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Don’t Chase Fleeing Robbers | Active Self Protection


We say it again and again and today we get to remember why Don't chase bad guys Hi everyone, this is John with today's active self protection (ASP) lesson out of Pakistan Shows us an armed robbery here that's going to remind us some important lessons the keys among them 1.Never chase a fleeing bad-guy because of the danger that poses to your health but also about 2. Transitional spaces and about 3.Compliance specially in the face of multiple attackers This is another day at the shop until three guys on one little motorcycle and one with an AK and have at least a couple of firearms here and at least one knife as this guys are gonna come in and rob the store and the employees are like "Wow, man" I don't want any problems I don't blame them at all with a guy with an AK in there that's going to kill you in a big hurry So they are just, you know they are completely compliant like "Hey! man I don't want any problems while these guys are going to run through all their stuff Compliance is also is always an option in an arm robbery and these guys do it OK! they are like Hey, man I don't have anything to give you as these guys continue to ravage through stuff Now you can see that I sped this up 3x times but a real arm robbery can take quite a while and so that danger zone you can stay for awful long of time and now they finally decided to they're going to leave, you see the guy that was sitting down he's going to decide to follow up after these guys so they are going to kinda mossy their way back to their motto they got whatever they wanted, they got as much stuff out of these guys can so they are going to run off with their guns held high and all that stuff.

Now our owner is going to come after and point at them and man that's the problem and unfortunately what is going to happen is because of that they are going to shoot back at him see they shot at him right in the low back there and now he's badly injured. everybody else come "oh! no, what are we going to do here" now they are not worried about a robbery, they are worried about somebody's life Let’s go back and learn some lessons on our website. In transitional spaces, you should learn the attacks can happen like this. Got to recognize attacks can happen.

And you gotta respond, react. So these guy do this respond with compliance. He man I don’t want any problems. I don’t want to have any issues with you. And so, these guys come in and and wow man I don’t want to have any problems. And against the armed robbery guys, compliance is option. Multiple guys with firearms including somebody whose got a rifle that makes things pretty significantly bad. So learn the lessons there, if you gonna comply, comply! Don’t pursue fleedin bad guys.


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