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Oregon Store Employee Trespasses Agitated Visitor


as a self-defender having something between a harsh word and a gun i think is a great idea [Music] hey everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john korea today's video comes to us from eugene oregon and was sent to me by the defender if you use an ar-15 for home defense you need to practice with your trigger and your sights the mantis blackbeard allows you to do that much more effectively it's a drop-in bolt carrier group and magazine that works with your trigger and your sights in your rifle to give you real-time feedback and reset your trigger up to 10 times a second i use it all the time to be more proficient as a carbine shooter and i recommend it highly so the guy who sent me this is uh in the car that is just backing up at the very top of the screen and apparently they had a delivery earlier in the night he and his wife worked the overnight shift at this 7-eleven so as he's moving his car after the delivery truck left the guy on the bicycle apparently didn't like that he was moving his car so he smacked the guy's hood of his car on his way around it even though he kind of stopped and given him some space to get around which then leads our guy to come out of his car pretty frustrated and i get that and he's going to go over and tell the guy hey you got to get the heck out of here now our defender here is has apparently served in iraq and served in some capacities as security i think even some law enforcement and now he and his wife work in the overnight shift there and uh in a rough part of eugene oregon that's a redundant term the rough part of eugene and and saying hey man you got to get the heck out of here and so now he's having an argument with the guy and apparently though we don't have audio here i've had a chance to talk to him he doesn't really want to do a whole lot of uh interviewing but he said look the guy started arguing with him and then threatening him that he was right here he was going to beat him up and he was going to kill him and he was going to come back and he was going to do harm to him and tell them you know hey not only fu but i am going to you know come back and i'm going to kill you so he gets a baton out here and actually comes you know and tells the guy hey man get out of here if you come any closer to me i'll take that threat seriously and that show of force gets the guy to flip him the bird and walk off he's going to chase him kind of not just walk him off the property there and we've got a lot of lessons to think about in this one hey if you have been involved in a defensive encounter that has been caught on surveillance footage do me a favor and would you email us because we're starting a podcast you heard it here first and we would love to hear the stories of self-defenders on that podcast the way you can contact us is emailing our host mike at mike activeselfprotection.com with your details and we are excited to get these stories told and help good sane sober moral prudent people in better ways so first of all whether you're living and working in a rough part of town or not having your attitude your skills and your plan very important having the right toolkit on you i think can be important as well i also think you're not in charge of everything that's going to go on in your world you saw him here several times use his brakes and give this guy some space but you're not going to be able to be responsible for the outcomes and the the reactions of other people is that irrational people abound and unreasonable people abound and when you get into these kinds of situations this is why i think having some kind of toolkit on you and knowing how to defend yourself is so important because i think it gave this guy all the space in the world but this guy's just taking offense to it and that can happen and is reality so the guy comes over and he smacks his car now i will say this i think that as good saints sober moral prudent people we have to maintain and keep our emotions in check emotional fitness means i stay present in the moment and i do not let anger overwhelm me to the place that i make bad decisions i'm not saying our defender made bad decisions here or that he let it overwhelm him but i'm saying it's something that we work on we work on emotional regulation so that we are the good saint sober moral prudent person all the time now gets out of the car a little agitated i get that somebody smacked on my car i wouldn't be super excited about that either and of course he's pulling security here with his wife over there and now he's talking with the guy now that said he's you know he's trespassing he's every right to trespass this guy off the property he is in charge of the property has every right to do that i will encourage us all to use good verbal judo skills use de-escalation strategies to make contact with people build rapport with them influence their behavior and then send them on their way so that we stay out of use of force incidents i think we want to avoid every single use of force incidents that we can and therefore again having good verbal judo understanding the de-escalation strategies and how to build rapport with people that how to win friends and influence people very important because this guy you know you can see the body language of our defender here he's pretty agitated and he's frustrated with this guy now sometimes you're going to be interacting with unreasonable people and you got to know how to protect yourself but to be able to influence behavior and send them on their way without the fight i think is a better solution if at all possible because now you're going to see as you can see the guy get real agitated and then get real close now let's talk to talk about proxemics a little bit here and the fact of the matter is that this guy got very close and our defender allowed him to get really close certainly within arm's length i'm just not going to allow an unknown person certainly not an agitated person to get that close to me and that's when we use a defensive fence again that's that's hands up at face level palms out fingers spread and a little bit of distance even five or six feet you know hey man i don't want to fight you just stay right there that's good enough for me let's talk whatever let's be friends you let them get this close to you though you could have an entangled fight on your hands pretty quick now then let's talk about this as the guy threatened him and said he was going to kill him and wag his finger at him that's when our defender is going to go for his tool now i would say that i'm not a big fan of a baton for defensive carry but this is the perfect place right here for an oc spray this right here the guy's like yipping at you he's saying i'm going to kick your butt i'm going to kill you whatever but you don't see an over threat of a weapon this is a perfect time that you are on an imminent threat that you think this guy is going to escalate this to physical skills uh and to a physical conflict to bless the deserving with the hot sauce and that'll take the starch right out of his jammies and nine times out of ten and avoid the rest of the conflict so i'd really recommend an oc spray in this kind of environment now that said he decided to use a baton now i think a collapsible baton can have a place make sure that you check your state laws in terms of what's legal and allowable and those things that never recommend somebody break the law uh but what i what i do recommend is is that those batons can get to be deadly force in a hurry and some places consider them deadly force and the way that their use determines because they can cause great bodily harm in a hurry if you don't know how to use them and that perennial nerve cluster can be hard to find when you're going to use those so you got to get trained up in using those collapsible batons and you need the space to use the collapsible baton which not everybody gets so i do think it's interesting here though that that over show of potentiality of force ended the threat sometimes the show of force can end the threat but sometimes it can actually escalate the threat so recognize that simply showing force might be enough to not have to actually use the force but it might enrage the guy enough that you do have to and it might escalate it so be cautious with that all in all i think this one came out okay i think our defender did what he needed to do let's learn the lessons here about why i say something like an oc spray would be really good option between a harsh word and a gun about using our verbal judo skills about maintaining our distance as we seek to cover our asp


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