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The Craziest Bar Brawl


English A real no joke pub brawl is one of the
most chaotic scariest and most dangerous things around. Thanks for joining us on
today's active self-protection lesson. My name's John Correia. I believe this is the
first video ever on active self protection out of Tasmania. Today's
active self-protection lesson is made possible thanks to the generosity of
sponsors like luckygunner.com. Please check out lucky gunner for all your
ammunition needs. This one's a doozy friends so strap in tight. Dude that just
put his hat on you can see him yipping with these guys who are just off-camera
by the door of this bar you can see him kind of having at it with them a little
bit now this dude's gonna step out and just drill him right in the face with a
straight left now I don't know what was said there and the news story says they
don't know what was said there to get this started because they haven't found
any of these guys now pay attention to the guy in the hat that just walked up
and is kind of keeping things at bay in the gray shirt and this guy in the blue
a frame they're gonna be very important you see I've sped it up just for the
sake of time the guy in the blue the sunglasses is like hey guys I don't want
any problems whatever and notice that our dude that just got punched is still
sitting on the floor but they're gonna start keep you up and the guy in the
blue you know light blue kind of a frame is gonna be like hey man I don't you
know wanting problems whatever but the arguments gonna get more and then when
this dude finally gets up guy in the hat is gonna kind of push him out of the way
but he's not gonna have it and dude who took a punch to the face is gonna go get
a pool cue and now he is going to pick up a pool ball and he is gonna wing that
pool ball at these dudes who he doesn't like and almost hit one of them and that
is going to start the brawl dude who almost took a pool ball to the head is
going to step in there and it is just going to become an absolute full-on bar
fight now what you're gonna notice here is if you pay attention there's the dude
and the you know blue shirt he's winging punches but our guy that was in the hat
is staying out of the way now you're gonna see this one's just gonna keep
getting uglier and uglier with more people in there and it's really hard to
see who's doing what when and where but notice here that this first guy is gonna
get kind of beat up a little bit and and where did this guy come from I don't
know but the guy and the orange jacket is with the dudes
we're just off camera he was one of those off-camera guys when things got
going just a minute ago now watch what goes down here as dude in the orange
jackets gonna come over and just absolutely sucker punch that guy hit him
right on the easy button and knock him absolutely cold out now it's gonna keep
going we're gonna see drinks spilled here and thrown our way now guys are
coming outside dude in the the white and brown shirt he got jumped by these dudes
and now he's on the floor and we're not done yet friends if you look on the
right now dude in the blue shirt is going to come out with some chairs and
get a pool ball thrown at him and wing a chair off down the road here our
original guys coming out with more pool balls there he falls down the steps and
it's gonna get hit in the back of the head with a pool ball I think by dude in
the orange jacket now again they're gonna fight in the doorway and kind of
nobody wants to commit too much to it because there's a lot of pool balls and
pool sticks and bad juju flinging around here so our guy who took the original
punch goes back get some more pool balls because we got to throw those around the
neighborhood a little bit more and make sure everybody knows that I hope we all
understand that throwing a pool cue at someone is absolutely aggravated assault
this is a pretty serious stuff that can clearly cause great bodily injury or
death so everything's cooled off a little bit
here but now notice here that we're gonna
start getting guys who have just you know taken a whole bunch of beatings up
and and everybody is kind of sort of separated and so we're going to speed it
up for the sake of time but what I want us to kind of pay attention to here is
the fact that these guys are gonna kind of just wheedle their way around it's
not quite done they're gonna come back a little bit more give each other a hard
time but that's where it ends.

