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WW2 German sniper training film [English Subtitles]


[Music] They don't have the secrecy and deception required of all soldiers We snipers must become masters of these things Yes you are a German sniper who skillfully made his way who is suddenly in place The Bolsheviks raise the fever of the chase Criticize the Bolshevik movement Snipers are watching his mark Archers Your mask must be accurate and precise then Only you will be superior to a much cunning foe in the countryside The sniper must try first of all to take in all the details here For example Summarize the landscape profile according to most of them Notable features One bush Three trees in the foreground in order To remember the landscape The sniper must plant this picture in His mind then runs if you don't pay the woman the candidate No anger tube Contrary to what is popular – in the army of women Apoorva candidate samples so far I – ie no dorababu get my lover and the bomb Kun wandering no matter his foot Compare here how the edge of the woods looked before now for some subtle changes In the meadow this will require a trained eye oh please a visa – do not star in them Arabic Surat Bani Najm in which formalin is an attractant The visa on their books to convict Monica Obviously the discovery of such modifications is extremely important As conclusions can be drawn from this details for example the top of a felled tree was never found on the edge of the forest A sniper notices this and first examines the row of trees All trees have tops but this Isn't this the top of the Pinetree A Bolshevik uses it as cover He was spotted and killed and here A meadow was a medium-growth fair union a decent girl and fainted Jimmy Swaggart Now on your horse does not appear until it decays again Yet bring me a sniper must notice only such vague details He must acquire this primal sense of a hunter's nature Even the slightest changes must to be aware the Sharpshooter is not a bush file moving here as well make sure to elevate carefully if it doesn't look like it at first quick look and keep watching like this Observation takes a lot of patience but success this time is not long and coming my telescope becomes visible immediately value The Sharpshooter made his observations of the place, time and type of observation recorded along with the distances to stay Unseen can be seen while observing the sniper Use a trench mirror in which a temporary binoculars can be made with a top and camouflage to protect against glare which can be Give it up in another way so the area monitored from holding a fixed mirror does not jiggle and there is an enemy clearly visible from this bush a bird suddenly flies up the case of the enemy when the target is known must be dealt with quickly It is over and I will find a bomb in the corner science teacher must sue hat Small chopsticks I can use Pigeons are the sizes we refer to Bomb They are hollow I'm done here JA Katya Throwing me paper House in the woods In a maze Targets of reference points must be quickly identified and handled Adult amidst a deep dish Unconnected a Bomb some with their kids Hint find iron oh shoot lord jesus in and do our bush this is front and 300 south to high hey man Passepartout doc Meera hunt means give it to something 50 after clamps to a vegetarian and you still don't understand what is the nearest enemy should The sniper is very moving Avoid loud talking signals Carefully it must be signaling or animal sounds Cry of the wilderness does not attract attention In the woods it does not mean that he is straight ahead in the birch above one of the archers Attention signs uh the other I have to approach MG pk means anti-tank gun PZ Panzer sniper advance draw 100 ten 300 each sniper team can arrange them Special signals in characterless terrain A Visual scanning makes targeting easier Here the same terrain appears again Half reference point to the right 80 meters from Earthen hills to the right 100m to the bushes Particular importance to the sniper Estimating distances Welcome lurking in I'm still consistent with Chakra To find the increasing dimensions Shape in her Blame the Maldives Written on the domestic tourism to cut fish K Head under in the city on business trips He shut down the walking traveler Alex Alex See the town trying on this counter himself Novella Kleiner is the brilliance of jockey X Costa That iron catch their ticket No less than sixty chakras Tried Hunting must be watched over there on a hard Nick Wasn't given a sexy light Ostensibly I'll do in town In his crooked house Fianlly Vitamin D ) Lead to quality Treating the Sunnah of the Prophet in the physical playground They have a house of Fonda Also estimation from below up to the top of the tree It should usually practice its guests also Away from the tree Distances are estimated by Close shape Photosensitive location of the scope makes accurate shooting in twilight or shadow estimation possible and twilight requirements a lot of practice Suppose here this is an enemy rifle here are the grid marks carried from the enemy rifle scope is five lines high so according to the formula the target height is equal to one point Seven meters multiply this by a thousand and then divide by five reveals that the enemy man is 340 meters away when he is on defense in order to become familiar with the terrain in front of him the sniper draws a distant target This plot includes all prominent landmarks from left to right with their ranges he Ready then quickly destroy any suddenly appearing targets that the sniper must never move around the terrain and then never will can be seen or heard during the attack the sniper must cast at a glance the route that will allow the most hidden advance That means a glance and a centimeter slip by centimeters must For a sniper to crawl forward he must always be careful to stay not see himself while he keeps watching everything around him Suki Daphne clenching my teeth in Gansu Brass stomach and Ponton crunch in google black I'm confident Longstreet I.

