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One Truck Driver Beats Two Robbers In Mexico


against an armed attacker the most important critical priority is to control the weapon [Music] hey everybody welcome to today's active self protection lesson i'm your host john korea today's video comes to us from mexico today's video is brought to you thanks to magtec ammunition the official ammunition supplier for all range activities of active self-protection guys just sitting in the box truck here when this guy is gonna look around and walk up and see the fact that this guy is a target so he's going to now open up the door pull the gun out of his pocket there and now get after this guy you see it roll forward a little bit it looked like it was in gear for a minute there and now he's going to wrestle his victim out of this truck and what you're gonna see now watch the guy on the right uh and and now they're they're actually wrestling over the guy's gun over the bad guy's gun and the good guy has a hold of it and the bad guy's partner's gonna come and start taking swings at this guy miss with the head shot there and now they're gonna continue to wrestle as his partner is punching him in the kidneys here and they're arguing about what they're gonna do and who's got the gun and whatever and he's gonna threaten to kick him there kicked him in the good bits and now our victim's gonna get the gun away from the guy which makes the bad guys run off and now watch what happens to the window here as our good guy actually shoots him through the window and the news story that i've linked in the description says that the bad guy drove the truck off but crashed it a short while later and he took the inside the truck temperature challenge and again the news story says that the prosecuting attorney chose not to to prosecute the victim because he acted in self-defense and that's where this one ends all right honest question what'd you think when that guy was punching him in the guts and kicking him and all that stuff did you want to take your hands off the gun and smack that guy or do you think that you could have stayed disciplined let's talk about it in the comments first things first you know that a sitting vehicle is a transitional space it's any area that allows a bad guy to attack with an element of surprise and get away quickly and find valuables that they want to take and that's exactly what your car is when you are stationary because the car itself is valuable you're inside it usually with valuable items second thing here notice that our bad guy is doing a furtive glance we see these all the time as a pre-attack indicator they're looking around looking for witnesses looking for escape routes looking for an opportunity to launch their attack so pay attention especially in a transitional space especially in your vehicle incredibly important when your vehicle is stopped it's a transitional space don't get sucked into your mobile device for those kinds of things pay attention to your world next thing and we say it all the time on the channel is lock your dang door this guy just walks right up and jerks the door open on the car had he not been able to do that the car was in gear our good guy would have been able to drive off and been gone from this guy but because his door was open he didn't have that when you were in your car get in lock the doors then do anything else you need to do lock your doors now then now the fight starts and our bad guy is getting in here to get our good guy out now we talk about the 5ds plus one all the time our biggest thing guys got a gun out on you and it looks to me like our good guy is already fighting him for the gun he's reached out and grabbed a hold of it and now he has to practice what he knows and again probably knows instinctually rather than training another thing here to pay attention to is that the second bad guy has showed up so always pay attention to the a trailing accomplice but recognize your biggest threat is that gun so get after it and go to work on it so when we talk about the 5ds plus one remember you got to control the distance first because if you can't get your hands on the gun you can't do anything about it once you do that you got to deflect the muzzle away from yourself and so then that way if the gun goes off it doesn't impact you then you have to dominate the gun the hand with the gun the arm with the gun the person with the gun once you do that you have to then distract him if you don't distract him now you're in a strength fight and that's exactly what our good guy has here is because he doesn't distract he has a strength fight once you can distract now you disarm and then you disable so again it's distance first then deflect dominate distract disarm disable and when you don't distract you have exactly what happens here is that he is ends up in a strength fight with this guy who is holding on to the gun by the holy ani part while he's holding on to it with the shooting part and that's bad now you notice though he is paying attention when you've got multiple attackers remember every time you add an attacker it adds a like a ten fold level of difficulty to your defense and when the guy's punching him in the guts maybe not as big a deal but that head punch is a big deal so you gotta watch out and pay attention to both attackers when the gun is out of the fight momentarily now i know he's really tempted here to take a hand off the gun but recognize the gun is a much bigger threat so instead he used his mobility and this is a good reason to try to stay upright if you can and i know every guy that i know who is into grappling arts and those things wants to stay on their feet in a real life defensive encounter and our good guy did a good job of that now emotional fitness these guys are beating a tar out of him and and he's able to keep the gun because it's the most important thing and then finally get to a place even though it looks like to me like he got kicked in the family jewels there where he's able to get the gun away now notice here he's got a hold of the gun and he's able to break contact what are you going to do in that moment of course if the bad guy is not within your control whether he has the tool or you have the tool you want to open up distance in a private citizen gunfight as fast as possible this is where mission drives the tactics techniques and procedures you want to get the heck away from this guy as fast as you can of course law enforcement doesn't do that they gotta close with the guy and take him into custody but you wanna open up that distance as fast as you possibly can and he does a pretty darn good job of that next thing i wanna say as soon as their force advantage evaporates when the good guy has taken control of the gun notice that the bad guys flee and we see that all the time that they use their numeric advantage to try to take advantage and they flee as soon as their advantage evaporates and that's exactly what we see here now finally a bad guy's getting in the car and jumping into that car and trying to take off with it and our good guy shoots him through the window so we do need to talk just a little bit about the legal and moral implications of this use of deadly force number one are you emotionally capable of using deadly force but but from a legal and moral perspective here's what i want to say in many states carjacking is considered an act that is a forcible felony and deadly force is is okay in those states in order to stop a forcible felony in progress and again this isn't just a car theft this is a carjacking he has used force deadly force shown deadly intent by putting a gun out on the guy now that said i think that he did run some risk here in mexico especially because a prosecutor could have said hey the threat was over the guy was inside the car and so therefore it's not a deadly threat in the moment because can he articulate that now of course the other side of that argument is could he in that moment say the guy jumped in the car put it in gear i was standing in front of the car and therefore or right to the side of the car and reasonably feared him having already pulled a gun on me that he was gonna run me over with that car so that he could get his gun back so i use the gun to protect my life that's probably a pretty good uh you know answer here so recognize that you need to to make sure that you understand the legal and moral implications of self-defense and one of the ways that you can do that is by joining us every week on the active self-protection extra channel for john's briefs where we talk about the legal and moral use of force and by joining us for our online seminars where we do those kinds of things and talk about them in depth so come and join us for that i think this was a good use of force the good guy stayed emotionally present made a couple of mistakes early but pulled it out in the end and covered his asp


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