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Terribly Ugly Incident In Detroit


if you're a firearms owner it is your moral and legal obligation to use your firearms responsibly welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Kariya every day here on YouTube active self-protection uploads a new defensive encounter so that you can be educated to better protect yourself and your loved ones today's video comes to us from Rochester Hills Michigan in the United States and frankly it shows us one of the worst cases of misuse of firearms that I've seen caught on video the madness X firearms training system is used by everyone from defensive shooters to competitive shooters to even US military Special Forces you can train like each one of those groups and get better between range trips the young man walking up to the door is 14 year old Brennan Walker who missed the bus forgot his cell phone and so he's walking to school gets a little bit lost knocks on this door where he sees people are at home to ask for directions and they've this home apparently has had a couple of break-ins or whatever ladies started screaming at and why are you breaking into our house why are you breaking into our house wakes her husband up from a deep sleep and when Walker sees him he starts running off and this is Jeffrey Ziegler who takes the shotgun outside it has a hard time with the safety getting off and takes a shot at Walker when he's about 60 yards away thankfully Walker was not hurt in that at all and if you go read the news stories that I've linked in the descriptions it was just sentenced to 2 to 10 years for this he's gonna do some serious time you see him running away again see him try to get the gun to go off and the safety actually stayed on and so it took him even longer to get the shot off he actually lied to investigators and said that he had slipped in the gun went off inadvertently the video shows us differently and that's where this one ends terrible stuff here and important lessons for us to consider I got a question for you out of this one let's talk about it in the comments and that is have you taken a class specifically about the legal and moral use of deadly force not your concealed carry class I'm not talking about that I'm talking about a class in addition to that have you taken them I certainly have I've taken instructor level certifications in this multiple classes at the student level I think it's critically important which is why I brought us this video let me know what your level of education here is in the comments out of today's video biggest thing we're gonna talk about is the legal and moral use of force we're also gonna talk about home defense and when you can and cannot use a firearm in home defense and we are also going to talk about positively idea a reasonable objective deadly threat I want to start this one by talking about stuff that some people gonna get really upset at me for and that is profiling folks particularly racial profiling this is a fourteen year old black kid and he you know is tall and so one of the things that Ziegler said is because he's tall I thought he was an adult that's completely irrelevant you have to have objective reasonable evidence of a deadly threat to use a firearm in defense and it's perfectly reasonable for somebody to come up to your front door and knock politely and ask you for something now you don't necessarily have to answer the door but coming to the door with a shotgun pointed at them because of his skin color is racist and terrible and wrong plain and simple as that friends now he knocks on the door okay fine the wife could very easily have talked through the door and said hey man were not interested we don't want any or whatever she could have you know used a video doorbell monitoring device or something like that they're plentiful and cheap these days and just talk to him through the door and say hey we don't you know get out of here get off of our property or whatever but you can see it's not a gated property or anything like that instead assuming that he is there to do you evil assuming that he is there to do you harm when there is no evidence of that is unreasonable in all self-defense at its core rests on reasonableness what would a good sane sober moral person do in this instance now you see him he's just looking for directions talking to the person that's inside the house hey I'm looking for this high school or whatever and now he's gonna start running off and notice here that Ziggler comes to the door shotgun pointed and steps out onto his curtilage there's a difference friends about defending your home defending yourself inside your home if someone makes forcible entry into your home and defending yourself outside of your home even on your property now I know some Watchers are gonna say yeah but in Texas you can shoot a fleeing felon yeah but there's been no felony here there's nothing here to indicate that any crime has been committed now you know you could say well he's had things stolen from his home before that's irrelevant there's no evidence of that here so bringing the gun up to bear completely irrelevant now once again the safety on his gun stayed on from a purely gun handling perspective absent immoral stuff you better know how to run your firearms incredibly effectively because in another instance or in another situation that could cost you your life secondarily though this kid is running away he is fleeing clearly off the property at this point clearly significant amount of time away he's been running at full speed for about three seconds at this point absolutely no objective reasonable deadly threat here no reason to press the trigger but instead he gets the safety off and the gun goes off here and and again articulate to me why there is objective reasonable deadly threat here to you or to someone else now again somebody might argue yeah but the police do shoot at fleeing felons once again there is no felony going on here and therefore there is no fleeing felon thing even if there was just because police do that sometimes to somebody who is an objective threat to the entire community does not mean that we should do it this is incredibly bad judgment friends this right here is a crime and we must not do this as self defenders as those who are firearms owners it is incumbent upon us to be responsible firearms owners apart from all the other stuff look at the egregious firearms handling by this guy he does have a previous conviction for the misuse of firearms from 2004 and you could see him here waving the shotgun all around the neighborhood and and violating the rules of firearm safety by waving that shotgun around after having discharged in with recklessness with negligence and they convicted him of assault here and they should have and the firearms charge alone is gonna cost him a couple of years in prison and then the rest of that as well for doing what he should not have done so friends let's make sure that we have an objective reasonable deadly threat in front of us before we use a firearm if we're going to use a firearm to defend our home it's only the answer to an immediate deadly threat to us or our loved ones never use that chasing fleeing people off the property with buckshot terrible idea here and it lands this man in prison he is a retired firefighter was a member of the community who was a servant of public good this is going to land him in prison until he's well into his retirement years so let's use our heads when we defend ourselves let's make sure that we are good and sane sober moral responsible people because egregious things like this are absolutely not covering our ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]


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