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Ego Battle Escalates Badly for Bakery Owner’s Son | Active Self Protection


an important rule of self-defense is never to get into an ego battle with someone who's holding a gun on you hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Costa Rica here we are going to see an ego battle that escalates to deadly force and we're gonna learn important lessons about the importance of verbal judo about de-escalation escape and avoidance especially when someone escalates the conflict and the importance and use of our first aid skills this fight has begun as the Baker who has the blue shirt with the white lettering on it and his family are in their home and the woman has come to him and been angry about a couple of baguettes that are valued at about a buck 75 is when I did the math and she's mad and she comes back on the Baker won't refund her money so her husband shows up with a shotgun pulls a shotgun out there and he's like hey man give me back my dollar and 76 cents and the Baker's not giving in now look at his son who's in a light-colored shirt to the right just spread his arms out hey man what are you gonna do shoot me well you know here's exactly what's gonna happen as he continues to get on and the guy does and blows a huge hole in his right forearm there now if you go read the news stories in the description you will need some Google Translate there he was badly injured but didn't die that when the guy goes to pick up a rock the guy points a gun at him everybody gets out of the danger zone and finally this enraged couple is going to leave and this one ends right here let's go back and learn some lessons on this one a lot of stuff in pre attack mode here folks this is fight is over $1.00 in 76 cents a dollar and 76 cents and they're having this huge escalating fight this is where we learned verbal judo friends where we learn what fights are worth fighting and what fights are worth not fighting listen I don't want to get into a huge fight with you you want $1 and 76 cents back here's your dollar and 76 cents back please don't visit my store again and that's that or hey I'm sorry for the offense do that here's what would help you getting out of fights is incredibly important now when this guy pulls a shotgun we're not talking about verbal judo now we're talking about D escalating and evading the conflict and not sticking your arms out there like hey man go ahead and shoot me it's a terrible idea because now she's in a position of power look at her body language she's saying you are gonna listen to me this guy who according to the news stories is wanted for other stuff as well he's got a shotgun out and I would not think that he's bluffing never guessed that somebody with a gun is bluffing at that point you want to use verbal judo skills use that de-escalation escape and avoidance and not this when you put your arms out like that that's an ego challenge you're telling him you're not gonna shoot me you really aren't and so you're putting yourself at risk because you are putting your ego up against his ego that he is posturing that he is the big monkey in this fight but you're really the big monkey in this fight and this kind of social violence is not healthy and helpful for you because you see him pulled a gun up here I've lead the very least when he pulls that gun if you got to recognize he's about to get after me and instead of that I think I just stands there like go ahead man shoot me and the guy decides to do it now look at the incredibly huge hole that it's put in him first of all that's grotesque second of all you see the guy after his shot it just kind of looks over he immediately goes into shock and that happens quite a bit and obviously he didn't mean to kill him with that shot it was a very carefully aimed shot at his arm but you can see right through it to the other side so now you got to get the heck out of the danger zone recognize this guy is a killer and is willing to use that gun and don't go after him and get a rock to try to bash their car who cares about their car at this point go worry about your son here's where you need first aid skills in order to help him because that sucker is gonna start bleeding like a sieve pretty quick man it's probably a great time for a tourniquet and a trip to the hospital as fast as you possibly can so let's learn the skills here of verbal judo of understanding how to de-escalate conflict so that you don't get into these kind of fights of not having ego battles with people holding guns on you and the importance of first aid skills to covering our ASP [Music] [Music] [Music] you


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