Look Like Miss Hoffman As Sookie does Aim Handicap Take them captive Oh now Jimmy takes a look I do Mikizan will talk me through the tree Adam Hopes this addiction is addictive Yes they have a fire dragon in chili to take home The main notes of the new house These are Stella from the back fury Via TV Kristi Tagalog at Author's Own God of Tooth This would include the tongue Winter took it away today So the flat elbows are not lifted by the body No movement of the natural cover Grass exploited in the shade Overgrowth of the hollow and here away from the position the enemy sees So sniper legs when crossing the search About the clearing Where the crossing is Narrow if possible in a low location Gun along opposite edge of the clearing Always around the clock Watch the clearing Here the clearing is also a little sunken Sharpshooter uses this feature and crosses the invisible clearing Snipers should literally dissolve their surroundings This is an upright movement error To the enemy you will have to notice these rocking bushes here one can ask where the sniper is the chase there is something moving and here is the explanation blind camouflaged with plants Growing in a meadow This is what the blind look like Stabilized Made of wire Camouflage should always match the terrain This way Archers won't see the enemy there They can use a lot of ways to build canopies Usually improvised with over others The imagination plays an important role Ordinary materials are designed This camouflage net is for observation from a stationary position.

It is placed on the head and presents complete and the jacket here is camouflaged. The rug is placed like a poncho and where is the soldier with Matt But the camouflage canopy is indispensable here. It spreads open. Camouflage naturally conforms to the surroundings and now for practical application Five men with Parachutes work their way forward and there they are from the enemy side is invisible and here are different types of camouflage Parachutes A little bit of wood string and wire is everything a soldier needs and this material is plentiful Another good camouflage is the so-called Indian hood made of wire pull the frame over the head every turn In the head Active Invisible again Camouflage is not visible even from a few yards Camouflage must be complete as this soldier could look good Invisible but the slightest spot of light is visible from a distance A little grass Enough to keep it hidden or here though the rest of the cover hands and face are somewhat shining Smearing with dirt helps somewhat but not for long since the dirt wears off Suit works best Camouflage goggles are good covering wire Can be easily shaped and rolled Weeds so only eyes stay Free helmet net impedes telescopic shooting as well as mosquito nets Watch out for small details like the shininess of a telescopic lens can give you afar Avoid slotted lens hoods made of paper Reflection Use slotted lens hoods Don't hit the telescopic field when a potential place covers the slit above the telescope lens like that even when Soldier is well concealed his weapon can still be abandoned is the way a well camouflaged weapon should be done Look but be careful Keep the muzzle and bolt working Release the skilled Soldier wears camouflage gloves and self-assembled camouflage is complete Soldier literally becomes part of the circumference A sniper would spot the watch in this little grove This camouflage is only good for watching Not to shoot and a suspected German sniper between the trunks of this tangled group in Rocky areas Synthetic pile of stones that make good cover can be made of wire frame and painted paper Suspended tall tuft cloak The net like tres mantle has the advantage that matching camouflage Terrain can be hit in the net when standing upright for better terrain observation The Sharpshooter needs particularly good camouflage with His modern camouflage cover on this sniper I have not seen is particularly important to the observer here what the frame looks like two wire-banded with strong branches The complete means of camouflage is the mesh suit Where is they guys here are six – here is a soldier well camouflaged but still a committed enemy His discovery of clearing material for camouflage then to where he wants to stand this mistake dead leaves of camouflage useless because they give up the position sniper must be trained to take terrain and mentally divided into sectors at a glance this side moderate suitable for crawling forward in the middle is not suitable Absolutely not here This side with thick bushes and grooves is the best so the most convenient path can be chosen at a glance From cover to cover of the enemy Show on the chosen place The position of the sniper should be invisible and It should also provide excellent protection from shrapnel No one would suspect a shotgun here A free fire field is a normal prerequisite A better idea Even digging a hole straight through the height Providing complete protection from almost any kind of fire Allegedly good Florentine hat proven here set of hills All alike let's look closely this is the Florentine hat under watch is a sniper this hat is well suited for the observer but less so for the sniper because the hat has to be pushed aside carefully before taking aim and this movement easily gives the situation here is a relaxed look at What appears to be just a peaceful scene but in fact a whole platoon is hidden here [applause] Almost every type of camouflage is represented and so the snipers hide themselves The sniper's defense has several positions that can come up to covertly move freely in his company sector after making a good shot.

