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5.7×28 ammo actually designed for defense? Speer Gold Dot 5.7


shot show 2020 was all in a lather
about 5.7x28mm. that's that cartridge that we've had for a good
long while but really it hasn't been able to generate the continuous interest
because of a couple of factors first off the firearms themselves tend to be quite
expensive you have the FN p90 or the ps90 and then you have the FN five-seven
and both of those yeah they're kind of pricey they're kind of proprietary
they're their own thing and they're not very easy to get into it's not the sort
of thing that you go to your local gun store and you can find it there on the
shelves the ammo is another really big issue because for the longest time we
had two loads we had a full metal jacket load from FN and then we had a blue tip
sort of varmint style cartridge with it with a Hornady projectile that was also from
FN and then in recent years we have at least had one other less expensive and
more universally available option and that's the federal American Eagle those
guys at least had a good plinking ammo but really there was a big gap there
we've had these ammunition types that aren't necessarily that great for
terminal performance so if you wanted to be able to use one in a defensive
handgun or rifle you're not exactly sure what you're gonna get and FMJ might
tumble it might not it kind of depends maybe on distance on twist rate all
kinds of other things and then those Hornady blue tips I'm gonna put links to
videos here they do have really good performance but then in ballistics gel
it seems to be kind of spotty you're never quite sure if they're gonna open
up all the way what the wound channel is gonna look like there have been
different people that have produced these videos and gotten different
results and that I think leads to this next announcement at shot that for me
was the one that really stood out because finally okay yes we have the
Ruger 57 that was announced and everybody's you know really happy that
we finally have a more affordable accurate and just more ergonomic it
seems like it's going to be a really great pistol option for the cartridge
and then on the rifle side we have see MMG releasing a couple of different
ways to get at the cartridge they have their full rifles they have their uppers
and now they have that special kit where you can either build using parts or you
can slap a full upper onto a normal AR and you can start using the cartridge
using magazines that will fit into the AR mag well which is just really cool
and it's actually what we're going to be doing here on the channel so make sure
that you hit the notification bell down below to see when these videos come out
we're gonna be building an upper actually I think we're just going to be
slapping one on top we're gonna take one of their full built uppers put it on
there and show just how easy it is to take an existing pistol lower and put an
upper on there and then turn it to five seven but the the big gap that we're
still looking at is ammunition because we don't have a dedicated high
performance defensive ammunition and at shot show we finally got the
announcement that we've been waiting for the ammunition is not available yet and
there's just about no data on it however Speer is going to release a forty
grain gold dot load for this cartridge which is going to really fix a lot of
things yes it's probably going to be a bit on the expensive side especially
compared to like the blinking ammo that you get from federal American Eagle so
great if you want to go to the range and fire the the American Eagle that's gonna
be much less expensive and you'll be able to kind of get used to your firearm
but then if you want to be able to load up your defensive sidearm or maybe you
have a truck gun maybe you have one of the the AR style pistols whatever you
want to build this out as you finally are gonna have something that will have
consistent terminal performance at least that's what I expect so far there have
been no details like I mentioned about there's nothing about velocity about
overall length we just have some photos and an indication that it is going to be
a forty grain projectile we have been testing gold dot projectiles for the past
couple months now in 223 and we've tested a couple
different weights as well so we've done 55 grain 62 grain in 75 grain and as you
can see in the inset footage that I've put right here the results are wonderful
this is exactly what you're looking for in a defensive or a hunting cartridge
this will work great for both first off the projectiles themselves tend to be very
precise and depending on how you've developed your hand load as it is in my
case then you can get very precise results accuracy wise so these right
here this is a six point five millimeter that I loaded up for 65 Creedmoor and
was putting through CMM geez excellent endeavour 300 that's their big heavy
rifle it's more of a prone rifle and we were getting point four MOA with these
guys and we're gonna see what the terminal performance was like here in a
little bit that terminal performance as you know you saw in some of the the
footage here these projectiles when they strike yes they're going to be accurate
yes they're gonna be able to get on target and then when they hit they very
quickly open up into that star shape just a perfect star shape and they start
cutting a wide swath through the gel I think that's exactly what we can expect
from the five-seven load that gold load I think that it's going to you know
first off it's gonna fly at that high speed and with that kind of semi exposed
lead tip it's going to initiate expansion very quickly and we're gonna
get a nice wide channel what I'm really curious about is to see at what
distances how it performs because that's one of the things that we saw with the
the 55 grain 223 load within if we fired it a hundred yards which by the way
that's my thing now a lot of ballistics gel tests are done at about 10 yards or
you know practically touching the gel and you're not going to get realistic
results because as I showed with a 55 at a hundred yards you would get a pretty
different result then if you were back at 200 at 200 yards
the projectile has plenty of time to kind of slow down and has a lower B see it just
weighs less overall and when it hits it did expand wonderfully
but it didn't open up as wide as some of the others so there's a good you know a
good reason to go with maybe some of the heavier projectiles as you're going to be
stepping back in distance I'm really curious to see how the Speer load is
gonna work at practical distances we're gonna do some of the closer ones like
seven yards where you know most of most of our action is actually going to take
place and then stepping back a little bit I think at maximum 250 yards to see
how this performs and I'm really expecting good things to ensure that you
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