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Armed Robbers Get #Rekt By Guard | Active Self Protection


A will to win, is the most important part of successfully defending yourself. Hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Brazil. Shows an tempted armed robbery here that goes badly for the armed robbers. Gonna learn some important lessons here about surviving the ambush about the critical importance of empty-handed skills and about not focusing too much on one or the other when you have multiple attackers that you're facing just another day for this guard at what is a bank here I think and this guy's going to come in through the you know kind of armored doors here or through the controlled access at least in the guards kind of catching him but seeing what's going on outside the guy draw the gun on the guard and now they're having a fight for the guards gun the guard gets his gun out thankfully the guy drops is put the couple shops towards the second trailing accomplice and now is the other guys trying to lead he is going to pop him again as well seeing him still to be a threat that you can see on the left that guy's gun is actually out of his hand so he's unarmed at this point thankfully here we're going to see that this guard is able to subdue this guy the other people that are in the place you're going to come out and see what's going on and help him and thankfully this one is over eight lessons from this one on our website make sure you click through the link in the description to get those but let's talk about some of the most important one will talk about situational awareness we see the guard here it's probably a boring job but he's at least ostensibly paying attention see that first guy come in and now he's looking for what's going on with the second guy but he's not only focused on machine come back and take a look at the first guy and see what's going on look back again what's going on with the second guys but the other guy uses that is the opportunity to launch his ambush and as a defender you're always going to be responding to the ambush not going to draw first you're going to respond to the threat and that's exactly what this guy does second we see the armed robber use that leveraging arm we see a leveraging arm used for a gun-wielding opponent a gun-wielding attackers because they want to protect the gun they want to keep that gun at some distance and that's what we see this guy do but notice that the guards here goes for the gun and he gets a hand on that bad guys gun and starts fighting for it and then takes a very risky proposition draws his own gun in the midst of that you can see the guard get his own gun out of a drop leg holster on his left hole left side there and get it out into the fight and starts putting shots on that guy i'd recommend that you use your empty-handed skills and win that fight first but in this instance it allows them to get ahead of the guy and get a shot on him but he doesn't also get tunnel Division I think that's incredibly important as soon as he's able to get off that guy he goes to the next bad guy starts putting shot on him because he sees him coming in to try to get into the flight at all King and so he keeps him out of the fight but then as soon as that guy runs off a nice even got any transitions back to the first guy and I think that's incredibly important he's not getting tunnel vision on any of his attackers but instead making sure that those threats get out of time and stay away from him now when we talked about this last one I really want to see it's all time and the security guards little different than a CCW becomes up put hands on impact is that guy an opportunity to re-engage a fight may be fighting for that gun and I just don't recommend that state difference if you possibly can use verbal commands to put on that guy out and keep yourself away from them as possible because you notice that guy's looking over there probably looking for his buddy we're looking at is gone the end of the day officer did a really good job here staying in the fight of getting his gun in a fight not getting tunnel vision engaging multiple attackers let's do the same if we have to cover our ass


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