, and light us up. (shouting in the distance) There they go, running right past us, but we wanna give them enough
time to get into position before we move. Nobody move, don't move, don't move.

(quiet chattering) Alright let's go, let's go. Enough time has elapsed,
and now we could go. Half of us ran around the
back side of the field, while the other half, snuck up behind the enemies front line. (intense music) (shots in the distance) (heavy breathing) (intense music) As we moved up, we had
to be extremely cautious. Luckily, the constant shots being fired and the pyro covered up any
noises that we were making. (radio chatter) Yep. How far up are we going? Down. (shots in the distance) There respawn should be right back here. – [Teammate] Yeah, those
guys are respawning. We've got it. – [Nightmare] By far my biggest mistake was moving up this far with the team.

I should have stayed back
and held off the enemy team by using my first strike rounds. But this was my first
time in a role like this and I wanted to experience
the full effect. (intense music) Hold, hold. Dude, there's a huge squad
coming down the road. Huge squad. Tuna, your 12. Yeah, but there's a fuck-ton of dudes. Oh, I'm itching. I heard an enemy back corner. (paintball gun firing) Coming out. (paintball gun firing) Alright, let me get behind you. – [Teammate] What. – [Nightmare] I'm gonna come
over this side. We got– (shots nearby) (paintball gun firing) (hit confirm) (shouting in the distance) Yeah. At this point, we knew that
this was a dead end mission. We were not going to be
walking off the field, without at least a few welts. The waiting game was on, and we just needed to hold our ground for as long as possible.

We're gonna eat a lot of bounces, I don't know if I'ma wear it. (paintball gun firing) Woo. – [Teammate] Really the hopper. – [Nightmare] Yep, I'm
eating so many bounces. (shots fired nearby) They're gonna have us here in a minute. – [Teammate] Just over there. (paintball gun firing) – [Nightmare] Whoa. – [Teammate with
backpack] We need somebody to reach in my back. – [Nightmare] Yeah. [Teammate with backpack] Get a
couple pods, I can't find it. – [Nightmare] Oh shit. – [Referee] Go, you go. (radio chatter) – [Teammate] I don't know, I have no idea, I don't think I got a hit.

– [Nightmare] It might
have, came through the– (paintball gun firing) Yeah you got it, alright,
yeah that's the cool. Whoa dude, dude. – [Teammate off camera] Jesus Christ man. – [Nightmare] Good shooting man. Hey, way to go. (shots fired nearby) Our paratrooper mission may
look like it was a failure, but it was actually a major success. We were able to distract
the enemy team long enough to weaken their frontline defenses. – [Teammate] They didn't
realize I was still there, they ran right past me, I
took out like three of them.

– [Nightmare] No way. – [Teammate] That was my smoke grenade– – [Nightmare] Just look at the
amount of players coming back to sweep the rear tape line. It's time to respawn, and
join my brothers and sisters on the frontline. Woo, good job guys! Way to go. You found us, you found us,
great job guys, great job. Hey buddy what's up? – [Teammate] How's it going? – [Nightmare] Not bad man, how about you? – [Teammate] We need
people over on left back. – [Nightmare] On left? – [Teammate] We just got
pushed by like, 65 guys. One of them is not calling his hits, even from first strikes.

– [Nightmare] Wow. I tapped him once in
the head, stands there, tapped him again in the chest,
then tapped him a third time and he starts yelling
at me, "Buddy I'm out." And I'm just like, "You're standing in the
middle of the field." We're getting hit pretty hard up here, but I think they can hold
for another 15 minutes or so. – [Nightmare] Alright, I'll go give 'em a little bit of support
here, see what happens. – [Teammate] Alright. – [Nightmare] There is nothing
better than receiving intel on your way back into the fight. Now I know what kind of
shenanigans awaits me at the top of the hill. (bagpipe music in the distance) (shots in the distance) As I get closer to the fight, the sounds of bagpipes
begin to fill the air. Not only does that get
my adrenalin pumping, but it also doubles as free
background music for this video. – [Teammate] Sup? Ah, fucking shit. Ow, Hit! (paintball gun firing) (slow methodical firing) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) – [Nightmare] Behind
the barrels, you're out! (slow measured firing) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) Now I don't know if all of
these guys are cheating or not, but the shots we definitely landing.

And of course, my zoom
cam said it was recording, but it definitely was not,
for the majority of this game. (intense music) (slow measured firing) (hit confirm) (hit confirm) – [Teammate in the distance] Medic! Medic! – [Nightmare] We need a medic over here! (intense music) (paintball gun firing) (hit confirm) (shots fired nearby) (shots in the distance) Yo, dreads at our 12,
he's on the wood line. Yep, yep, yep. (paintball gun firing) (shots in the distance) (intense music) (paintball gun firing) Whoa, shit. (paintball pings mask) With that beautiful facial, it was now my turn to head
back to the staging area to reload, get some air, and
get ready for the next round where I'm going to attempt to keep up with the paintball legend, Greg Hastings.

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and I'll see you next time. But until then, Nightmare out..


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