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Los Angeles Grandpa Executes A Slim Jim Robbery


today i got a question for you do you think this guy's ruse was convincing enough to really get these clerks to not fight him [Music] hi everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active cell protection i'm your host john korea today's video is one of the weirder ones i've ever seen it's from los angeles california if you use an ar-15 for home defense you need to practice with your trigger and your sights the mantis blackbeard allows you to do that much more effectively it's a drop-in bolt carrier group and magazine that works with your trigger and your sights and your rifle to give you real-time feedback and reset your trigger up to 10 times a second i use it all the time to be more proficient as a carbine shooter and i recommend it highly the guy in the collared shirt and the fedora is actually our robber and believe it or not we have audio in this surveillance footage so let's listen in over here put it right here all of it or you will be shocked take out the money you want to get boom this particular camera didn't have audio but it does show us that what the guy has in his hand is like a pencil or a slim jim or something while he's yelling at these guys and wanting them to give up the money he's not armed he's bluffing get over here get over there go back all right the rest of your quan he ran off with about 300 bucks thankfully none of the staff was harmed and i don't have any information that they ever caught him so i think grandpa got away with the slim jim robbery holy smokes man that one was kind of ridiculous if you want to get better as a self-defender consider joining our facebook audience on facebook i share stuff from all over the web multiple links every single day to help you get better as a self-defender as well so just open up your facebook app hit that you know search for active self protection and hit the like button first interesting thing that i really want to talk about here is that this guy waited until everybody was gone pretty common here gotta recognize that an armed robber very often will want to isolate his victims and so he's going to wait till there's nobody else around sometimes they won't do that because they want more victims they want to get everybody that they can but in some cases like we see here they will wait for their opportunity you're always going to be behind the initiative deficit now let's talk about these clerks here the guy starts arguing with him puts his hand in his pocket starts telling him i want the money out of the till right now and and so he hasn't told them yet that he's armed but he's got his hand in his pocket insinuating that and yelling at them and issuing them commands and a lot of times just that command voice will make people do what you want right now at this moment i would call this a strong armed robbery i wouldn't call this a threatened you know an aggravated robbery i would call it a strong armed robbery at this moment because he hasn't shown a weapon he hasn't threatened with a weapon all he said is he wants the money and clearly he's willing to use force to get it so could we resist this of course you're always willing to able to resist you know a robbery with appropriate levels of force but now once he puts his hand under his shirt like that and pulls like he has something he's trying to get him to think that he has a firearm on him and at this moment he says do you want to get shot and and now he is threatened with deadly force he's got a figure like he's got a gun under his shirt and and so now a reasonable person would believe that he has a gun and is willing to use it so he puts a reasonable person in fear of death or great bodily harm at using a weapon and that is aggravated assault so this is an aggravated robbery this is robbery with a deadly weapon right here so i know somebody's going to ask but what happens if i shoot this guy given the clerks if they believe him and they given what they've seen here they could probably use deadly force to protect themselves in this case and even though that they are a mistaken in fact they were put in reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm because the guy insinuates and threatens that he has a gun and he's willing to use it when he says you want me to shoot you or whatever so now if one of them sees the fact that he's got you know the slim jim instead of an actual gun i think that changes then they go hey man get the heck out of here or whatever and then probably deadly force is not going to be authorized because then they aren't in fear of death or great bodily harm so so it really depends on the moment now do i wish these clerics were i'm sure i wish they had the right to defend themselves because otherwise they're powerless and the trauma from this kind of incident goes on quite a while for somebody and they had the right to stop that but it all's well that ends well here it's not their money final thing that i want to say is is that as a clerk you do not have to defend your employer's money that's their risk that's their money you can choose nope i'm just going to run the heck out of here and you deal with what you deal with and it's not worth it to me that's a perfectly acceptable choice however you are apt to defend yourself you do have to protect yourself because if this guy killed one of those kids uh you know that's behind the counter the company is not going to pay them another dime and will replace them in a heartbeat so you absolutely have the right and the ability to protect yourself of course this is california so you know ccw permits harder to come by in some counties than others but want to talk through the principles here this is kind of one of the weirder armed robberies i've seen but i think it does give us some principles as to when we would legally morally and ethically feel like we were at risk of death or great bodily harm as we seek to cover our asp


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