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Gun Confiscation in Tampa FL


– So Lisa Newton and Mr. Wolf, they both live on the
same street in Tampa. Lisa liked to walk her
dog in the neighborhood and I guess there was like
an empty lot or something in the neighborhood that
Lisa used to bring her dog on to go to the bathroom and stuff. So Mr. Wolf really just didn't like it. So Mr. Wolf, he walked up to
her and he said, Hey, Lisa can you like bring your dog to
the bathroom somewhere else? Can you pick up your dog's poop? Can you do whatever? Lisa was one of these like
hyper sensitive people.

So she decided to file a petition for a risk protection order for stalking. So she wants a restraining
order for stalking and what she claimed in the courts, this important for you guys to listen, what she claimed in the
courts is that Mr. Wolf would drive around her house. Yeah, obviously he lives
in that neighborhood. That's common, and he
would walk around her house and on a few occasions over the last year he actually recorded
her on his mobile phone. That was enough for these judge in Hillsborough County
to grant a red flag order against this guy, Mr. Wolf. They confiscated all of his
guns, which, how crazy is that? You got a SWAT team show up at your house saying you gotta turn in all your stuff or you're gonna go to jail.

So he handed over all his guns. Now, the way that it works, this is why red flag laws
are unconstitutional, in my opinion, Mr. Wolf didn't have a chance
to stand in front of court and actually like- – Yeah, 'cause this is like a, your word against not even my word. It's just your word, period. – So Mr. Wolf was able to hire an attorney and then he showed up at
court two weeks later, the judge looked at the
evidence that this woman had, because I guess he didn't
do that prior to this. And he said, you know what? She doesn't have any evidence. Lisa has no evidence
that this man is stalking or harassing her. So we're just gonna drop this case- – Because she's probably
just letting her dog crap everywhere and he's annoyed.

And it's like, Hey,
pick up your dog's crap. And every now and then he's taking a video of her letting her dog crap somewhere, which there's nothing wrong with that. I mean- – We all deal with those Karen's right? The annoying neighbor. – Yeah, I would be a little like- – Mind your own business. – Mind your own business, man. Whatever, but yeah, to go as far as to file a stalking order. – So if this happened, so they
confiscated his guns, right? Then they said, Oh nope, we
shouldn't have confiscated. It was a mistake. She has no evidence. When should he get his guns back? – Right away. As soon as they say, well they should have never
taken them in the first place.

– Okay, but they did. That's not the question. So they already took the guns. When should he get them back? – So right away. So you're telling me though there is no, you're innocent
until proven guilty? – No, with a red flag,
the way that it works, it's called an ex parte
risk protection order. So when they believe
there's enough evidence that you're a danger to
another person, which is crazy, because when you look at
this there was zero evidence- – It was chopped right away, yeah. – Zero evidence, but it
still happened to him. Okay? His guns got confiscated
right here in Tampa because of a nosy Karen of a neighbor. – We had one of those. – To this day, this guy still
does not have his guns back. – So how long has it been? – This happened in March
is when his guns got taken. – Holy smokes. – So March has guns were taken. The judge in June said, Hey, listen we're going to give you a court hearing, but you've gotta do it by Zoom.

And I guess this guy's
old because he said, I can't do it on Zoom, I don't know how to do that. And he said, could I do it over the phone? And the judge said, no. – Aw. – So that's what I'm gonna, we're gonna try to contact this guy and just see like, Hey bro, we will- – We can help him with Zoom. – We'll hook ya up with some Zoom, we can make that happen and
see if we can deal with this. But isn't it just stupid
to think that if you, already the charges got dropped, it was proved to not be real anyway, then they should immediately
just give you your guns back. But you know, I got a
interesting phone call today. I posted a video a week ago, two weeks ago or whatever about
America's gun confiscation and we showed a bunch of videos of the New Orleans police
department coming in, taking guns away from citizens right after the hurricane
Katrina kind of disaster, right? Well I actually got a
phone call from a detective in New Orleans who wanted to
chat with me about that video and it was interesting.

He said, I'm not a hundred
percent what he wanted to achieve with the phone call with me, but what I really gasped, gathered from it is he said, listen I want you to know we are pro gun. We are not coming for anybody's guns. We would never do that. And I said, but they did. You did, right? So everybody says, it'll never happen but it's already happened and it's happened multiple
times throughout history. – Well what happens is they
use some type of tragedy or some type of natural disaster or something to fit it in to their agenda.

So as soon as something
happens where they can, like the Parkland shooter
or something, shooting, when something happens where
they can slip in extra laws, that's when they push them on through- – Wasn't that Nancy Pelosi? Didn't she say that? Never let a good catastrophe go to waste. – Yeah and that's basically it. So anytime you're gonna see natural or catastrophes, that's gonna happen. They're gonna try and push
through those gun laws and that is how it will happen. They won't just decide one day, Hey, we're coming and get your guns because people won't be on board with it. Look at how many people
get on board with it when something happens,
your emotions are in there. You start to feel, Oh,
yes, that makes sense. We don't wanna see this happen again. Nobody wants to see kids
being shot at a school. – So listen to this quote. It says, necessity is the
plea for every infringement of human freedom and it is
the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves. – Oh, that's crazy. – That is pretty powerful.

That is pretty powerful. – And that's 1783, huh? – Yeah. (dramatic music).


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