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Home Invaders Leave With Only Bumps and Bruises


as a self defender in Britain they may take all your tools away but they can't leave you without Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Kariya today's video comes to us from roachdale in indiana Raza T of new bold targets new bold targets are self sealing reactive polymer targets that act like steel targets for training and practice but are safer than steel they allow bullets to pass completely through the target without ricochet or lead splatter check out their links in the description and thank them for bringing us today's video please be sure to go watch the interview with the defender in this one I've linked it in the description it is a fantastic interview that gives you all kinds of insights as to what was going on in his mind and what precipitated this this couple is just home for the evening their dogs have just gone out and one of the dogs started barking loudly and that alerts everything everyone that something's going on the woman in the house is actually in treatment for cancer and so when the burglar breaks in here the homeowner says man I just my why is big and so I had to defend my wife against these guys the first guy comes in he gets the right hand of fellowship second guy comes in he's gonna get some to our good guy takes a couple of shots here but that big right hand on the second guy sends them out now he's gonna go back now and run back to his kitchen cuz the second guy comes in with a knife in his hand you can see it flash right there now then our good guy is gonna come back out he has a knife he's gotten out of the kitchen drawers that sends the bad guys running off thankfully in this instance now the wife actually jumps down the stairs not sure exactly why she did that comes out to see what's going on thankfully she's on the phone with the police well everything that I've heard police are still looking for these guys and that's where this one ends boy he gave those guys the right hand of fellowship and the left hand of freedom incredible stuff there if you want to support the work that we do here at active self-protection one of the ways you can do that is by joining us as a channel member hit the join channel button there down here on YouTube support the work that we do every month and bringing you these narrated lessons now let's get to them so from home defense perspective the first thing that we've got to talk about here is leaving your door wide open I totally get it that these guys you know they're you have dogs and the dogs want to get out and all that I totally get that and having a dog door or whatever is fine I have a couple of dogs myself and I love my dogs they got to go out and use the bathroom too and stuff like that however at night you leave your doors open and even a back door can be an invitation to a burglar this is an invitation to them that says hey there could be valuables available here and of course you're not protecting the stuff in your house but you are protecting your loved ones so I can't tell you enough closing lock the doors in your house especially at night even in the backyard if you live in any kind of a suburban environment now you see this here and this kind of square off and this is a unarmed fight here at the beginning this first gotta walk in is not armed and our good guy isn't as well in that moment you better know that you have the empty-handed skills to deal with this stuff now here in the u.s.

Of course we might talk about doing something like carrying a firearm in your home or those kinds of things in Britain he's just not able to do that but one thing I did think that was very interesting in the interview with him is he said my Y was bigger than theirs so we talked about attitude first at active self-protection and this is why because that attitude overcame and said nope you're not gonna get me with that first punch and now he's got a leveraging arm on the bad guy talk about the leveraging arm as a defender and how you have to deal with it but as a defender you can also use the leveraging arm to get yourself in a position to use what you have available and our defender here only really has a big right hand it's all he has in his repertoire well of course I'd recommend you have a robust empty handed skillset instead but he's gonna use that right hand of fellowship and give it right upside that guy's head and he does so incredibly effectively now one of the principles of self-defense that we say with armed combat is it the first person to put a shot in the meaty bits of the other guy almost always wins in a fistfight almost always the first person to put a meaningful hit on the other guy puts you way ahead and they almost always win it's the same principle first person to get any meaningful hit I know Hollywood has taught you that bit kung fu movies they take 47 hits to go down that's just not reality the first person to get a significant hit almost always wins the fight that's what happens here notice as well that our good guy here has a hold of the hood of the bad guy and he's using that almost got him jersey there but he's using the clothing that he has one of the things that you learn in grappling training no matter if that's wrestling training or whatever is that if you have clothes again you can use them against that guy and that's one of the you know founding principles of jiu-jitsu that the the your opponent brings your weapon with them to the match and you've got to learn how to use those clothes now of course you can do that instinct surely or you can do it with purpose and I'd suggest that you do it with purpose as part of your empty-handed skill training that's important now second guy comes into the fight a second person in the fight increases the order of difficulty by an order of magnitude it's about 10 times harder to fight two guys as it is to fight one guy so you want to have that attitude together the skills together the plan together but the thing that I love here that our defender does is he doesn't try to fight them both at once he fights one guy turns to the other guy fights the other guy turns and fights the one and then the other rather than trying to crack their heads together like coconuts like it's the Three Stooges or something like that you got to learn to barricade and blockade when you're fighting multiple attackers now the third guy comes in and again he gets that right hand I just think that the only tool that this guy has in his toolbox is a big right hand but notice how much power he's got behind that right hand and one of the things that we see all the time is people squaring off in fights and that's important however when it's time to deliver power do you notice that the feet the hips the shoulders and the nose are all pointed where the power of that punch is going you gotta actually kind of learn how to throw a power punch that actually does something wouldn't surprise me at all if this guy has done a little bit of boxing training or something like that because that punch is incredibly effective just watch as the action continues how much it leads that guy out and the first guy's completely out of the fight at this point he is gone and done now then you got to watch the re-emerging bad guy because the second guy comes back in here and again as he comes out and we stop it here you can see that the police think that this was a big screwdriver but a big screwdriver is just as lethal as a knife just as lethal as a gun this is an absolute deadly threat so you better recognize against multiple attackers it gets even harder if one of them is armed so our good guy goes and gets a knife now in Britain pretty you know pretty problematic to use a knife in defense it's actually a big cultural thing over there right now but if the you're facing a deadly threat then you have the right to use deadly force in order to stop that threat and that's proportional and that's fine but notice here that our good guy goes and gets a knife and as he's headed out there one of the bad guys has grabbed a big old paving stone and is about to bring that into the fight so one of the big things that we talk about don't chase deadly threats your best thing to do here is close that door and lock it put a barrier in between you and the bad guys which gives time for the emergency responders to show up it puts you in a safe location allows you a moment to think so even though he has a knife here so he's got a force multiplier chasing these bad guys out into where there's a deadly threat is not wise and I do not recommend it because of the additional threat that it ensues now those guys had run off and that's a good thing I don't know what the heck his lady was doing jumping down those stairs I really don't know what that was especially given the fact that she's undergoing treatments for cancer however I do want you to think with your non defending loved ones with those who are close to you in your life if God forbid you get into a deadly force encounter like this one ended up being I want you to tell them what their responsibility is and one of the big things here is don't come out where I am don't join me where I'm at because then I have to think about you in my self-defense plan instead bunker down in a safe place get behind a barricade and get on the phone and get emergency responders all the way instead she came out here and that put her at risk and also made her husband think about her in his defensive plan which split his attention when it needs to be a hundred percent on the bad guys so teach your loved ones what to do but the big thing that we learned here is the importance of attitude and because his attitude was you are not going to take and hurt me you are not gonna hurt my wife you were not gonna get in my home and hurt us he had would it take and and to muster that rage to fight these guys off he backed that up with enough skills that he won the day even against multiple attackers recognize how difficult that is and how things can escalate and teach your loved ones what to do as you cover your ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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