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Homeowner Responds Quickly To Sudden Home Invasion


when a legitimate home invasion happens you will not have a whole lot of time to decide and act decisively thank you for joining us today on active self protection I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from Bowling Green Kentucky in the United States the new mantis x10 firearms performance system has all the goodness of the original Plus holster draw analysis and recoil analysis it's a fantastic upgrade and I recommend it highly the news stories linked in the description said it's just before midnight and our homeowner is down the hallway and in bed I cannot find anything in any of the news stories that say that there's anything untoward going on in this house but the sound is important here so let's listen in [Music] the news story said that homeowner was actually transported to the hospital for an injury to his hand that I can't find out whether that was gunshot wound related or what but all of the bad guys ran off they are still being sought and it looks like the homeowner is gonna make a full recovery man thankfully that homeowner was prepared to defend his home against multiple home invaders but I do have a question for you out of this one do you consider this a positive outcome or a negative one he drove off the armed home invaders that's incredibly important he himself was injured his family was safe do you think that's a positive outcome or not hit a comment and let me know what your thoughts are I would consider that a positive outcome because of the potential for incredibly negative outcomes here but I'm wondering what you think let's get to some other lessons first of all let's talk about home defense preparation looks to me like right there in the crease where the door is you have a shotgun or some kind of long gun that's staged for home defense and clearly our homeowner has as some kind of a firearm that is staged for family protection in the bedroom as well and that's fantastic and a great idea he also has a light on that's gonna be great we'll see that in just a second but recognize that you want to maintain that your home defense firearms are accessible and ready to go quickly but also they are secured from unauthorized access that usually means some kind of quick access safe and I think I don't know whether he had one here in that moment but let's think about how much time he has here this door busts in and from this point until the first shots break we have about seven seconds so in that seven seconds our homeowner here's his front door crashing grabs his home defense handgun long gun I'm not sure which one it was gets to a place in his hallway where he can defend himself gets his sights on target sees the bad guy and shots break in under seven seconds that's how fast actual home invasion defensive scenarios happen they don't take five minutes to unfold they take a mere few seconds so you really do want to have your firearms in some kind of a quick access safe again they have to be safe from unauthorized access but you want to be able to get to them in a hurry the one that I use I can get into in about a second and a half so that's the kind of speed that you need now next thing here there's a couple of tactical advantages that our homeowner had I do want you to notice we have at least two armed suspects here so the guy that's immediately in the doorway you can see the gun in his hand in the front door and then our perp that's come to the hallway but I do want you to notice our homeowner has also got a light on in the front room which silhouettes this bad guy whereas it's dark back behind so the bad guy is not able to see inside the hallway but the good guy is definitely able to ID who is there and see that it's not a family member so he's able to get himself in a good tactical position and get shots on the bad guy where the bad guy cannot see him and that is an incredible advantage setting up your home for those kinds of things and keeping a light on if you can or a light on the gun is important as well now I do want to say that our homeowners shot multiple times and and once the guy started running two things here a those bad guys skedaddled as soon as the shots broke they very seldom are looking for fights now they had a couple of firearms on them at least so if that we had not had a good guy with a gun in this instance we would have had a terrible home invasion where people could have been hurt very very badly thankfully it didn't happen they're a bunch of cowards and they ran off but I do want you to think as a homeowner when he's shooting shots that he can't see any bad guy he's just winging off panic shots those are going somewhere and they're going through interior walls and exterior walls like crazy so make sure that you're only taking shots when you have a sight picture that you know that's gonna go in a bad guy now I don't think anybody else was hurt here so that's fine next thing that our good guy did that was good he got to a place where he's looking for his family are you okay is everybody all right and he's getting folks into a better position so that's what we want to ask did I hit him do I need to shoot him again is he down did I do the work that I need did he bring any friends to the fight that I need to deal with next is am i okay is my family okay is everybody all right second you know the third thing do I need to do anything to my weapon and fourth then let's get some help and get some people there in order to help so thank god this homeowner was prepared thank God everything came out okay in this instance I hope they do find these guys let's make sure that we have our home defense firearms properly staged that we put ourselves in good tactical positions as best we can that we take shots that are smart shots to take and that we do propria follow-up actions to cover our ass


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