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Watch BEFORE You Buy A Pump Action Shotgun For Home Defense


– Are you in the market for
a new pump-action shotgun for home defense? In this video, George Harris, CEO of International Firearms Consultants, covers the pros and cons
of a pump-action shotgun. And a quick reminder, we have a gun giveaway going on right now. You can enter for free,
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the description below to reveal what brand
new gun you could win. Now let's watch the video. (dramatic classical music) – I'm George Harris. Today we're gonna talk about the benefits of
a pump-action shotgun. First thing we do with
a pump-action shotgun when we encounter it is to make sure that it is safe, clear and empty. We'll put the weapon on safe. (button clicking) We're gonna remove the
source of ammunition. That's the magazine. We can see that we are clear and empty. We're gonna open the action. (action clicking) We're gonna take a look
at the magazine well. We're gonna look at the chamber.

We're gonna feel the chamber. And we're gonna see the chamber. And we can see that the
gun is clear and empty and therefore ready to be handled. The benefits of the
pump-action shotgun is that it is incredibly reliable,
and it's easy to operate. The gun can also be accessorized to meet the benefits of
the individual owner. This particular gun has the ability to adjust
the stock for length, which is important to the
smaller-statured shooters. It has different types of sight
systems for different eyes. It has screw-in chokes to make
the ammunition that's used in the shotgun more compatible
for the application. There are many different things that we can do with this
shotgun that make it a handy personal defense
or home defense firearm. The downsides of the pump-action
shotgun are overall length. It's difficult to keep the muzzle pointed in the right direction at all times. The weight of the shotgun
can also be an issue for those that are smaller-statured
or weaker in nature.

Magazine capacity of the
shotgun is also limited. Normally five to nine
rounds is all the ammunition that you will have
available for that shotgun. One of the things about the shotgun that makes it so versatile
is the ammunition. The ammunition that you would use for personal defense could vary from birdshot for limited penetration, to buckshot, a little
bit more penetration, to in fact slugs for longer distances and the highest grade of penetration. There's also frangible ammunition
for limited penetration, but with high energy as well. The benefits of the
12-gauge shotgun are many. This is the most versatile
firearm that a person can have for personal defense,
survival, or anything else that they may need a firearm
for in today's environment. – I'm Kevin Michalowski,
Director of Content for the U.S. Concealed Carry Association. If you enjoy videos like this, please subscribe to this channel, and click that notification bell. We'll tell you every time
something new comes out. Stay safe, and we'll see
you in the next video. (heavy rock music)


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