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Hello dear Viewers, welcome to a new Episode of Zeki reacts. today we'll meet again look at Street Fighting Techniques from the Internet and submit them to the Master. Am curious. Before it but let's go, ah just a reminder, ah subscribe to the Channel, if you haven't got it yet, leave Likes us a lot and Activate the Bell when you hear about our latest Activities want to stay up to Date and you will also find other Social Media in our Description Platforms, Instagram for example, is now displayed anyway.

Yes, dear Zeki. Let's do it. Not? We'll see. Let's see what you've prepared. I got today from a UK Channel that deals with Fitness and Lifestyle, but also Martial Arts busy, two of the Most Painful Self Defense Technics Street Fight Survival picked out. Interesting. Yes, yes, those are always the super tough Names and We'll discuss what is behind it and how effective it is. Not true? I am curious; excited. Well, then maybe we can go straight to the first Technique. Let's look at that. You know, well. Shirt Grab. By the way, it's about breaking away from the Opponent, so it shouldn't be a Fight option.

He's got a pretty cool Tattoo there. Absolutely. Well styled the Boy Man, yes. Ok, this is a Wrist Relief. Yes. If he's holding onto here now, I'm not sure, but let's see what he's doing. That belongs, quasi that is to be solved, thought well. So here real Time. Now it is also noticed here, well, you don't forget the other Hand, already praiseworthy. Hm, hm, don't be so sure. The Analysis is yet to come. Yes. So, yes, eh Short Fun Fact by the way, I used this Technique in my very first Jiu Jiutsu Lesson as a Boy and that of course surprised me a bit that now under Find the Most Painful Self Defense Street Fight Survival Technics. Um, ah yes, go ahead, go ahead and start this. Okay First of all, I think it's more painful to watch it than to do it now.

Yes, it is painful for the one who has to do this. Painful is safe for someone, isn't it? Yes, I am categorizing the whole Thing. If you now, I'll show it this way. If you are here now, because Grab now has on the shirt. Then you have to do the following now imagine when we have the Diagonal, so if that is now my Hand and I'm reaching out with mine Hand, actually the one responsible for the striking Hand, over here the Hand is checkmated. Then I pull over and he's still watching and I can't pull the trigger, he said and then I am I keep my Distance or something else. So clear, we saw it.

That was the Idea. That's the only way it doesn't work because if I reach out now, apart from the fact that it was already difficult enough because it was on the T-Shirt we can hang the Jiu Jiutsu handle on the Gi, it's not that easy to pull away from there. Apart from that I have a Diagonal of this where I am open and I can no longer ward off anything here. This means I'm more concerned with freeing one Hand instead of grabbing my left Hand with the right to work. So with the side running in parallel. So the Technology is definitely there failed I would never show it like that. I would always show it that the parallel runs to me. I mean the Guys have a good Sleeve, are pretty well trained at Bodybuilding. Well, at least one of them has high Biceps. But that has nothing to do with Martial Arts, Martial Arts. You have to say about it now.

Because the user goes, that is, the black Shirt is actually what the Technology shows. The Performing the Technique a bit for Context that you're absolutely right that's actually a Fitness Channel. He then just looked for a budding MMA Fighter so that somehow that Technology is carried out cleverly. Just my thought would be kind of okay if you're a budding MMA Fghter then that does not yet induce the Competence to choose the appropriate Techniques. Not? I mean it is done very nicely and dynamically, but that would last the Technology end. It doesn't even run dynamically, to be honest, because I only have one Thing. So, I want it, I want to judge it fairly, fairly or stay straight with the Exercises, so there is nothing here painfules, that is, it is too dangerous if I grab the Diagonal. So, if you hold that Shirt for me, yes. well, we'll do it, we'll still play through in real Time anyway, but. Just for a start, that you don't have to wait too long.

Ah, I think he grabbed exactly the same and I think it was the Hand. No, no he reached over like that anyway. Yes, he reached over like that. Yes, exactly. Ah so no. No no. That will be the other one that's how it was. You learn that in the Network. Not? One way and the other. We see it in the Video. Look what the second Hand is doing now? If you hit here now. I have a Problem, I can do it there, apart from that, first of all das es schwer zu befreien ist. Vor allem du brauchst die in dieser Technik. Es ist vorbei, wenn der zuschlägt it is not possible and we will then also adjust it. So, so many times and I would say you have a second Video go? I have one more, one more second yes. Okay, we won't take that long.

Let's look at the second time. Alright We can soon to second Technique over. It deals with a Clinch Technique, so to speak. So where is it now? if you are attacked with both Hands there. Not? And you get anyway, during that, ah afterwards then the display, as I also like to show another Alternative or show a better way of how you can do that. So this is about Stranglers, yes. He deals with Stranglers or two-handed Shirt Grab. Yes. What he recommends here is, okay, not okay, yes. Recommend the Headbutt here, then as. I mean the Entrance is basically the same here. Not? So, he wants to stop here for him, for the dissengage this Breaking out of Grip is just as much as it is. OK. Yes. Do you want to say something beforehand, or should I analyze it already? Ah, I mean, I can tell from your worried mine that it probably won't be all that great.

