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Multiple Home Invaders Stopped By Armed Defender


we see it again today that in a private citizen gunfight when your gun's out of ammo your fight is over [Music] hi everyone welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host as always john korea today's video comes to us from harare in zimbabwe landlord go is a fun free to play mobile game that combines the best of monopoly and pokemon go buy and sell properties all over the world collect rent and have fun with friends in a massively multiplayer virtual reality world hit the link in the description for a million dollars in starting cash and become the next global real estate magnate download it today at the link in the description i can't find a news story on this but you see a chinese national here who is carrying a gun on his hip who is in zimbabwe and i've compressed this portion just for the sake of time if you go watch the original in the middle of this the dogs start barking so he knows something could be up uh but then watch comes up the steps here there are multiple guys going to come up the steps with multiple firearms as armed robbers then what's going to go down here is as they're kind of creeping up you're going to see our defender come out with the gun on his hip we do have audio so let's listen in and hear how this fight goes [Music] sports [Music] yes [Music] foreign so so the little bit of news that i've been able to finagle out of this if you go watch the original he continues to have a fight with these guys shoots out the other windows with that one guy kind of down you know in the stairwell there he's going to kind of finally come and lock the doors here and and you know get where they can't come and get him at least a little bit but that guy that's down there on the floor eventually crawled off cops did catch him later i don't think anyone else was hurt and that's where this one ends pretty serious stuff there i'm gonna ask you not to give me too hard a time about the background here over the next few days i'm working on it doing these in batches trying to get better and just try something new so what do you think so first of all i do think this video makes a fairly strong case for home carry and i'm not saying that you have to carry it home i'm not saying that's something that everybody has to do but certainly in this case having the firearm on his person was really important and you know when he comes around the corner there is a big deal but i think even the bigger case can be made here than home carry is closing and locking that door so if you know you're in for the night now it's only 7 pm or whatever if you look in the time stamp so i get it maybe he's wanting to go in and out whatever but if you're upstairs and that upstairs is where you are and you're live in a place that needs bars like that maybe close them when you come in the house right to have that security would be a big thing next thing here again if you go watch the original the dogs were barking and freaked out that's a clue friends i think a dog is a is a pretty good home defense system and can be very very helpful now as we see our perps start creeping up the gunfight here is going to get real interesting real fast but let's pay attention to the fact that we have multiple armed attackers but that said first person to put a hit in a significant area the other guy almost always wins so they're their advantage evaporates and they evaporate pretty quick now let's pay attention to our times here because our guy is just kind of walking around and doing his thing smoking a cigarette whatever and now he's got to orient to the problem so when we talk about you know colonel boyd's ooda loop observe orient decide and act this is kind of what we get that he sees what's going now i have to orient to that problem decide what to do and act and now he decides to shoot now of course this is why we say don't draw from the drop he makes a decision that he is going to draw his gun but of course because the other guy is up and on him he gets out shot so the guy gets a shot off first in fact two of the perps are going to get shots off first which is one of the biggest reasons we say don't draw from the drop instead purposeful compliance duck around the corner whatever get your gun out launch a counter ambush okay fine but if you just straight draw from the drop this is why that's a bad idea because thankfully these guys can't shoot now the other part of that they missed him so thank god they missed him and that's the this is a good thing thank god bad guys can't shoot another problem that our good guy had is that he was carrying with the chamber empty and because of that then he had to put his second hand in the fight and i know people at times say well if i don't have that half second i'm in real trouble you're darn right you're in real trouble you're in a gunfight therefore you need to actually be going for it and actually be ready with the gun because you are in the world's worst condition you are in a terribly bad spot so this is one of the big reasons here that we want to say hey keep your firearm chambered keep your firearm ready to go because you might very well need it in that day so now you get a second shot that gets off here but because it's taken him so long to get the first shot off he is having a hard time and again because he had to chamber the gun he's not really able to to get on his sights as well and he's shooting the gun one-handed very common here which is another reason carry your gun chambered ready to go two hands on the gun now notice here that our perps gun has malfunctioned his the perps gun has locked to the rear thank god perps carry crappy guns and they you know don't know how to use them very well we're very grateful for that so first hit is the biggest deal and because he got that first hit on that guy now he's going to get after these guys but i want you to see he is actually shooting here at about point two split so with one hand on the gun he's shooting like crazy and that's caused him to have his gun go empty number one cause of reloads is missing and i want you to recognize here big deal is that you want to use the rounds that are in the gun because when the gun goes empty your gun fight is over i know plenty of people we talk about reloads but for private citizen gunfights functionally the gunfight is over and now why because he's going to have to go he doesn't have one on him he's going to look and go oh no what's wrong with my gun because he thinks he has a malfunction he doesn't have a malfunction he has shot the gun empty and so now he's got to think oh i need a reload well of course he doesn't have a reload on him that reload is out in the room which is okay because the bad guys who can run off have run off and so the gunfight is functionally over in that moment so i do recommend carry the highest capacity firearm you can and the reason for that is again to not have to go and make the 14 second reload that this guy did now he comes back and instantly fires down the hallway i don't know what he saw down there we can't see it so i'm not going to say whether that was good bad or indifferent i will say that i want you to recognize that for for all intents and purposes the reload was irrelevant uh given the fact that i'm pretty sure these guys ran off and he's just shooting at noises at this point is my guess i'm not gonna guarantee you that because i can't see what he sees but if the there are still threats there probably a far better idea to barricade himself in the room than come out next thing i want to see here is this guy uses his phone and he's calling 911 whatever i would strongly encourage you this is why i like having a smart watch this is also why i really want you to learn how to use your virtual assistant whether you're using you know google or whether you're using apple products whatever i don't care what i want you to do is instead of having that your hand on that phone get the phone where you can talk to it without having to have your hands on it keep two hands on the gun and let the speaker phone or your watch or whatever be your method of talking because you notice here he's trying to type on the phone with his fingers while he's got a gun in his hand while there could be deadly threats about so really really use your virtual assistants use the ability for speaker phones tell it to call emergency services for you so then that way you you were prepared in that moment and then of course i really think the biggest thing here is as soon as practicable i want you to create a barricade create a barrier for yourself while you wait for the authority so in this case that is as soon as possible locking this door so that the guys can't get up the stairs at you because you know this guy who's laying in the stairwell is eventually going to kind of come to and crawl off and you don't know if he's still capable when when he gets blood volume back into his head he could want to fight some more so lock that door as fast as you can and then get yourself to a safe location i would really recommend not looking out the windows like this guy is and not kind of shooting off randomly down the neighborhood or whatever because you probably have a finite amount of ammo as well and you know not knowing exactly who's what when and where i would just recommend hunkering down barricading yourself and waiting for the authorities so i think this guy did a pretty phenomenal job i'm not giving him a hard time he won his fight let's think about carrying chamber full let's think about being the first one to make a good hit by doing the right things to do that and let's think about carrying the highest capacity firearm we can to cover our asp


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