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300 BLACKOUT vs 9MM | Ballistic Gel Test | Tactical Rifleman


hey gents Carl here with tactical
riflemen we're going to talk about one of the hottest topics on the internet
right now and that's the 300 blackout we got some FBI ballistic gelatin and we're
going to compare the nine millimeter Sig Sauer MPX against the 300 blackout this
particular upper is made by tactical solutions very very sexy guns both of
them awesome as far as ammo everybody out there is
going to say one projectiles better than the other we could adjusted this test by
doing one versus the other yeah fine yeah you say that all day long so we're
going to use what what the military is basically using so we're running 115
grain 9-millimeter I'm going to put it against the new Lehigh defense
controlled chaos in this case 110 grain a bunch of different companies loading
them I hand load them it's great great ammo it's really cool expands awesome
and now we're going to we're going to go up we're going to shoot these things that was awesome that was awesome
so we've shot both of these blocks with these with these guns let's
start with the with a 9-millimeter now we actually shot this block five times first one you do get your usual secondary cavitation it's within the
limits where we want it by 10 to 15 inches and be within within that chest
cavity of that human being but brothers there's five tracks through this block
and you see okay we got a little bit of damage we've got what the military is
used to getting and shooting that ball ammo overseas through those mp5 SDS that
we've had to carry for years right good that's that's the standard that's what
we've been used to seeing all right now fast-forward to what what a lot of new
units are looking at the 300 blackout with the the Lehigh defense control
chaos expanding ammo now you'll notice it looks gold it looks brass what it is
is it's a milled piece of brass and it's already pre-cut to expand kind of like I
think bullhorn is with they're expanding broadheads or the petals of a flower
that opened up now this this block gentlemen has only been shot once that
it entered me immediately expanded you should see the secondary cavitation this
block just jumping on this table think of it as all that energy being
delivered right there inside of that human body right the damage that's going
to be done from delivering all that energy right there it's going to be
catastrophic to any solid organs at all now the cool part about the expanding
control chaos ammo is you'll notice those those blades or those petals they
immediately flake off and where a lot of hunters would say well that's bad now
I'm here to tell you each one of those becomes a new projectile delivering an
additional wound track through through that mammal or
that human being that you're shooting you'll see the different tracks of it
you can see some of the different pedals and then back here is the base of the
bullet again it did not go through the block like our nine Mills in all five of
those shots went clear through both blocks this is a high-powered rifle
rifle round it stayed within 24 inches of ballistic gelatin roughly it's
completely turned ass-backwards here and it's pushing flat
base through them through the material here devastating effect great great
shock one single round so it dragged us into the 21st century here between the
two don't get me wrong the MPX is awesome gun to play with especially
suppressed and if you want to stick to a nine-member nine-millimeter caliber home
defense great great gun if I got to take a gun to a gunfight right now I'm here
to tell you I'm looking at 300 blackout now I know all you internet ninjas out
there are going to have a hundred thousand comments on this I look forward
to reading them put them below thanks for watching


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