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Armed Defender Ruins Carjacker’s Day | Active Self Protection


As a self defender you need to know how to use your firearm from an unconventional position *intro music* Hi everyone this is John with today's active self protection lesson out of Argentina shows us here an attempted armed robbery that goes very badly for the armed robber its going to teach us some important lessons about 1.situational awareness particularly when we vulnerable or valuable target its gonna teach us about 2.using our firearm effectively from an unconventional position like seated in our car and its gonna teach us again 3.that we shoot as self defenders if we have to but only to stop a threat our intended victim is a guy in the white pickup in the upper left and this guy that's walking is our perpetrator and he sees this really nice 4X4 and he's like hey that looks like a great thing for a robbery and pulls a gun out of his backpack if you go read the news story he actually has a grenade in there too and bangs on it with a gun and he's like let me in and I want this stuff in here but what he doesn't know is the guy in there has a gun as well he's just got a bunch of money out for payroll and he puts three shots in this guy and then gets out to see what's going on he thinks he's dead but when we're gonna see this guy kinda come back and if you go and read the news story it's on my website linked in the description and you're gonna see this guy actually live through this they have called 999 and this ones over the cops do come and get him so let's learn some significant lessons here there are eight lessons on my website make sure you click the link in the description to learn more let's talk about some of the most important ones and first I wanna talk about here is as a potential victim is to lock your car doors think it was excellent here that this guy had a lot of money in the car and his driver side door was locked always lock your car door it's because you know when your car is stopped as a transitional space giving your self that barrier is incredibly important next I wanna talk about marksmanship here and about the rules of firearm safety and you notice here that we have a bystander thats walking by because he had a moment I think it's really wise that this defender waited until his backstop was clear to defend himself with a gun that he had on him in the car and when he does though you he him he starts to put that shot that first one went in his shoulders the guy was shot in both shoulders and in the guts that first one went into his shoulder I'm gonna encourage you if you have that second he can't see that you are armed try to put the shot in a place to stop the threat immediately like the cranial vault and the reason is as you can see that he still has the gun up after he has shot that guy is still pointing the gun at the intended victim and that could have been a deadly mistake now he shoots him a second second time there and now we see him start to really change things and start to see that fibs factor show up that guy really wants to do something else because he's been shot and now as he has fallen we see the third one happen and now he is out of the fight so our intended victim here our defender defends himself effectively and then he stops shooting when the threat is over that was incrediblely wise the threat is gone and so he stops shooting now he decides to get out of the truck I don't know that I would recommend getting out of the truck in that instance get it started put it in drive get out of the danger zone and call the cops and have them come and pick the guy up but for whatever reason he decides to get out he thinks the guy is dead but now what we're gonna see is he is not so get the gun away from him if ever you have to stay in the vicinity of a downed attacker make sure you get your force multipler away from them and don't sit on it don't just leave it there make sure that you actually secure that force multiplier and get it way away from them because that bad guy could reawaken could get some fighting back in him as his blood pressure comes back up all in all I think this self defender did a fantastic job of protecting himself and he covered his ASP *outro music*


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