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Jogger Fights Back Against Attempted Robbery


in a real life defensive encounter you will only get notified at the very last moment welcome to today's active cell protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us out of South Africa after thorough testing I recently changed my everyday OC spray to Palm personal defense spray it's nasty stuff and I recommend it highly I want you to see coming from the top left you can see this guy running he's just jogging and this is a thing here man this is South Africa guys it's a much more dangerous place than the US has a whole lot of violent crime there and as you see him come down you're gonna see from the left obscured from our view a couple of guys are going to grab ahold of him and try to rob him and I think what you see there is one of them has a knife in his hand and his phone drops and as the guy picks that up and turns back towards him he puts several in that guy and runs the rest off and now I was gonna look around for follow-up actions to do I don't have a new story on this one so if you do put it in the comments so I can add it to the description that's where this one ends pretty amazing and I think we're gonna have to look at this one really closely to see what the best thing to do is here if you want to support the work we do here at active self-protection do me a favor hit the link in the description and think about buying some merch would ya alright let's get to the lessons so let's think about carrying tools on our person when we are out working out and those kinds of things I don't think a lot of us think about that this guy almost certainly had what you know a firearm for sure probably in his pocket but finding a way to carry your defensive tools when you are working out again if this guy wants to go for a jog and he is just out on his normal day but thankfully he's prepared in this moment for what is to come I can't tell you enough having that presence of mind to say you know I'm gonna carry my defensive tools and find a way to do so whether that's a belly band or here pocket carry with a pocket you know proper pocket holster those kinds of things are important so planning those out in advance even when you're not in your optimal carry position is very very good now secondly here look how fast this comes at him it goes from him just worried about his split time or his breathing or his you know cadence and running to a guy on top of him recognize you need to be able to flip that switch and have the emotional fitness to turn to defense mode instantly and this guy did now notice here what I want you to see with the hands of the bad guys I want you to see his right hand has come up and over and what looks to me like a stabbing motion if you kind of watch real careful how the bad guy moves it looks to me like he has a knife in his hand had he not had of a knife in his hand is he really a deadly threat well we don't get to see everything because this one is filmed on a potato but recognize that you do need objective reasonable evidence of an imminent deadly threat in order to use deadly force in in this case from a legal and moral perspective looks like he does in that case for me but the guy's phone is gonna go flying so our bad guy turns around to look for it now I want you to see this with our good guys you notice here he has turned over and he's on his right hip trying to get his gun out of his pocket what looks like a right pocket carry to get his gun up and out that can be very difficult it is one of the reasons that I prefer front of body carry and I prefer on waistline carry rather than in the pocket for ease of getting used to and yes that looks like appendix inside the waistband a iwb carry because it's easiest to get to in these kinds of fights now he does get up and you got to ask the question is this guy a deadly threat yes but look at the marksmanship piece because our good guys getting after these guys but right here you can see the results that he missed and because he missed again the threat is not over and the number one cause of reloading is missing and missing does not end the threat so you want to make sure that you've trained that marksmanship piece not only because I hide you know I've got liability but because the threat is not over well you're missing so you want to get that first shot on target as fast as you can and we see in gunfights all the time here at active self-protection it's the first person who puts a hit in an anatomically significant place that wins the fight and that's what you've got to do again this guy turning back to him is a deadly threat having attacked him with the knife is what it looks like to me so therefore that's great and he puts him down with another shot now let's think about the follow-up actions here we've seen on the last one that this guy kind of just wanders around what-do-i-do what-do-i-do what-do-i-do recognized that once the gun fighting itself stops that guy goes down he's got a knife so he can't come and get me with it he's out of range now I have to start asking those questions that I learned from the legendary lawman Chuck Haggard did I hit him is he down do I need to shoot him again then I look around and get away from looking at him did he bring friends is there any other threats around here now I start doing the other assessments am I hurt is anybody else hurt around me does anybody need help now I take follow-up actions ATS get on the phone gets police there and those kinds of things so don't just wander around aimlessly ask those questions in order so that way you're thinking most immediate threat says my follow-up actions and going from there keep our tools on us let's play it pay attention to our world that's going on around us think about our carry positions ahead of time use our firearm responsibly and effectively and cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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