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Crazy Fight In Argentina Teaches Us About The Five D’s Plus One


we have to recognize that armed robbers have zero interest in our well-being [Music] thank you for joining us for today's lesson on active self-protection it comes to us from puerto marrero in argentina ammo is crazy expensive and hard to find and dry fire is life i use the mantis x10 to keep my handgun skills strong and it makes dry practice fun and challenging check it out at the link below so we see our robber in the top left get out of the car and you're gonna see him approach this van what looks like outside of a hotel uh with uh you know a father and a son outside who are expats and are not from around there so you're just gonna barely be able to see it as they're getting out of this multi-passenger van here and the encounter starts um so you can see you know the first guy here fighting him with the blue shirt and again don't get to see how the action actually begins but the guy with the blue shirt there is our robber so you're gonna see him start to run off and now we what we see here is our defender fighting with this guy trying to get his gun away and that guy's dad in the black shirt's gonna come up here as well because there is a second guy on a motorcycle so it's a pretty concerted effort and as these guys start running off you're gonna see him here come on back and get after this guy and put him down and actually right there shoot the sun in the guts and then as the dad tries to get away here he's gonna get away but then come back and try to get after the guy as well and get shot and dad ended up not making it because of that he actually ended up paying with his life his son was shot in the guts in his lane in the street there did survive these guys ran off and that unfortunately is where this one ends man really really not a great outcome here if you want to get better as a self-defender we have a second youtube channel active self protection extra it's really only for people who actually want to get better as self-defender and build their skill set not just their mindset but their skill set so if you hit the link if you want to get better at your skill set it's a great resource for you let's talk about mindset and lessons from this one so as this one begins these guys come back towards us and again they've been scouting for some time remember the bad guy always gets to set the time and place of the attack in and as defenders we are always at an initiative deficit we are always responding to the aggression of the attacker not instigating ourselves mission drives tactics techniques and procedures so now we see this attacker here showing up you know deciding hey i want to rob these guys whatever and then we see here our defender initially kind of get away from the guy and flinch real hard and i don't know that he actually shot there but he certainly pointed a gun at our defender and listen friends the problem of course if you're gonna get hands on with one of these bad guys is the fact of the matter is is that it's a dynamic environment and if they get distance they have functionally infinite distance with the pistol you have very limited distance with your hands and that's when we talk about if you're going to try to disarm distance is the first one because he had no hope in that moment now you see him run by the guy with the motorcycle and then come back and try to attack this guy so he is trying to defend here and notice it is the guy in the black shirt on the left is his dad and he is getting the heck out of the danger zone in this moment which i think is very wise but of course you're gonna have to make the decision and say wait a minute my son is in the middle of this fight am i gonna run off and leave him the answer to that is an obvious no i don't think hardly anybody would do that nobody with a conscience would do that to their child at the very least so he's gonna have to come back though of course our defender is not really thinking here about the fact that there are multiple attackers and notice that our dad is gonna get in here and he just starts by kicking this guy in the butt not very effective from a self-defense perspective much better to take out a limb of some kind kick him in the knee something like that but now we got multiple defenders multiple attackers you got to communicate and you better go hard in this instance because things are going to get and go south in a big fat hurry and that's exactly what we see here is we see notice that our bad guy has the gun in his right hand and he has that gun free one of your biggest problems here and the reason that this one went south is that again they had a hard time covering the distance then deflect happened pretty well but once they got in there they did not dominate and if you don't dominate that gun the hand with the gun the arm with the gun then he's going to get that gun free and it is going to cause you all kinds of problems which is why sometimes compliance is the right answer guys and in this case i think it would have been the right answer given the outcome i think certainly it wouldn't hurt nothing now notice here what our bad guy does he sticks his gun way in to the guts of our defender so he actually covered the distance but this is the biggest thing where we talk about all the time you've got to deflect that and keep that gun from pointing at you and especially when you're able to get your hands on notice our defender has one hand way out on the bad guy but he's not focused on the gun you have to control the distance first and then deflect the barrel of the gun and if you don't do that you end up getting shot and that's exactly what happens here he sticks the gun way out at him and shoots him in the guts those five d's plus one are a thing friend now notice as well that our dad makes a pretty fatal error here he gets back after the guy as is that guy's gonna get on his um you know on his motorcycle and run off and the right thing to do in this instance let him go because you've got a son who's injured here and instead our dad goes back to get after him some more and try to kind of make him pay another time and that's when the bad guy with the gun shows back up and that's when he shoots him again when bad guys are trying to flee let them go you've got bigger things on in your mind and if they run off you've won the encounter let them go you've got to get some serious work for your son make sure your first aid skills are strong and those kinds of things and then of course we would be remiss if we didn't say the fact of the matter is he shot and killed dad here so we talk about spiritual fitness on the channel all the time you got to make sure that you have said everything you need to say to your loved ones because that son wasn't thinking it's the last day i'm going to see dad make sure you've sold all the conflicts that you can and make sure that you have a strong relationship with jesus because on that day you're going to want to have that and you may not get another opportunity to get it so get it today lots of stuff to think about here with the 5ds plus one unfortunately from a bad example let's think about our spiritual fitness our emotional fitness our physical skill set as we seek to cover our asp


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