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Israeli Man Uses Pepper Spray To Ward Off Knife Attack


Using pepper spray is not my first choice
against a knife attacker, but it can be very effective. Active Self-Protection
Attitude – Skills – Plan Hello everyone, welcome to
today's Active Self-Protection lesson. I'm your host,
John Correia. Today's video comes to us
from Israel. Everyone should have a
less lethal tool with them in these times … And the tool that I carry,
that I give to my family and that I recommend
to everyone is POM OC Click the link
in the description and you can get one for yourself
and the yours too. The lady we see on camera is
talking to the alleged victim, now I was able to speak
to someone who knows him, I have not been able to speak to the
alleged victim in particular, but he is a great defender
in Israel of not performing
routine circumcision in males , which is a minority
in Israel, in fact.

So he's arguing
with a big poster and he's trying to argue
with anyone who will listen that they shouldn't
circumcise their sons. Now, he is wearing
a ballistic vest that is also a
stabbing vest and he has a
firearm, he is licensed to carry
firearms in Israel and he is armed
with a firearm, that data is important for what is going
to happen. here so let's listen. // Native Language // If you don't speak Hebrew, he's yelling:
“Police! Police! ”, And that guy ran
away, and the victim chose
not to draw his firearm because he said it would have caused
all kinds of problems because there were too many
people around.

And again, the pepper spray ended up being
quite effective and scared the guy off. I couldn't find any
news about this, so I don't know if they managed to
catch the guy but luckily
no one else was injured other than the assailant who ended up
drenched in hot sauce. And that's where this
case ends. Well, I have a question for you:
Do you carry a pepper spray? I hope you will, I carry a
firearm wherever I go and still carry
my pepper spray because it can be a
very useful tool against non-lethal threats. Tell me about you? Well, you know that I do not like to
use politics in Active Self Protection, I believe that self-defense is a right
for all people and I also believe that the right
to freedom of expression, especially that expression that
is not popular in a certain community, it is something we should protect.

I understand, this is Israel,
it is not the United States, but I do believe that if someone who has
an idea and defends that idea, it is not a reason for him to be the
object of violence. I think we all have to respect the
fact that everyone has the right to have an opinion and can express their opinion however they
want to in a public square and that is perfectly fine. Now let's think
about the self defense aspects from here, luckily this guy thought, “Hey, I know I can be subjected
to violence for this opinion” And therefore he took the
appropriate measures to protect himself. So he starts talking to this
other guy, the guy is upset with him, he says all kinds
of vituperations, and you notice here that he moves his
right hand and is looking for something … Again, we talk about this in
Active Self Protection all the time : "Eyes, hands, waist." Now if you speak Hebrew this guy is insulting him
with obscene language and saying all kinds of absolutely disgusting things to him
and now he's reaching for something
with his hand… This is a great place to gain
some distance right now, there is no reason to
stay so close.

Now, there is a fisheye effect
of the camera lens to the head of this type, but even so, a little more distance would give you
a little more margin of success, and the margin of success is something that everyone we
desperately want in self defense. Now, take out the knife …
Look how close it is to here. Now is the time
to act. Now, apparently this
isn't the first time that someone has pulled a gun
from our protester, which seems
a little crazy to me and he's wearing
a stab-proof vest… So it feels pretty
good about that, but you have to admit that a stab proof vest wo
n't help you cover your face , arms, hands
, legs, anything like that.

You don't want to have that guy
so close to you. Would
shooting this guy be justified? Certainly in the United States,
given the totality of the circumstances… Yes. But let's think
about why he chooses not to do that, because he felt protected with his tools
and stuff, so back off. Now, okay, he's
going to get his pepper spray, and you can see that his pepper spray
is right here on his kit, but you have to prepare your things well
so that you can access them. And note here that you are going to
hesitate to get out your pepper spray. Now, I recognize that that guy has a knife
in his hand and he's threatening him with that, so this is
a stressful environment. Yet another reason to prepare your tools
where you can access them by contact, by proprioception, take them out and take them in the
appropriate way because, otherwise, what
happened to him here will happen to you, who hesitated
when looking for his pepper spray and thus put himself at
much more serious risk.

Now, I want you to notice
that what we see here is that if he had chosen
to draw his firearm … Look at the background that we have here. This is why I think it
was probably a good decision, given the fact that he is wearing
a stab proof vest, given the fact that he has
a chance and a bit of distance, in this case trying that
was a good thing. If you choose to use a firearm
in this case, I think you'd
better be a good shooter and acknowledge that you're taking
a pretty big risk because you look at all the
people in the background here. So I think using pepper spray
wasn't necessarily bad. Now, notice that what we have here, he
already took out the pepper spray , grabbed it by the flip top, so now he has
to take it into his other hand … So again,
the hesitation here … He finally has it oriented
to where he can use it , but notice that he
is using his index finger. That's bad technique, folks. I never tire of saying it, a couple of hours in the use of
pepper spray is something very valuable if you plan to carry a
less lethal tool.

I think carrying a less lethal tool
is good for all self-defenders. The correct technique here
is to use your thumb, in other words grab the can
with all four fingers, open that valve
up with your thumb, point the sprayer at the offender,
use your thumb as your front sight, press the valve
and spray it. , because otherwise what
will happen to you is the same as you see here, you will
hesitate when removing it and you will not be able to point it
in the correct way. Now this is how bad
you can see, because you are using your index finger you ca
n't aim well on this first spray so you have
to zoom in from there, which is why we recommend using
your thumb instead of doing this, because it does not allow you to
make a good grip.

Now, with that said, this pepper spray
for it's mist type, it seems to be small mist,
I don't know what brand this pepper spray is, you know I'm a big
fan of POM pepper spray. I have used it 3 times
against dogs, we have thoroughly tested it
on humans, it is very disgusting. But that guy walks straight
into that fog, so when we talk
about the correct pattern, I always say that we bless those
who deserve it with hot sauce, we make the cross for him just
like they do the Catholics, right? The Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, and we bless those
who deserve it with the hot sauce. And I use that terminology on purpose
to remind people that we spray from ear to ear and then spray
from hairline to sternum… And we give people the blessing
of hot sauce. And because that guy walked
straight into the fog here, he walked straight
into that cloud and look at the immediate effect
it has… This is what
a good pepper spray does right away with
the major capsaicinoids.

Now, watch the victim here
or the defender come up and try to spray him some more, he
didn't have to do that, that's overspray, and in fact,
if you saturate people, you can decrease
the aerosolization effect, reduce the amount of effectiveness
because he starts to [ __ ]. Once you get that effect,
step back a bit and let the pepper spray
do its job. So once he gets away from there …
Okay, that's fine. And notice that it just
drives him away because … Good grief!
The pain is intense. The best part about
using pepper spray is that
it doesn't actually hurt anyone and is a bronchodilator,
not a bronchoconstrictor, so it may cause
people to panic, but it doesn't really cause any
physiological ill effects on you.

I love the fact that the intended victim is
looking for the police … Again, I am the
aggrieved party here and he did a very good job. Well, you know that I am
a huge fan of pepper spray, I really recommend it
to all self-defenders. That said, I want
you to prepare it correctly, I want you to use it effectively,
and know how it works.

This guy did a pretty
good job of covering his ASP..


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