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Brazilian Defender Kicks Her Way To Victory | Active Self Protection


I gotta be honest with you I absolutely love it when bad people get their comeuppance welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us out of the Federal District of Brazil and it shows an armed robber who was absolutely not expecting to get his butt whupped the car that is turning here is actually filled with three people one of whom is our perp and you can see this woman who now starts jogging through here I'm not sure why she decides to kind of pick up her pace at this point I think maybe she's trying to get away from these guys and get to her destination before they can get to her but it's not gonna happen you're gonna see her bad guy coming from off-screen and he said he wants her phone now she originally is like no I don't want to give him up my phone and now a hand fight starts he does a gun in his hand but she's a martial artist and she starts whoopin a fool and she does a really good job of it and runs him off runs off herself and that's where this one ends listen if nobody else is gonna do it I'm just gonna start the slow clap for that lady that was amazing we appreciate the lessons you get here every day at active self-protection do me a favor hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so you don't miss a lesson out of today's video I do want to think about when the smart thing to defend is number two I want to think about the five DS plus one and how that applied in this instance and the critical importance of attitude along with empty handed skills let's start with this one about paying attention to your world now this woman who is I guess twenty three years olds what the news story says check the link in the description on that is you know a martial arts student and is aware of her world she's paying attention to what's going on around her and so she sees this car full of guys who is paying attention to her and when you are paying attention that attention buys you time and time buys you options now I'm – aghh you know recommended here that she try to go a different direction than this but I don't have all the information as to where she could have gone or why or whatever so I get it instead she picks up the pace because she's trying to get away from this is my guess in this instance though I didn't get to interview her so I can't say for sure now that's not always gonna work sometimes the fights going to come to you there's nothing you're gonna do about it here and that's the case in this woman's mine now again if you go read the news story she says look I saw this gun that he pointed at me she said I thought it was fake and so I just decided I was gonna defend myself she but she did say man Who am I to say I'm the weapons expert I don't know if it was real or fake so maybe the better thing to do was to comply she'd been robbed already a few weeks before on this route though and so she was angry about it and she decided she wasn't ready to be a victim so I will say compliance can be a strategy and again getting in a big old fight maybe getting shot over your phone probably not the best idea but she just reacts there in the time that she has next guy closes distance with her and so now you have a guy who has a gun pointed at you and you can see it in various spots there he does indeed have a gun on him he is closed to hand-to-hand distance so this is where the 5ds plus one comes in you got to control the distance that's a plus one and then deflect dominate distract disarmed disable this is what we see happen all the time and if you don't do that your chances of losing go up dramatically so we see her control the distance pretty well here and then deflect initially but notice she can't dominate and doesn't control the distance and the only thing that keeps her safe here is one of two things either the gun truly is fake and he can't shoot her with it or he's a robber using it as an intimidation tool and is not willing to shoot her for getting in a fight with him that's what kept her alive in this instance because she was not able to continue to control the distance wasn't able to dominate that arm in the hand with the arm and you know the the tool in the arm she wasn't able to do that he was able to get back up the circle control the distance and she was at a huge disadvantage here but when he closes it again then she starts the kung-fu moves and this woman is a martial artist if you go again read the the news story it says that she's got multiple years of studying a combination of karate judo and jujitsu and so this woman is a badass that's just it bottom line number one and this is one of only a couple of times that I've actually seen a head kick in a real defensive encounter I don't generally recommend them they're fraught with some peril but she's highly trained and they worked for her and success covers a multitude of sins so she gets him not once but three times there and that drives him off and then I love the fact that the second that he bugs out she bugs out she doesn't stand and admire her work she gets out of the danger zone and gets to safety that was good work there so let's make sure that we pay attention to our surroundings let's make sure that we have a highly developed set of empty-handed skills let's make sure that we recognize compliance can be an option let's have an attitude of self-defense that says I will not be a victim to protect ourselves and cover our ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]


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