Aiming should It is like that. The sniper kills someone else to a location far from the old spot. He quickly finds targets in another place. A situation without giving himself far. It is important to avoid raising dust inside him in front of the situation, when possible, to set up fake locations. They deceive the enemy while he is trying to discover him. What happened next shooting is also very important quick movement gives it away correct posture stay motionless in your position then pull back as if slow This spot can most likely be used again when shooting from houses Never stand by a door or window Muzzle Flash and smoke gives you away Standing deep firing room with a gun platform Here's another mistake an enemy might make immediately realize that one can only shoot from the open window on the right Right Open all the windows to shoot from a thatched roof Make many holes on the tile roof remove more than one shingle [music] instead important look cocaine maricopa hunter I'll choose right from it fight very cautiously from lesson home button but it looks jumble none that gives you a parent looks like a honda knob was founded you could have a son spoil the content better turnip there how it works suppose listen oh since panic yeah yeah dude suze for show and illusion but you gotta let me take you out you weren't happy with us i'm not focused on top of that it's really god customers took you my height yeah i need you da hood too to get time T for a sister shop huh as I expect we should give you freezes but turn this yeah how about you I'm spinning with some other block shooters they might be de la Montana Astana jamón jamón might not keep you better advise that teens who are fine his name Optional and it looks tough on Tom No comment but yes after amen – you have iron hunters on that – for a good sized gang Texas fortune sister It's Liam, he needs to torture Tom's guy here There was no beer in the platoon here against the open terrain I was with a loin-covering group somewhere around 300m was a mg our officer sought a mg while the platoon was put in disguise oh my face and hands were covered and I was completely camouflaged gaben I am gaining new and chopping and slowly climbing the tree avoiding any surprise movements [music] smoke powder mg is My first logistic looks youth gains and gave under it [music] [applause] [music] Victim "J" still has our platoon installed [applause] [music] get a fireball I have to write on reds loin [music] we stayed boyfriend mannequin stand to give me stable shooting program [music] however I I'll set my sights [Music ] I encountered in Capri I had the chief gunner in my sights [Music] A person could be a Bolshevik Piper and whoever the bullet came from the vine who might fire the pit he drove away Boom of these friendships gave him the perfect cover with it all or no something now i see a steamtown dog lady here ah ah the platoon didn't hear my warning [music] who can bite his conforto tune was a perfect target [music] [applause] [music] sattva I hope the Unwerth is honored to be in the Sharpshooter ya here here in villa command Order in the depth of random behavior that yes Olivia's name Evolution defines Ellis Birth of a hazy Heart shattered our islands Heart of effort Alice Martin More than laughter I kept Bombing Where was the observer who was directing their artillery fire We were watching an enemy lying tank in front of our lines My watcher pointed out he wanted to throw look elsewhere well i kept watching anchor beeping quick watches never let me out of my sight [music] recently noticed abuse of paper in front of tank that wasn't there before check back in with the naked eye company leader still stuck here say vise this is the beach tiller A I mean the Infante who coined the ascent Jorgensen I can't be nothing else Now Putin was still so filthy Foggy We waited [music] The CEO gave the gunner a tick [music] I think you know all the FOIA [Music] Applause] The CEO looked at me and I signaled I was ready to shoot and then the Tommies rescued the first one ran in the head and hit my second leg he looked in the direction of the shot and hit me the observer meanwhile noticed that the Tommies were regrouping probably resting their men at the front My watcher