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Prepared Defender Is Paying Attention When Getting Into His Car


when the defender has attitude skills and plan the attackers have a real bad day [Music] hi everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john korea i'm not sure where this one comes from so if you do know put it in a comment and i will add it to the description now more than ever you need trusted coverage to help you win the fight after the fight the company i trust and recommend is firearms legal protection they offer discounts on all their plans at the link in the description i recommend the premium plan scene setup here looks like the guy who is sitting at the back of the car has just put his wife in the passenger seat of the car in the front and is closing the back rear door i don't know if that's for a child or for you know their stuff that they put in there or whatever but check the guys at the top of the screen on the left-hand side they're both going to show up and one's going to pull a gun on him but he is going to back off because he has one of those as well and put a couple shots towards those guys ways and chase them off i don't know exactly what happened if he got hits but he drove them off no one of his people are hurt and we got lessons to learn man got him for sure if you want to get better as a self defender consider joining us on our active self protection cover your asp tour we travel all over the country teaching live fire classes hit the link in the description to find when we'll be in your area first thing i really think deserves a lot of thought here is the fact that his wife is already in the car and and there's a good security reason that when i am driving with my spouse that i make sure she gets in the car first and gets the door closed behind her you know number one you could talk about chivalry all you want but really what the big thing here is is that i kind of look at myself as her executive protection so she's in a safer place the package is secure as it were and now i can continue to see what's going on in our world of course teach her to lock her door as well now i want you to also notice that his head is up that he is paying attention to what's going on so he gets some advanced notice of this guy picking at his waist so that waste pick there i don't know if he is actually drawing his gun here but that waste pick is absolutely a pre-attack indicator otherwise and our defender getting into his car is paying attention to his world instead of paying attention inside the car and that attention is what really gave him the opportunity to win this gunfight so really kudos to him for that i also want you to notice here multiple attackers and now he this is his go signal okay so this is the place right here that our defender decides oh no i need a gun in my hand so our bad guy has a gun in his hand there are multiple attackers and this is the point that our defender says dude i need a gun out right now so how fast can you get a gun out in the fight and a shot on target this is one of the lessons of these kinds of videos so at one second if he's able to get that gun out in a 1.0 this is what he gets to see and i want you to notice here that he is also hidden from uh his bad guy here so if you get your gun out quickly because he's kind of hiding behind the car bad guy's not going to get to see that you have a gun until it's up almost in your line of sight which gives you a significant advantage but of course the longer your draw takes you to get the gun up and on target the less chance you're going to have that the more chance he gets to see you earlier so this is why we say a rocket fast draw the first shot so important now then as they come around i want you to notice that uh bad guy number two has tugged at the door of the wife and her door comes right open when you get in the car lock the door if at all possible because that maintains a barrier and keeps you safer now then we see the bullet break and i'm going to see a couple things here that that if you recognize it that the first one to get shots on target is almost always the one who gets the win in a defensive encounter so being fast is great being fast with accuracy even better and and again the bad guys don't expect opposition they are looking for victims and not fights so when they get fights bad things start happening to them and so they start running off and finding easier victims in this particular case it's worth noting that i think what happened here is you can see right here that i think our bad guy actually got hit in the leg i think that one was low i think it went lower than he wanted so he probably pushed it happens all the time but again that did something and you notice the fibs factor that fudge i've been shot and that's a big problem we also see here that our second bad guy has now breached into the car but he is going to respond as well so he's going to respond with fibs of fudge i'm being shot at this is bad news so this is why being armed i think it's so important because it levels the playing field now our bad guy takes a couple of shots and all that stuff but they run off and the day is won and so i love that our defender here stops his pursuit and we might want to you know chase that guy down the predator drive is very strong but he resists that and hangs in there and protects his family so he paid attention he had his firearm on his person he had a fast enough draw on first shot to get a shot in the other guy the fibs and the fibs that drove that guy off he won the day and covered his asp


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