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Successful Home Defense Teaches Us Some Valuable Lessons


statistics show that 100% of home invasions happen in your home welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Korea active self-protection exists to help good people like you protect yourself and your family more effectively today's video comes to us out of Idaho Falls Idaho in the United States and it shows us a home invasion that has some underlying stuff but some excellent lessons right on the surface as well want to take your knowledge beyond the narrated videos join us on active self-protection extra and subscribe for multiple videos every week to help you get better in your defensive skills go read the news story on this one there are significant details there it's late at night the intruder here has said that he's going and looking because he says he knew that there were drugs in the house there's audio here let's listen to it happens quickly then we'll come back walk through it one more time [Music] so quickly again you're going to see here that the intruder breaks in the original is in a really wide frame you know cinematic format you could actually see the door busts down comes up with the 12-gauge shotgun and starts ordering people around and the manor house just grabs a hold of that shotgun twists it around but now the fight ensues for the gun does a good job of dominating it there and now notice that the man the owner of the house is fiance is just kind of sitting around oh no what do I do as the bad guy drags him out of the house and she's gonna run off and call 9-1-1 and that's where the video ends if you go and read the news stories you'll hear that the confrontation lasted quite a bit longer they had a couple of roommates those guys came out and helped as well but I got eventually got away but cops caught him a short time later and he's facing a whole host of charges scary stuff indeed and maybe preventible got a question for you out of this one for the comment section he leave me a comment let me know what you think and that is if you ever worked on disarming someone with a long gun you ever you know gone on the Matt used blue guns or brooms or sticks or whatever to work on disarms of a long gun wielding opponent let me know what you've trained in in the comments I have some it's definitely something after this one I'm gonna work on a little bit more out of today's video I want to talk about preventing these types of crimes to begin with via home security and with lifestyle choices secondly I want to talk about the incredible importance of empty handed skills and third talking to your nan defending family about what their responsibility is in a defensive encounter let's start with a couple of obvious lessons here number one the bad guy came into the house because he knew there were drugs there said he was going in for drugs and money so the lesson here as always stay away from drug culture stay away from that kind of life and your chances of having these problems go down significantly second thing from here regardless of that reinforce the door of your home make sure that whether or not you buy a particular kit or you have a reinforced metal screen door or whatever at the very least take some 30-inch case-hardened screws and replace all of the bolts you know all the screws rather in your door and how it's housed so then that way it's much much much harder to kick in also might think about an underwear gun or in the house gun here and and folks you know that's a give or take whether or not that's something that you want to do however if we know how fast this goes down you recognize that he didn't have time to go get anything he only had what was available to him now bad guy comes up he has a gun pointed at you a 12-gauge shotgun that was loaded and a dis pointed at you even if you were wearing a home gun you you know you're carrying your firearm at home you cannot draw from the drop and this guy has the drop on you right now gun up and on you and attention on you you have to wait your turn so even if you had a gun on him can't do anything about it here however I think there's some interesting lessons here that what we're gonna see is how long it takes him here as he turns around and sees what else is going on to come back so if we look right now as he turns and looks if you were gonna go that was the time to go so if you were carrying a firearm at home that would have been your opportunity to get that firearm out and in the fight and get it going at this guy now I talk about all the time especially on active self-protection extra about the importance of your draw to first shot and how that needs to be in a particular time when we say the standard of a concealed carrier is two seconds and there's a reason for that the reason that we say two seconds is that if the bad guy turns in this particular instance what you can see is the amount of time that it takes for him to turn and then turn back into our good guy which is going to take place right now is one point four seconds it took him one point four seconds from the time that he started turning over to his right seeing what was on the other side and then came back now then if you have that one point four seconds plus the point three five seconds that it takes him to decide oh no I need to shoot this guy because he's drawing a gun on me and then 0.25 seconds in order to encode that that idea and then press the trigger what you have there is you have two seconds to get a draw to first shot on target before the bad guy could possibly shoot you first and so therefore that's why we say a two second draw two first shots important now our good guy here our home our homeowner does not have a firearm on him and so now he has to deal with the 5d s plus one and because he has to have those empty handed skills I always say very important for all firearms carriers to have empty handed skills for all people because now he's gonna have to practice those so first yesterday to cover the distance you launch a counter-attack from too far you'll get shots you have to cover the distance and then deflect is the first day after that plus one and then dominate so you deflect and dominate the best path is to distract to give him something like pain and suffering breaking things on him hurting him to give him thinking about things other than holding on to his tool then we once we've distracted then we disarm and then we disable and keep him from hurting us again but if we don't do those in order we just focus on the disarmament we don't do the distract first then we're in a fight for the tool and we're in a strength battle and that's exactly what happens here you see our homeowner it takes and he's just about the disarmed but doesn't think about the distraction think about getting this guy to think about something else he grabs a hold of it dominates the tool pretty well but because otherwise he's not what we have instead is we have a strength battle for the tool this is why you got to do this stuff and have the empty-handed skills and go on the mat because notice here that our bad guy gets the gun back away from him for a second and actually uses a leveraging arm here so if you're not focused on grappling skills you know if you're not focused on some kind of contact distance martial art and I'm not necessarily talking about standing up squaring up in a fight like a boxing match but I'm talking about grappling jujitsu you know any kind of judo those kind of arts something that you are in contact with her standing or on the ground very very helpful because you see the guy needs it hear that scent and recognize the fact that if he had distracted if he had done that and obviously gone after the guy recognized he had to distract him would have been better now finally I do want to think about the fiance here what do you do with those who are not self defenders those who are not going to be part of the solution teach them what they need to do as well I think his his fiancee here did a good job of staying out of the fight now I would of course preferred if she was a defender to get in there and help him for gracious sakes but if you're not you teach them to get the heck out of the danger zone as fast as humanly possible and get on the phone with 911 that's what she did here that got the cops on the way and that's the second best thing instead of sitting there and doing nothing oh no what's going on get out of the danger zone yourself so you're not part of the problem that he doesn't have to defend you as well get on the phone with 911 or at least go wake the the roommates up or whatever so then that way you can you know get some help into the fight far better of course to train your significant other to be a defender as well and come to your aid so we see some interesting stuff here about home defense about reinforcing doors about waiting your turn about human performance factors and if you're carrying a gun in the home what it would have taken in order to get a shot off on this guy before he can shoot you we also learn about the incredible importance of the five DS plus one so in an overall sense I think our homeowner had a great attitude had enough skills how to plan to get it done and covered his ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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