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Three Videos With Many Lessons


we say it all the time here on the channel compliance can be an effective strategy but it's certainly not a foolproof one welcome to today's active cell protection lesson i'm your host john correa today's video is a compilation of three videos two from houston texas in the united states and one more i'm not positive where it comes from if your homeowner's insurance is like mine it does not cover your firearms or other collectibles for that i use collectables insurance services and recommend them highly the first walkthrough we see what happens the second walkthrough we learn lessons so stay with us for those but this first one this guy just runs in looks like mushmouth here with his you know a hoodie all the way over him and he's gonna you know tell this clerk hey man i want the money out of the till and the clerk is going to open the till for him and so hey no problem man i'm just going to comply and we're going to see the clerk offer zero resistance here and so our bad guy's going to transition the gun into his left hand start taking the money out of the till and then trying to figure out wait a minute my pockets won't fit those because i'm wearing skinny jeans and so then he is going to then grab a bag and bag up his groceries and run out and no one is hurt and that one ends there second one here we see this guy here's our perp he jumps out of this you know a little pickup truck because he's seen somebody walking down the street now you can see it panned because this was a much bigger video and this is how houston pd put it out it's a you know a much wider angle so they're going to follow him along as he sees this guy walking down the street he's just going to walk up to him show him a weapon here and say hey man give me your stuff grab his phone out of his hand and then start shaking dude down what else you got on you man i don't know if he grabs his you know his wallet his you know any money he's got or whatever he's like hey man that's all i've got he walks off no problem now this third one that we see here guy comes up he's got a gun out and he starts threatening everyone in this little store so he threatens the clerk behind the counter threatens this guy and kind of dunks him with the gun there and then walks away to get the the people behind the counter as well and i'm gonna guess the till sped this bit up just for the sake of time about 20 25 seconds goes by you can see the car's speeding by and as we slow it back down you're gonna see the bad guy come back to him here and he gives him his money out of his pocket he's like hey man give me the rest your stuff i don't really have anything else bro this is the last thing i have guy doesn't like that answer and just shoots him dead right there and walks off this is what can happen friends and this is where these ones end man those are difficult to watch i know that the compliance ones are better and it's okay but you know these are the realities and that's what we've got to do here so i have a question for you here on today's video and that is if i wanted to grow the channel and make it bigger i'd never do negative outcomes here on the channel but do you think that they are important do you share them around or do you go man i'm gonna just pass this one by and when i know it's a negative encounter let me know in the comments i think they're important i think we should have them but man it kind of is a war of two worlds because i know that people don't like him as much so let me know what you think let's think about the lessons on this one so knowing what our various outcomes are i really want to talk about opportunities in this one to counter ambush if you are appropriately tooled and appropriately armed if you are appropriately skilled now again he comes in with a gun out okay no problem man i'm not going to give you any problems whatsoever let me get you into the tilt purposeful compliance is a thing again this clerk doesn't have those skills perhaps okay fine but if you did and you were appropriately told here's your first place for a counter ambush right here notice that his attention is not on you he has actually transitioned the gun into his non-dominant hand and he doesn't have the ability to see you in that moment so if this clerk was armed this was the opportunity get the gun out and burn this guy down with absolutely no repercussions from a legal perspective would have been 100 morally and legally justified to use deadly force to stop this threat how did you not recognize that oh okay wait a minute i don't know what i'm gonna do in that moment okay you can see right here you notice that the guy has actually got the gun held by the slide in his left hand so this was an opportunity if you're armed again and you see that that's a great opportunity to get after him with your firearm because he probably can't transition the gun back and get on you but even if you're not armed this is a great opportunity to run to get the heck out of the danger zone to realize that guy can't shoot me right now it's going to take him too long to do that and i'm going to run like my life depends on it and get out of the danger zone and he can get the money out of the till and do whatever he wants with it because i've given him what he wants so that works especially if you know your exit routes and you know how to get to a safe place can't recommend that highly enough so knowing where the counter ambush and the escape points are i think is the lessons out of this first one didn't need him in this case okay the bad guy's not a killer but anybody that waves a gun at me i'm going to assume is willing to kill with it all right next one on a sidewalk it's a transitional space and our bad guy here does something pretty common i see this all the time he gets out with a gun in his hand and then puts it under his shirt so that people don't