Yes because. i want to show up like that. Ah, you don't see that seldom in Self Defense Videos. Breaking open the handle like this from the inside. Yes. So no matter whether you go into the Clinch and look for the Headbutt or break it open and push the Opponent for the dissent push the Opponent backwards for the disservice.

I suppose you don't like the beginning at all. Not? No, there are Errors in it that are extremely large. As I said, apart from the fact that if someone gives with both Hands, he Neck Area or handle is sausage. Throat and does not choke, so we believe from the Side of the choke yes with your Thumbs inwards. That means he pushes his Thumbs Towards the Larynx and if he keeps his Head up like that, we have a huge one Problem.

The other is, who is the Exercise for? For People who have an upper Arm or for People who might just want to use it in General or actually use it as Self-Defense Training, Women so normal People who are not so inflated now. Good Objection, you're absolutely right about that is the Target Audience of its actual Channel. So I don't know where they got it from. But one Thing is clear when I try to go inside with both Arms and let's take a real aggressive Opponent who really pushes inwards with his Thumbs, namely several Guys including Serial Killers, all the Guys using their Thumbs Press in to the Larynx, so now you have limited Time and now you still give your Throat so free I mean you need such a neck that you can put it away halfway and now just imagine in front of a Guy or a Lady or whatever who is rather skinny yes, and now you want it to be pretty easy.

That means you have to cover up beforehand. The other is Getting through in the inside Position is damn Dangerous, just imagine trying your Arms off shove where others push Full Throttle on an Adrenaline Base. That means um, instead of locking it off here with one Side with the other Hand to give Hammerfist or to give an Eye-catching whatever is possible the Road. So use less Force, use more Punching Techniques, secure the Neck more. The Trachea ah, Esophagus, ah, shut it up, hold on, slam the Nasal Bone, let go of your Face he ah off. But that's again, it's just a 0, 8, 15 Technique, which in my Opinion, ah, for the Trash Can yes. Yes i mean That has nothing to do with Jiu Jiutsu, Jiu Jiutsu has far better Techniques.

Of course, but I mean. This is not Jiu Jiutsu. It's kind of homemade, what do you call it, a bad Iced Tea homemade, somehow badly chosen no Idea yes. Yeah well I mean the first Technique has the Wrist Action A bit like bad Jiu Jiutsu. The second Technique you might have stepped in is that maybe bad Clinch Fighting, possibly from some bad Mua Thai. The Guys have no Idea. No. The Guys have no Idea. It's very simple, that's more, I don't know where they picked it up – one of them is more of a Bodybuilder for me. he should stay tuned and there is someone else who has fetched from somewhere to just shoot a Video. Unfortunately, but we also have to be honest with our Viewers and the YouTube Audience. I mean, my Opinion is this, look, I have that tried everything and we know the things, Self-Defense Things, which I also often use In different Areas, in the Security Area or as a Self-Defense Area, there is Competition Area just like that where we use our Mix Martial Arts area ourselves, but here I see for Example not really that now, that's just kind of wanted but, well I want but I can't.

Yes, no it has to work almost as if it were simply a Fitness, Lifestyle, Motivation Channel. The Video is just below a Year old and would have the first Video in its own Series, Street Fight by Self Defense Technology Videos should be and we know that from our earlier Reports that if if you then get someone from outside, a so-called Expert, we have each other earlier Episodes of Zeki responded to the so-called Expert Delict, i.e.

Delektiert and yes, that should be another Case, but. We’re shooting it anyway, so you’ll be doing it now, maybe it’s going downstairs anyway. how I do it and what the Recommendation is and simple, better Techniques, not even like that difficult to learn, you can make the whole Thing functional, but for Home and yes as a Supplement that, there is quite a lot wrong and there you have to be careful again, so I say yes it has nothing to deal with the young Fellows here. So. Yes, they seem very personable, not very competently. Yes, but we do do not speak here of Sympathy alone, but you want to, you want to have it functionally yes. So if I do it want to have functional then, look rather, watch the Video here, you have something good. Yes sir. Well that that's it for our review of the Leaks Fitness Self Defense Techniques, I think those I will spare you more.

The Selection was enough. Look, look pretty exhausted anyway. No, absolutely not me, I mean and to be honest, I'm looking forward to Testing. That should be a lot of fun then, yes. Anyway, I said it should already be displayed. That will surely make me a yes, yes. Now, now of course for us. We cutting then together but I think it will be a lot of fun, now Zeki's Iron Grip, with these Breaking Techniques, it should be easy for me dear Audience. Well, anyways, I'd say that's it for our review, I hope it was Fun and.

I enjoyed it I'll see you again next Time. Maybe ah, if you still haven't, don't forget subscribe, subscribe, like, bell, already know. Of course, it also helps us to find a certain Distribution. We also have a Description of various Social Media Platforms. Instagram is always displayed. Full. And. Follow us a little. Yes. Recommend us. Well, well, then I would say see you next Time, all the best, Peace, take care..


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