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Card Throwing Trick Shots 2


This is the mobile
apple trust shot. One request, Rick. Don't slice my face. [CRUNCHING] [MUMBLES] I got this. Dude Perfect. This is the Wheat
Thin explosion. Let's do this. Let's go, baby. This would be an impossible
trick shot for us. Fortunately, we've got Rick. [LOUD POP] Whoa! Hey, Rick. Your turn. Oh, I know the right one. [THWACK] That one. Last video, master
Rick cut an olive. This video, he's cutting a pea. Super ambitious. Let's get it. RIP.

Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen,
Rick tells me he can stick a playing
card in an Oreo! Let's prove it, huh? All right, let's do it. Oh, my goodness! Mm. I mean, it's got to be one of
the best cookies in the game. 'Sup guys, production
assistant Ty here. I'm in charge of keeping
the flowers spritzed. Think you guys are going
to really enjoy this. Spritz cred to me. Thanks for joining. Can he do it? [LAUGHS] I bet I can, twice. That's good. Let's do it. [DING] Let's go! So we have relocated to
a controlled environment.

This is the ring of fire shot. Rick, I think the
saying is no cap, fam. Or hit it. [RECORD SCRATCH] That works. I was going to move
out of the way, but– [ALL LAUGHING] That's what I'm
talking about, baby. [SMACK] Oh! And the high five was– Obviously, you guys have
been waiting for the LDCBP, the long distance
card balloon pop. So it's time. It's time. Rick! Go up top and let's do it! Let's go! Come on, Rick! Yeah! Yeah! Dude, that was a dime! What a toss! [SMACK] Oh! [LAUGHTER] 'Sup, guys? Ty here with a honey crisp.

Did your voice just crack? 'Sup, guys? Ty here with a
honey crisp apple. Did you just Make your
voice deeper on purpose? 'Sup, guys? Ty here with– [LAUGHS] I don't really know
what a cucumber is. I think maybe it's
in the pickle family. [SMACK] Oh! Oh! [SMACK] Oh! [SMACK] Oh, Rick! Oh, my goodness! They keep hurting more and more. [SMACK] Woo-hoo! Oh-ho! Oh! What's up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you're not a Dude
Perfect subscriber, go to subscribe to Rick! Special thanks to the Whistle
for making this possible! Bang! Golly! Yes, we have our
own can of beans. If you want to check out
the behind the scenes story, click right here on my
hustle on the Whistle.

Plus the behind the scenes of
some of our other side hustles. Yeah, if you want to check out
DP merch, click right here. Rick, hit them with it! Pound it! Noggin. See ya!.


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