was behind a blind man using the trench slit for cover [Music] I am using the binoculars [Music] He got my watcher's signal that I wanted to wait longer [Music] And my wait came to fruition An officer suddenly appeared The sniper was supposed to destroy most important targets If Nandi used speed for a platform Then I brought a rifle up carefully and fended off [Music] The officer looked carelessly over the trench That was my moment Then I slipped my position stealthily into the English soldier I saw Bush moving thinking his enemy was behind [Music] [Applause] Python Gilad's trick worked [Applause] [Moses Q] Your comment will be truncated unharmed I am blind hid his withdrawn monitors from his show Drag her carefully with him [Music] [Applause] Towards the evening the sniper spoke with a vogner from the neighboring company We had a common problem at our junction Vogner was sending a battle group to destroy an enemy hideout We wanted Watching [Music] [Music] Their school battle group couldn't see Watching the enemy is coming Then our German men were spotted [Music] I decided to act on my own and we wiped out the enemy watch out yesterday bunka one lot owner follows losses and empowerment means oh yeah steve we have the solute hit the gentlemen Boy Dylan Exactly Avileth And Heavy Fighter We Can Do Ibaca Evidently They Didn't Teach Me Theon Infiltrate Another Base For Chartres Street After The Orange Tell Me Week Twentieth Loud Only Me Anymore Afghan Lives Here Now My Name Even Take Action Would Eat Super Mondavi Ferret Become from a little vintage move on who andyandem will rise anyone who was java what company is he and the motives of the aladdin chakra how to open the virus too early after any booty a doll was carried across the trench by the enemy side was supposed to Kun looks like a German soldier coming down The trench the Bolshevik sniper was wise to us [Applause] [Music] It was that evening comrade Arise Here's the enemy's view of the Germans Trench everything looks calm there A German soldier is watching carelessly It's too high Let's take a look Examiner on this suicide filter It's really a puppet throwing an intrusive movement Supposed to draw enemy sniper fire The dummy must be natural in its motion since it's hard to deceive the enemy while the observer runs an already dormant Sharpshooter puppet Evan doesn't fall easily for such primitive tricks The head must be fancy Looks more realistic so he made a little creativity and some wood enough to build the doll and as usual the sniper is there on the roam here too there is close cooperation between shooter and observer here a bush divides a soldier watching becomes visible a lunchbox and a peanut card are all a sniper trick used here and here is a sniper Shoots the last trick made with only a few materials This is a prop scissors telescope also enough to attract enemy fire Always deceiving the enemy by nature Search movements and what we have here Smoking a grenade made of simple materials Must The sniper is inventive It must always be a new innovation Deception This tree climber will not decrease the effectiveness of what that sniper would normally be in a tree There is no trick The weapon must be a breath fired loaded from the ground with a wire which is not easy in a bunker fight a hole in which a sniper appears and shoots Yet it is just a puppet [Applause] Served by a sniper in a hole These excellent puppets were constructed with ordinary materials in Depok ID in defensive props that are set up at night [Music] [Music] At dawn they come to be the superintendent deputy prime minister runs the puppet while the Sharpshooter watches [ Music] ah there I'm coming oh tell me [music] [music] the enemy has let himself be fooled [music] [applause] [music] A German sniper discovers him shooting deception and flawless marksmanship of the captured snipers success, yeah I learned what Enough of the frontline experiences of our sharpshooter Haja You know snipers and watchers Come on comrades stick together enemies of death and when everything depends on Putin Good teamwork between sharp shooter and watcher at all times One must help the other Stand behind the other until the last drop blood


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