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Rainbow Six Siege: THE COMPLETE ZOFIA GUIDE BY @Beaulo! | Best R6 Pro Tips (TSM R6S Montage)


(metallic ringing)
(synth music) – [Crowd] TSM, TSM, TSM TSM, TSM, TSM. – What is up, my dudes? It is Beaulo from TSM R6 and
this is my guide to Zofia. – [Announcer] Four the Beaulo. Will he get the ace? Turn the corner. Give it to him! Beaulo! Let's go! Put it in the montage, TSM of 20! – [Announcer] Up the
wall with his teammate. – Oh.
– Oh, oh no. Beaulo definitely gonna make an effort out of it if nothing else. – Oh my god!
– Already got two vertical and low health as well. Beaulo can clutch this. – [Announcer] (laughs)
Beaulo gets the ace! Beautiful gunplay! – So the main role of any
Zofia is basically to remove any utility, whether it's
Evil Eye, Maestro's Evil Eye.

Goyo's Vulcan Shields and regular Deployable Shields. And every now and then the
stuns do come in to effect, with whether it'd be site executions, getting a bandit off of breaking a wall so your Thermite or a
Hibana can get it open. Just to basically do as
much fragging as you can. (upbeat synth music) A lot of the time people
would like to take a Zofia over an Ash just simply
over the concussion effect.

Sometimes people just do
it because she has an ACOG and Ash doesn't. But other than that,
really the concussions definitely come into play. Again, bandit tricking, even for late round executes on site. Kind of hard to do some
shooting when you can't hear, can't move, can't see really, so. Zofia definitely comes into
play at last second executions. To be honest, I think Zofia is good on every single map there is. If you look at pro league, every lineup basically has a Zofia. What makes her so good is just, again, really good gun, she's
a two armor, two speed. So she can move but she
can still kind of tank, and her impacts with the whole meta where it's literally
just a utility simulator where you just remove
everything like Evil Eyes, Goyo's shield. Zofia, overall, is just a
ridiculously strong operator. Zofia, again, can fit into any lineup. Usually a hard breacher, a flank watch. Whether it's Nomad or Gridlock. Smokes are pretty good.

Somebody to burn ADSs like an Ash along with a Buck with his flashes now. Just so Zofia can get to
destroying the utility where it doesn't get her impact ADS. Again, literally every
lineup I can think of, there's always gonna be a
Zofia in there somewhere. I play Zofia just because,
you know, aggressive role. The mixture of speed with armor, and you can kinda tank some bullets. And her ridiculously good
gun is just a perfect match for my aggressive play style.

– [Announcer] It's a rough spot to be in. Beaulo removes Bosco's head from his body. Not a lot of time.
– To take the gun fights. Beaulo quite happy to take that one though.
– 'Cause the answer is no one's there right now but they will lay down, stands up, and Beaulo is there waiting. And a great round for TSM
to bring that one back from the jaws of defeat. – Along with 95% of the Zofia players, they always pick the AK or the M762 over the LMG just because
LMGs are nice and all but every now and then you
just need to get in the action. And along with it I run angled grip. I think I'm in the minority on this one. Gets me an extra half a second of ADS, which I find pretty nice. The recoil is not too bad
because I have muzzle break, especially on Zofia, and ACOG. Always gotta run the ACOG
if you have the chance.

And along with it, I mean,
Zofia also has the only pistol with a red dot. And for utility or gadgets, recharges for me at all
times, just in case. Again, if the Sledge or the Buck dies, I always like, that's second option. So we're not completely
lost on the vertical play. Flamers are always good in case
you're a little bit lacking on the flank watch, but
for me it's breach chargers all the way. In the drone phase as a Zofia you mainly wanna look out
for where the utility is.

Deployable shields, Goyo
shields, Maestro Evil Eye, stuff like that. Every now and then you will
be needed to roam clear with your stuns 'cause it's
a good way to roam clear. And sometimes, again, a
bandit tricking a wall, you might need to be
called over and stun 'em so your hard breacher
can get the wall open. But mainly just, again, wherever
you need to blow stuff up. Usually beginning of the
rounds as a Zofia main myself, I would kinda help clear the utility, do the entry and part, and
then I would find my way ending up towards our hard breacher to watch over the planter. Usually whenever you're trying to entry you would want at least somebody with you along with the drones. You're always in a position
to be triggered out. But, sometimes you do need
to help the hard breachers say get a plant down, or
watch over him while he plants a wall or does some droning. It's all dependent on where
the round really plays out and where you end up along
with your other teammates. The only operators that
can really counter Zofia are Jager and Wamai.