I told you that was crazy and scary and dangerous.
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Lessons time everyone. I think most of the lessons in this one are about
staying the heck out of bar stayin out of bar fights and not getting drunk in
public and running mouths it's probably the biggest thing
here because you see this guy is just yipping at this group of dudes and I
don't know who started the problem but I can tell you the de-escalation escape
and avoidance is one of the most significant things that you can do as a
self defender to keep yourself out of this kinds of problems so if these guys
have a beef with you hey guys my bad let me buy you a beer and then get the heck
out of the bar is the way that you keep from getting these kinds of fights
started friends now second thing I do want a notice of our dude who took the
punch is that he lets this guy inside his reactionary gap you let this guy
with his hands down and a beer in his hand inside of a couple of feet of him
and he was able to swing this punch before any kind of reaction could occur
because he let him inside his reaction barrier it's gonna take when this guy
starts his swing 0.25 seconds I slowed it down by a factor of four there but
when he threw that punch without telegraphing it it was a quarter of a
second there is no way he could respond fast enough or react fast enough to get
his hands up or to you know respond to that punch it is physiologically
impossible so he was gonna take that punch and take the bloody nose
because of the error he made letting the guy get that close to him so when you're
managing unknown contacts or especially if you've had some hostility and you're
having a little verbal disagreement with somebody of course this you know verbal
judo and those kinds of things very important but at the very least keep
people outside of your reactionary gaps that you have a chance to defend
yourself if you absolutely need to know he just paid a social price for that but
at least the guy left him there now of course I do want to pay attention to
these two guys number one like I said earlier the guy right here in the gray
shirt and the hat and the dude in the white tank top our blue tank top rather
those are the guys that you really want to pay attention to here for a very
different approach the guy in the hat and the gray polo shirt is gonna stay
out of the fray the entire time he's gonna try to keep people apart but he's
not throwing punches he's not letting anybody get close to him and he's not
you know getting involved in the fray the guy in the tank top on the other hand
is gonna wade right in there my guess he's the friend of the guy who's on the
ground right now and he is going to absolutely take an absolute tomb wailing
on him and that's pretty significant so again be like the dude in the polo shirt
not like the dude in the tank top I do like here that the guy in the tank top
starts with the you know his hands out and that posture that surrender hey
I don't want any problems that's that palms out fingers splayed hands wide
posture that we talked about as a de-escalation technique and I think that
is very wise but recognize some people will not be de-escalated you can't make
somebody calm down they can do that certainly if you ask them to calm down
they're not gonna calm down but I do think talking here is good and wise and
whatever okay man you know whatever guy got in your way whatever let me buy a
beer cool everybody off we can all be friends okay this is cool
but instead it seems that the arguments get more and more and sometimes that's
gonna happen dudes are gonna want to fight they just won't be de-escalated
that's one of the reasons I say don't go stupid places with stupid people at
stupid times and do stupid things because now this guy gets up and now he really
wants to fight because he's offended and he's gonna start doing some really
stupid stuff here my guess is that he's drunk and therefore that's causing this
problem drunk people are stupid people and so you got to recognize you're breaking rules of stupid going to bars with a bunch of drunk people are gonna do
stupid stuff now he picks up a pool cue here and picks up a pool ball that is
absolutely right now he is now arming himself with weapons and those are both
absolutely deadly weapons if you've been on the channel a while we have seen a
pool cue kill somebody on this channel and certainly if you take that pool ball
and you throw it at somebody it is absolutely able to do great bodily harm
or even kill somebody and that right there you see how close that pool ball
came to the guy that's in the bottom right hand corners head I mean that ball
missed him by inches if that had been an inch over or so it could easily have
killed him this is aggravated assault of the highest order again your best answer
to that in this moment is don't engage get the heck out of there just run off
now he didn't so now his buddy tries to get him to go away but when the guy
comes in throws a punch at him because of course he's upset about it notice
that it is really on once again notice the difference here between our two guys
that they're right over here on the right you can see our you know our tank
top blue shirt guys right in the middle of the fight and our ball cap polo shirt
guys staying out of the fray I think that's definitely the safer bet here
probably even better to just get the heck out of the bar unless you were an
employee or something like that now there's this crazy fight going on and
guys there's you know not a lot of lessons here about not having bar brawls
ok well how am I going to defend myself against that you're gonna
heck out of the danger zone and what if my buddy is in the midst of that well
you know what honestly I think your best answer here if you've got friends that
aren't a part of the aggressive team here your best bet is probably to start
OC spraying everyone it's quite frankly the answer and get everybody to start
being diminished so people stop getting hurt now I get it that that's going to
cause some problems they'll probably get that bar cleared
but notice here that otherwise what happens is this dude just sucker punches
that guy hits him right on the easy button and this is one of the big
reasons to avoid these fights because you might get knocked out with one punch
the guy was doing okay before that but that one punch literally turned the
lights off on that guy and that can absolutely happen to you so that's why
you want to stay out of these and that happens again to this guy who is in the
in the white shirt and the brown shirt on the left he comes in and he gets
demolished while the guy on the original aggressor the guy that took the original
punch actually hits his the other dude with a pool cue which again I've seen a
pool cue kill somebody on this channel and therefore I want to just tell you
get away from this stuff now they're gonna keep winging stuff at
each other and all that and I just want to say guys the biggest thing that we
learn out of this is stay away from stupidity like this and and the way that
you do that is you just follow the rules of stupid if your buddy is you know
getting stupid at a bar one of the best things you can do is carry what Jack
Clemons my friend calls a My Bad $20 and that $20 bill can get you out of a lot
of problems hey man my bad I got 20 bucks here let me buy you guys a couple
beers or hey you're totally right bro we're gonna get the heck out of here you
have a good one because you're never gonna see that guy again so there's no
sense having a social fight with him there's no sense getting up in his grill
or getting punched in the face or having a brawl like this over somebody that you
will literally never see again when it could quite literally change your life
forever so being a self defender here means not getting into these kinds of
scraps it means staying away from them so then that way you're not trying to
you know test your kung-fu on a bunch of drunken idiots because I
don't think that helps I do think in this instance then as this thing gets
brewing and we start having these big problems it's a good can of OC spray
like POM or something like that to just hit the couple of guys who need it
get everybody a little bit of jerk sauce so that they're diminished so they can't
see what you're doing and then get my heck out of there could
save you from getting beaned with a pool cue and I think that's a very valuable
force multiplier to have in those kinds of instances but these guys are all
pretty much just a bunch of dummies doing dumb drunk stuff I don't recommend
you get involved in that so let's stay away from them as we seek to cover our


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