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Aware Defender Gives Armed Robber Lead Poisoning | Active Self Protection


The fastest and most effective way to end a deadly threat against you is with Deadly force Hi, everyone. This is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Brazil it is an armed robbery here That goes very badly for the armed robber We're going to learn some important lessons on this one about having a counter ambush, an element of surprise in successful self-defense. About once again, that first person to put shots on target Being victorious and about acting decisively and being ready in the moment to protect yourself.

These folks are sitting at the counter here Just another day at a store. I'm not sure exactly what it is They're buying or whatever but it's just another normal day and everything's [alright] Well what we don't know as an armed robber is about to walk in from the top right of our screen here You see a guy in a blue hat knows that something bad is going on and he's going to draw a gun here now It's kind of hard to see from our angle But what you actually notice to go look through the news story that I've given in the description Is that he actually had a firearm on him as well So this was a deadly threat Skull read the news stories that I've got linked in the description and there are eight lessons on our website let's think about some of the most important ones here first of all I want to talk about you're always out of the ambush as A defender you know these guys are just a normal day and everything's alright But I notice the guy in the blue hat is aware [of] his surroundings you see him kind of look over to his left not That anything is brewing yet, but he's aware of his surroundings and awareness buys you time time buys you options to defend yourself now We're going to see here as things keep on going he's looking and now this lady looks as well So something is going on there.

She's not really a very aware, so something must have triggered them paying attention to what's going on He rang the bell on the door on the way in or something So now he's able to go from aware to alert something's wrong here now notice How he goes for his gun here, but he doesn't square his shoulders up. He obscures his draw He sees hey man, I gotta get to this gun without this guy recognizing that I'm a threat So he kind of stays in his position does a very good job [of] that and now you're going to see him He's obscured his draw now He's going to act definitively, and I notice here you see him take a big step to his left because that's available But now notice he's going to drive that gun out and get a good shot on Target But notice that the bad guy here uses that left hand and swats at his gun This is why we talk about shooting from that high compress ready position When you're within two arm lengths because he put his gun at some risk there.

You can see that [it] actually knocked gone down and out of the fight for just a second thankfully that first shot was on Target So because of that he was [able] to recover from that but that's why we teach shooting from a high compress ready thankful he's able to get the gun back up and Reassess and I think it's great that the guy in the blue hat here reassesses him because he's running away doesn't take additional shots so therefore having situational awareness Concealing your draw as possible taking a definitive step off the line and being able to shoot from high compressed ready are Incredibly important skills for you to cover your ass.


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