The only really projectile deniers. Other than that, I guess
just Maestro and Goyo and any other shield
that would waste utility. Maybe a stunning. Using your stuns to burn ADS, which is kind of a popular tactic if you're kind of in a pinch. Other than that it's just Jager or Wamai, the only things that can
catch projectiles mid-air. The majority of the time when I'm on Zofia I'm usually entering so my
mouse is pretty important to me. So my Logitech Pro Wireless, I can go all over my
mousepad as much as I want. I can flick, check corners, and run in and get those sick flicks going with ease.

– [Announcer] Oh, good angle on the bullet holes from Beaulo, and Slash goes down. – [Announcer] And then
Beaulo from the stairs! Oh! And it catches his head
and Beaulo will find his very first pro league kill. – Properly using your Zofia
in power or her lifeline is pretty influential 'cause
you have a limited amount. Two impacts, two stuns, and
if you're not smart with it every single one of those can
be snagged by Jager or Wamai and then you're basically just a gun. Usually throughout the round
I'll try to have one stun for a side execute just
because whenever the planter's going for the plant, that
one stun can definitely change the round. Sometimes it can prevent somebody
from running up to a spot to nitro the planter, just
running up and going to shoot him while he's planting. It definitely can make
or break a site round or a site execute and get the bomb down and which eventually would
possibly win the round. For the most part stuns can be used as I guess a second round more or less. 'Cause if you have some
idea of where somebody is, you can shoot the stun in their direction and if it pops immediately
then there you go, you know that there's someone in there.

If not, you know that room's
clear and you can move up. Sometimes there's gonna be a
Evil Eye close to a shield, so you might be able to get a
two for one with your impact. It's just really
surveying your environment and seeing how efficient
you can use your utility. So unlike Ash, Zofia's
lifeline has a drop. So you need to take that in consideration on how far away you are from some utility you need to get rid of. So, like that it's gonna
fall short of the window. So for Zofia you're gonna
aim up a little bit, it's not crazy drop, just a little bit. Just to make it through some distances. (chill synth music) Whenever I run Zofia I
usually have breach charges, I very rarely have a Claymore. Just because in case our
Sledge or our Buck dies, we're not completely lost
on how to blow up a floor.

So I can keep my impacts
for Goyos and Evil Eyes and I have breaches for the floor to work vertical angles. So if there's ever like a
Jager or those three ADSs and Wamais all over the place, the only way around it really is just to either have
a Thatcher around to EMP it. Which destroys ADSs and disables Wamai's so you have to kinda tie
'em up with the Thatcher. – [Player] He's on the
bathroom wall right now. – Beau, Thatcher that Ela. – Okay, all right, hold up. Thatcher, you ready? Where was he? – Oh, it connected. – Other than that,
communicating with your team is very helpful especially
when you're Zofia. Say when you're gonna execute on site but you're not gonna plant
and you're gonna push through, whenever I push on my
team we always count down. So like three, two, one, go. And on that one I'll send the stuns so everybody knows you have
a limited amount of time, so you wanna make the most out of it.

– [Announcer] Once again,
an opportunity for TSM to just hit the site. And they are doing it!
– Oh, wow! – [Announcer] They're doing exactly that! Archives control for TSM. Two people to cover and at a post plant. Tempo Storm will have to
retake their own bombsite. – The goal for every round is
basically get the bomb down and lay the post plant. Whenever the bomb is down and
it's a post plant situation, just play your life.

You don't go for the frags, you don't need to go for the frags. You just play your life,
kill as much time as you can, bait your team if you need to, you just need to burn down the clock. A little thing that a
lot of people don't know is when there's a diffuser down you can interrupt the
diffuse with your stuns. You can just wait and one stun in at like a five second into the diffuse. Send another one in, you can basically stop an
efficient amount in 12 seconds. At least. (gun firing) I don't usually have any
utility saved up for post plant, if I do, great. 'Cause, again, if I have a stun I know I can get somebody
out of a diffuser. Oh, I'm a stun. Stunning. So you can always throw a drone in. Yo, watch this drone, I'm playing my life, let me know when they're sticking it, like sticking the diffuser.

Count it down, let me
know when I need to peak. Other than that, I'm just
sitting in the corner playing the time, playing the clock, trying to win the round. I hope you guys enjoyed my
personal Beaulo Zofia guide. So, if you guys wanna see anything more, anymore operator guides, put it down in the comment below. Hope you guys like and subscribe. Yeah, thank you for
watching, appreciate it. (chill synth music) ♪ You are ♪ ♪ The only one ♪ ♪ You are ♪ ♪ Oh, you ♪.


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