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Indiana Officer Fully Emotional After Stop Gone Wrong


one of the adages that we teach when we teach law enforcement is that you have everything you need present when the fight starts to prevail thank you for joining us on today's active self-protection bonus badge cam lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from Evansville Indiana in the United States today's video is brought to you by the generosity of new bold targets new bold targets are self sealing reactive polymer targets that act like steel targets for training and practice but are safer than steel they allow bullets to pass completely through the target without ricochet or lead splatter check out their links in the description and thank them for bringing us today's video officers on scene here to a report of a one car accident and has just showed up in order to help this motorist who's gotten in a wreck we have audio out of this one I've worked on the volume a little bit but it is gonna get a little bit loud or a little crazy so let's hang in there and listen in okay our drunk was found to have a hammer in his hand when he came out of his car officer did hit him with several shots officer was uninjured the perp did not make it he shuffled off this mortal coil and the officer's actions were found to be justified let's think about lessons out of this one but for now that's where it ends boy I got emotional there in a hurry we got a lot to talk about out of this one if you want to get better in your self-defense one of the ways you can do that is joining us on the act of self-protection extra YouTube channel right here on YouTube second channel where we teach seven days a week how to get better as a self defender come and join us on that channel William we're this close to getting a silver play button let's think about lessons from this one so this officer shows up his officer friendly as I think he absolutely should have he's kind he's helpful he's you know hey okay there's everybody doing okay that's great and good community policing make sure though that you have that in the back of your mind that every call can potentially go really crazy and you have to be able to flip that switch to go from zero to 11 on the volume dial really fast and the officer did a really good job of a lot of that in this instance he talked to the guy very kindly hey man you got your license registration all those things no I don't okay let's see what's going on so now he's gonna get the handheld out and like the guy up now if you're looking at in here you can see the fact that you know it clearly just from his demeanor he looks like he's impaired he's been in a one car wreck okay fine let's just see what's going on but notice the officer is looking at his hands to see what he's doing with his right hand and as it stops right here you can see in the floorboard right by the guy's seat what ends up being the handle of a hammer and this guy for reasons that we'll never know just decided in that moment that he was going to come after this officer with a tracked him down his line the whole nine yards now this guy was known as a family man and we don't know why he chose to do what he did he didn't have any criminal history or anything like that just chose to do that in that moment of I think drunken craziness so recognize that the officer sees that and starts saying hey man don't reach for that show me your hands instead very very good and when the guy does reach for I think the officer did something very good here is that you notice he gained himself a little bit of space now he looked eyes hands waist in this case it wasn't waist but down in the in the floorboards of the car where he was going for the hammer and the officer then took that time to gain himself a little bit of space and gaining a little reactionary gap is a great idea now the other option would have been to go in and get hands on on this guy and I don't know which one of those would have been the right answer depends on the officers level of empty handed skills and what he wanted to do with this guy what he felt comfortable with I think that since the guy had a hammer I think we can recognize that that was actually a good choice now then gonna see the guy get out and I want to pay attention to the fact that the officer is still got his handheld white in his hand gets his firearm out tells the guy show me your hands and notice that he doesn't let the firearm go can't tell you enough for all law enforcement officers I think for private citizens as well practice dropping things in your support hand when you draw a firearm particularly in the case of the fact that this officer has a pistol mounted light on his pistol drop that that handheld light use and activate the pistol mounted light if you need it my guess is he probably still could see enough to see the guy's hands otherwise but he didn't have the ability to really get a good grip on the gun and that could have hurt him very much in the fact that he you know needed to get a good grip on the gun and right now get after shooting this guy you can see that as well here he's still got the handheld light but he did do something very interesting and good here but he backed up and realized that I think that that guy had a hammer and said hey man show me your hands don't bring that hammer out here come out of the car okay fine he gave that guy another opportunity used his b-pillar well so we got out in a spot where he was in a position of advantage and then gave that guy one more opportunity now if that was a gun in the guy's hand that could have been a very very bad thing but I think it was a very you know honorable thing that the officer did here and put himself in a good spot so when the guy came out he was able to get shots on target relatively quickly did a good thing here as well if we look over on the right-hand side from the dashcam using the cover of that other vehicle to try to keep the guy away I will say this he did call off shots fired so fast guys you've got to just win the fight maybe you have everything you need to win the fight with you right now in that place so calling off shots fired they're not gonna get to you in time and you got to recognize he's having this emotional reaction now but you got to communicate effectively with dispatch and you got to tell them more than shots fire shots fired suspect down officers okay I need backup step up one thing you notice he did finally put the light down there eventually he's gonna put it down so learn to drop that light and get your hands on the gun particularly learn how your pistol mounted light works I know I'm not a lot of officers get a ton of training in the pistol mounted light last thing I want to talk about here is I know people are going to talk a whole bunch about his emotional reaction that he did definitely have an adrenaline dump here and a panic at the end but he panicked after and and after the the fight was over then he got overwhelmed by emotions and overwhelmed by adrenaline that's a very normal human reaction and can absolutely happen to anyone that it gets into a gunfight I think he stayed present in the moment in order to get the shots off did enough emotionally there and then again did have a bit of a you know a panic but that's very normal human emotion and we're not gonna give him a hard time about that because it can happen absolutely to any of us so one of the things that we see here you got to be able to flip that switch in a moment's time couple of things here about using distance effectively watching those hands and transitioning from the handheld light to the pistol mounted light if you have one also did a good job of putting enough shots on target to stop the threat I think that was really good then let's think about our emotional reactions give this officer a pass on that because he held it together until after the fight was over final thing for my law enforcement Watchers make sure that you win the fight then get on the radio win the fight and then get on the radio because you've got to put all your attention and effort into winning the fight rather than taking hand off the rib gun and all that attention off of things to the help is it not gonna make it in time guys so win the fight first this officer did enough to cover his ass


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