necessarily see it one of the things we talk about if you're paying attention to your world you look at the eyes you look at the hands you look at the waist if somebody is hiding their hand under their t-shirt that is bad juju bad stuff is coming out of there nothing good is coming out of him doing that and and i mean i guess you know best case scenario was just scratching his belly button but he'd probably do that from over his shirt so this guy who's just walking down the road sees this guy pull up quickly or doesn't see him pull up quickly and jump out and then hiding his hand under his waistband and because of that because he's not paying attention he is going to get jumped on this and attention buys you time time buys you options by the time this guy sees what's going on he's not going to really have a whole lot of options here so you notice this guy's walking up and our dude is either talking on his phone or whatever so his attention is sucked into what is going on in front of him i get it you got your phone in your hand whatever and you're talking on it but this is why i recommend some earbuds whatever and paying attention to your world because he wasn't paying attention to his world but his original thing that he gets to see is this guy right on top of him with some kind of a weapon out who says give it up and he doesn't really have any options so the answer here pay attention you see that guy stop see what's going on with him even if you're just looking over your shoulder might have had some other options and this could have gone in very different ways instead he complies dude just steals his stuff okay fine thank god he's not a killer but you put yourself at the mercy of a felon here and i don't necessarily like putting myself at the mercy of felons i don't think that's a great idea our third one okay dude has gone up now we talk about if you're appropriately armed and if you have a particular draw stroke speed if you have a 1.5 second draw the first shot when the bad guy turns his head like this his shoulders are still pointed at us but his head is pointed left the gun is pointed to his left to our right you can get him with a 1.5 second draw the first shot here if you know that and you go my turn to go is when he turns his head and i can see his ear if you have a 1.5 second draw for a shot this is your go signal right here guy did not have that and the only way you know if you've got that is if you actually time it on the range and you can do it on demand anytime you want so instead this guy again not armed he gets donked in the head now i will say this most times i see somebody hit somebody in the head with a gun they usually are not willing to use it we know that's not the case here though so i do want to say i don't want you to use this idea that says oh he hit me with it so he's not going to actually shoot me with it now i say that he is generally not willing to shoot with it however you still have to consider anybody who has a gun out and on you as a deadly threat and consider that they're willing to use that gun and therefore treat it appropriately and act in accordance with that then when he turns around here notice our bad guy now not only turns his head away but he turns his shoulders away from us if you have a two second draw the first shot 2.0 second draw the first shot you can outdraw this guy and there's no way that he can get back to you if you have a handgun on your person and this is what's happening in an armed robbery so if he just turns his head away from you but his shoulders are still on you you need to have a 1.5 second draw the first shot in order to get the drop on this guy when he turns his shoulders like this a two second draw to first shot will do that as well so knowing what your particular skill level is is incredibly important so that you know when your counter ambush opportunity comes guy doesn't have that here he's just standing here and waiting now we can't see what's going on on the other side but just like in the first one i would recommend if at all possible a dude isn't having his attention on you run out of that store as fast as you possibly can take that opportunity when he's not paying attention to you to run with everything you have to get out of the danger zone clearly this guy would have wished that he would have done that and so i can't tell you enough don't stay there and just wait for the bad guy get out of there and take steps to protect yourself if at all possible because this is a highly negative outcome now dude comes back and he is you know frisking him down whatever and he wants his stuff well at some point your chances evaporate and you don't have anything else to do he gave some kind of offense there and the guy just shot him in the head cold-blooded killer this is why i say i don't want to trust my safety in the hands of a felon who's willing to point a gun at me willing to hit me in the head with it willing to threaten other people for money because bad stuff like this happens so that's why i say carry your firearm keep your skill level very very high with it be ready to counter ambush also this is a great reason why we keep our spiritual fitness strong that we know every single day that we have our family knows that we love them that we have solved any conflicts we possibly can that we haven't left anything unsaid and that our relationship with jesus is strong because on the last day of our life and we may not get control over when that day is and we may not get advanced notice on when that day is we're going to need that relationship so you better have it today just in case you need it today learn the lessons here about proper counter ambushing about keeping your tools on your person about the cost of compliance that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't let's think about our spiritual fitness as well and cover our rasp


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