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Prepared Defender Thwarts Attempted Robbery


one of the things we say all the time at active self-protection is don't draw from the drop but sometimes you got no choice welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from just outside Johannesburg in South Africa today's video is brought to you by the generosity of new bold targets new bold targets are self sealing reactive polymer targets that act like steel targets for training and practice but are safer than steel they allow bullets to pass completely through the target without ricochet or lead splatter check out their links in the description and thank them for bringing us today's video the little bit of news I have on this one says that the two guys that are talking here live in this neighborhood guy has put his car away and he's sitting out talking I think with his son this other car has come up remember right hand drive in South Africa so as they're sitting there looking at each other Jude jumps out of the passenger seat with a gun in his hand but the guy in the blue shirt has one too and he's the first one to get a shot off and that drives them off these guys had run around the block a time or two found these guys that they thought were an easy target to rob weren't expecting him to be armed would be my guess let's see it one more time dude jumps out of the car our defenders gonna go get his gun out from an appendix carried position get shots after the guy they ran off have not caught them as far as I can tell you know news stories are kind of sparse on this one but that's where it ends full credit to that man for protecting not only himself but his friend as well if you want to support the work that we do here at active self-protection one of the ways you can do that is becoming a channel member right here on YouTube helps us overcome some of the D monetization challenges and stuff like that I appreciate your support for the work that we do here all right let's get to the lessons so let's think about this transitional space first and foremost right standing in your front yard generally speaking safe place and this is even in a gated community but somehow this car got in there so big thing that I really am excited about dude has just come home and he has his gun still on him when you are able to keep your tools on your person yes I get an in a gated community at your own home you may say that might be a little bit much but this guy's awful glad he had us going on him that day and he was paying attention when the car came back up noticed that he's seeing what's going on now then as this guy is gonna get out there seeing hey man what's going on with these guys what are we going to do with that dude gets out here's his ghost signal you could see the fact that the guy jumps out and he has the gun down at his you know side so when we talk about assessing a potential threat eyes hands waist we see this all the time eyes hands waist and when he saw they that guy had a gun in his hand he said he drew his firearm and he went to town so once again assessing the threat and then responding to it means I have to realize oh no there's a deadly threat here and in a real-life defensive encounter you're not gonna get an audible beat but you're gonna get a visual signal so knowing that that visual signal is coming you got to get the gun out now then for speed from that signal if if our good guy had had a one-second draught of first shot this is what he would have been looking at his bad guy there at this point has the gun down at his side and he's presenting a full on full value target to him from a very closed environment so this is why we talk about having a rocket fast errata for a shot especially if you carry appendix a one-second draught of first shot is conceivable is usable is good to have because again he would have had a much better shot without the danger of the guy having the gun pointed at him now as we continue to move forward at 1.5 seconds if he'd have had the gun out and going at 1.5 seconds then yes the guy would have had his gun up but notice he is coming directly towards him and are a good guy who is moving back and quartering hasn't really got a lot of momentum so it's still a fairly stationary target and the bad guy has not gotten the gun up so if you don't have a 1.0 draught a first shot a 1.5 is our second our professional standard and he would have had a much easier shot on this guy but I'm gonna slow this last one down he had about a 1.7 second drawn a first shot and because of that when the shot breaks you noticed that our good guy is moving away a backwards in to his right he's moving on the diagonal our bad guy is actually moving laterally as well has the gun up and is somewhat quartered so the longer draw the first shot gave him a harder target while he's moving and the bad guy more time now he certainly met the standard of a concealed carrier which is less than two seconds draught a first shot and he was out and got a shot off at 1.7 so good for him on that but that's why we say that the draw the first shot is so important and having it fast is important now the next thing you notice is that the FIPS of factors shows up fudge I'm being shot at bad guy doesn't like getting shot at he's getting to drive off he's starting to get the heck out of there notices well the device and ER does not stand around he boogies as well and he is boogie in four out of the screen as fast as he can very very wise last thing I want to notice notice our good guy has two hands on the gun that's exactly what we want notice that his stance is not super ideal but in the dynamics of a gunfight you're probably gonna be moving that's why I don't worry about stance so much but I do worry about a stable upper platform now when he really has to get after this guy and the distance is open up notice here now he's probably I'd say at least a good 30 feet from this guy maybe even 12 yards or so and as he decides I don't need to back up from this guy anymore but I need marksmanship far more at these kinds of distances notice then he stabilizes his platform by getting in on a nice wide stance and gets after this guy and tries to get some shots on target those marksmanship fundamentals incredibly important now if you were paying attention he actually dropped something from his dominant hand when this went down it's sitting in the driveway he's gonna cross right over it right now and then he's gonna get rid of whatever a little bit of paper or something was in his support hand in that point as well and then kick his shoes off which is just a little bit weird so one last thing they're learning to get everything out of your hands and get the gun in your hand so that you don't have anything else there that's monkeying with your marksmanship principles is incredibly important now this guy did a fine job he did everything he needed to do drove that guy off saved his own life perhaps and the life of the person who was with him but let's think about that draw – first shot and evidence like this is why I tell you that I want you to be as fast as possible and that's why that two-second 1.5 1.0 draught of first shot is so important so let's work on our skills so that just like this guy we can cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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