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Armed Defender Responds To A Charging Pitbull


we've seen a rash of dog attacks on the channel and they force you to make split-second decisions to protect yourself thank you for joining us on today's active self protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from Milwaukee Wisconsin in the United States the new mantis x10 firearms performance system has all the goodness of the original Plus holster draw analysis and recoil analysis it's a fantastic upgrade and I recommend it highly the good guy in this video who's coming outside right now is waiting for his daughter to take her to the store he's actually a peace officer and he sees out of his corner of his eye a couple of dogs loose in this yard from here we have audio let's listen in and then we'll come back [Music] the owner of the dog was cited for a vicious dog at large the defender wasn't cited for anything they did try to save the dog on four the dog had to be euthanized tough decision that he had to make but he acted quickly and I think in his family's best interests we're gonna have to talk about significant lessons out of this one I do have a question for you out of this one and that is what is your draw the first shot time I'll have you time to yourself getting that gun out of the holster and getting an accurate first shot on the target that you need to hit and if you have what did you get I'm interested to see what our community is I do this all the time when I'm really running hard I can't pull about point nine three point nine four seven yards in a zone and if I'm not as practiced one flat one one sometimes I'm curious what you've got let's get two lessons our first listen out of this one is to carry your firearm always this guy's barely out of his front door now he is currently a peace officer but was before that a concealed carry instructor and thankfully he had his tool on him all the time in the email that I got from him I always carry my gun even when I'm just gonna go and take the trash out or whatever because you never know what's gonna come and that's exactly true now you see him looking over here there's got a couple dogs off leash that we can't see on the camera because he wants to see what's going on now he said emphatically he wasn't gonna leave because he wanted to get and take his daughter with him and then what happens is this dog you can see right here you can just barely see through the bush charges him now there were two dogs in the yard but that one charges and you heard in the audio he wasn't just charging like hey let's come and have some fun or whatever he is charging while growling or you know with it hackles up and all that stuff this is a big deal in an imminent deadly threat so this is the beep guys when when things go down you're gonna have to be able to defend yourself very quickly and decide what am I going to do is a dog coming in this manner a deadly threat a hundred percent yes it is a deadly threat when it's coming after you so he gets moving and starts drawing his gun and he gets his gun out and on target here in about 1.6 seconds and from concealment on the beep when things are weird you're not on the range you're not anticipating things that's not too bad I will tell you that the faster you can get your gun out and on target the better off you can do and the more options that you have now notice he didn't shoot right here he got the gun out and ready though because he moved off line and that moved the dog the dog stopped for just a minute to see what the heck was going on so getting the gun out quickly gave him an opportunity to assess and then when the dog chose to charge him a second time come at him that's when he fired now I have some inside baseball here from our defender he actually aimed this first one it's a 40 Cal that he's carrying it was jacketed hollow points out of his service gun but he hit that dog right on the back of its skull and he recovered a very well mushroomed jacketed hollow point on the sidewalk next to the dog it actually didn't penetrate the dog's skull it actually bounced off the dog's skull and knocked him unconscious for a while that's why you saw him go out so that first shot may not do as much as you think it did that's why I kind of jumped over and now he got in three more shots at the dog at least two of which hit the dog one of them might have gone into a into the berm now I want to talk about this recognize that dogs are property okay this isn't like shooting a human being a dog aggressively attacking you is not going to cause you problems if you were if you shoot that dog now you're gonna end up talking to the cops and you're gonna ruin the rest of your day you might end up sending your gun as evidence but if a dog is attacking you like this off leash those kinds of things you know and comes after you were you justified to shoot it all day every day now the reason that I want this to continue here is because I want to talk about the neighbors obviously the reason that he didn't put his gun away here is because now the neighbors arguing with the man it was a puppy or whatever now I totally agree with what our defender here said man I don't know your dog I don't know what's going on oh he wouldn't a bit you bro or whatever recognize that if you have to defend yourself even against somebody's dog you are going to have to deal with the repercussions in the aftermath of that so make sure you take yourself to a safer position now he tells his daughter to go inside and call 911 quite frankly I think his best choice here would have been to go inside himself lock the door call 9-1-1 and wait for police to come now I do think that eventually here as they sat and argued with each other this guy does eventually come up and say hey man I get it I understand you're right my bad or whatever and you know I do want to stay here of course the next thing I want to talk about is I know somebody's gonna say here well he should have went and put that dog out of its misery no now I get it if you have to shoot the dog in self-defense that's one thing but for you to now walk up and put another shot in that dog is not a defensive nature that is not a shooting or a discharge of a firearm that is defending your life and so you can be you know charged at that point with just charging a firearm in city limits and a host of other problems so I get it you want to put the dog out of its misery you don't want an animal to unnecessarily suffer because of course you're a kind and good human being but make sure you only use your firearm to defend your life not in order to do something like that and of course we don't want the dog to suffer we don't want bad things like that to happen but again that's not our primary concern our primary concern is taking care of our family and making sure that they're safe so the better thing to do here get out of range of this guy I get it man whatever the cops are on their way we'll talk when they get here and then let them deal with it yes I do think they tried to you know do something for the dog but I got to tell you three bullets in a dog is just not gonna do it any good day that dog is not gonna make it I can't tell you enough I don't think this is the fault of the dog nearly as much as it's the fault of the owner apparently the guy's mom had tied the dog up in the yard but then the dog had gotten out of its leash and so this is an owner problem because if the dog was appropriately in the house or in the backyard where there's a fence or even tied up in the front yard where he couldn't get away then this never would have been a problem so this particular one is an owner issue is it a justified shooting absolutely unequivocally yes not just from the fact that he clearly was a deadly threat and when we say a deadly threat what we mean by that of course is a threat of death or great bodily harm and a dog charging you and attacking you can clearly put you in the hospital cause your stitches which is the definition of great bodily harm but not only that it's a dog and so the standard is actually lower because this is property you're not shooting against a human being who has an estimable value Worth and dignity but against the dogs so let's use our firearms appropriately I think that our good guy did that in this particular case let's watch the follow-up as well make sure that we have high level of firearm skills because on that day you might need it to cover your ass


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