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California Officers Respond To Knife-Wielding Suspect


once again today we get to see the sex panther of defensive tools fail in its mission [Applause] [Music] hi everybody welcome to today's bonus badge cam lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john korea today's badge cam comes to us from chico california new bold targets is now through throne targets are lightweight weatherproof take thousands of rounds of shooting and make shooting fun pick up a set for your next range trip the back story here is kind of convoluted officers have been looking for this guy for some time first 911 call came in from a tennis court of a guy who called them because the perp here in our video was chasing his daughter around the tennis court with a knife and then they didn't find him there then they started getting other phone calls about a guy chasing people in the neighborhood with a knife and so they're going to actually catch up with this guy chasing some more people into a drug store and that's where we begin to listen to the badge camps [Music] hey back up guys back up get out of there drop the knife now sorry he's got the knife in his hand [Music] he's going in the knife what do you got i got taser let's get on the go he's around the corner he's running that way go go go we need to get everybody out hey come on watch that door 81 shots fired shots fired code three cover here i got him drop the knife roll them over hey back up guys back up get out of there drop the knife now sorry he's got the knife in his hand he's around the corner he's running that way get out get out get out get out drop it now drop the knife 81 shots fired shots fired go three cover here i got him 81 shots fired shots fired code 3 cover here i got him officers fired a total of 11 rounds at this guy eight of them hit him they did do their best to try to provide first aid for him but uh he did not make it we don't know why he did this we'll never know uh no officers or other bystanders ended up injured in this one and we have a lot of lessons to learn today man at some point you just got to be able to defend yourself if you want to talk about the legal and moral aspects of self-defense law come over to active self protection extra we have a whole series we call john's briefs where we talk about the legal aspects as well as the moral and ethical aspects every single friday of self-defense so hit the link in the description and find us there so i do see as the first officer comes on scene make it a little bigger so we can see it a little bit better obviously a good use of a pistol mounted light here and this is why i recommend a pistol mounted light for police officers a couple of things out of this one again a private citizen generally is not going to stalk a guy down like this but police officers do they chase goblins down holes and so a pistol mounted light makes a lot of sense in that duty context number two if you notice he's actually not pointing a gun at anybody here uh he is actually pointing it at the tree and that splash is giving him kind of a lot of problems so maybe a low ready would be a better choice here but i think a high power high candela light is really important and gives you more information and knowing how to use that and use the spill and and not point a gun at what you don't want to point a gun at is important if you're going to carry a pistol mounted light again i think that's good and important for all police officers don't know so much on ccw carriers i don't carry one but i totally get it now then i do note here that our officer as well is going to make a change and goes to the taser okay fine my big strong recommendation here put the gun away before you get the taser out if you think that a less lethal and you have lethal cover and you go hey i want to try less lethal here because i think that's the best choice great put the gun all the way in the holster because of the problem of sympathetic squeeze you do not want to have a firearm in your hand when you're deploying the taser i've seen too many times that we have a sympathetic squeeze and a negligent discharge and people get shot when they're when the officer wanted to tase them so before you draw the taser put the gun back in the holster and so then they're using it correctly and that's exactly what the officer does here he puts the taser back away and the holster goes to the gun puts the gun back away and goes to the taser okay fine knowing when to go to which one very important think about this transitional lighting as well i mean again these are you know this is later at night and officers are going to be operating in these kinds of situations far more than private citizens so knowing when to use your pistol mounted light very important so you see how he could see him here and once again tries for the taser here but once again i i just want to remind everybody that taser is the sex panther of defensive tools 50 of the time it works every time you've got to recognize that unless you get proper prong spread and prong adhesion into the person in two spots you are not going to get neuromuscular incapacitation you are not going to get lock up and it is zero percent effective if you don't it's a good tool because when you do get a lock up it's 100 effective but recognize it may not and you better be ready to change in that moment exactly what the officer did nope i got to get the gun out instead put the taser down he drops the taser and goes to the gun now the other officer fired i think nine shots he fired two here and fired him one-handed and let's see from the other officer's perspective what he sees now i want to note here that this officer does not activate his pistol mounted light right now and and think about this for a moment totally okay as long as he can see that threat threat's already been identified for him again his eyeball probably sees a little bit differently than the camera as well but recognize this is the kind of interaction that a private citizen might have in this kind of transitional lighting and there's enough lighting here for him to see enough of his sights to get the hits that he need and understand that this guy has a knife and is advancing towards him so i don't know that it's necessary in the shooting phase per se especially for private citizens so right here is where he is going to go and get after this guy with his firearm and it's only about 12 or 13 feet but recognize that that's why he decides to fire as he goes man this guy turned towards me he's advancing on me has you know ignored multiple commands to put it down has attacked several people with a knife is this guy a deadly threat to the officer and to the private citizens who are behind the officer who they just evacuated there the answer to that is 100 yes and these are the kinds of moment-by-moment second by second split second decisions that a defender will have to make it a police officer will have to make and you got to make the right one now i do want to stop here for just a second and notice that you can see the knife in the right hand of the perp here because the officer who was the second to shoot who had the taser in his hand when he pulled his firearm he activated his pistol mounted light so you can see that there again i do want to recognize there's a difference between what the mark is one mod zero eyeball can see and what the camera can see especially in low-light conditions so they could probably see that a whole lot better than we can see it on the camera just because the limitations of video so make sure that you recognize that but he did still have the knife in his hands guys absolutely a deadly threat and when he goes down the officer stops shooting takes him just a little bit to deprogram the trigger finger that's that's very common and i want you to note here that now the officer actually actuates his pistol mounted light which is actually a good reminder the biggest use of the pistol mounted light in these kinds of transitional environments is for more lighting for identification it's more in the search and assess phase than it is in the shooting phase yes officers do get in in uh shootings that involve very low light conditions so you might need it on for the actual shooting as well but probably more useful when you want two hands on the gun and you're in the search and assess phase and that's exactly where this officer is here so it's a good use of his pistol amount of light to make sure that the guy's okay once i get the knife out of his hand i applaud them for getting him into custody very quickly you know getting him in cups and then starting first aid on this guy and yes he didn't make it but clearly he was a deadly threat to everyone around him don't know why he decided to be this way but the officers had to do what they do so let's learn the lessons here about the proper use of a pistol mounted light i think these guys did a really good job of that about that deadly threat and when you just gotta take action i think these officers did a good job and covered their asp


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