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Firearms Training: Ballistic Problem Solving


We're getting ready to begin our ballistic problem-solving course, and what we like to call "Thinking with a gun." Now ballistic problem solving is no more really, than solving your problems ballistically and what we're going to do is we're going to run our shooters through a number of drills that force them to think before they pull the trigger. Paul: Mark!
Braun: Don't mind the men behind the curtains. Paul: Tell me one safety rule. Universal. Mark [Far]: Know your target and what's beyond it! Paul: Know your target, wants beyond it, and what's around it. Okay good, thank you. Mary give me another one. Mary: Keep your finger off the trigger until your eyes are on the target and you've made the decision to shoot. Paul: And you've made the decision to shoot.
Braun give me another one Braun: Don't point at it unless you want to destroy it.

Paul: That's right, don't point the muzzle anything you're not willing to put a bullet into, and what's the last one T? T: Treat every gun like it's loaded. Paul: That's right, until it is verified by two independent and separate means that it is indeed not. When we have guns, human beings are strongest right here. Drop your elbows to your ribs. Work on it up here don't work on it down here. You can work on that later when you're all by yourself. Everyone good? Man: Let's go. Work it-work it-work it. There still are bad guys- Paul: This next drill is called "Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight-Fight-Fight." If there is a seat or a bench in front of your target, which would be 2-3-4, you will start from a seated position,
hands on your lap like so. If there is not a bench in front of your seat,
you will start with your back to the target. On the command "Fight", you will engage the target by either facing it, or un-@$$ing your seat, getting up, drawing your pistol and shooting it.

We will be watching you this is not what we taught you. Okay? When it comes time to, you will drop your butt, find your target. Pivot into the target, draw your pistol,
and shoot that target. Now for this drill, this guy right here is going to be your target. You will give me a minimum of
two hits in the thoracic triangle. Like always, if it takes you three or four shots to do that, do whatever it takes. But two hits will go into here. Paul: FIGHT! Misc. People: Stop! Paul: FIGHT! Misc. People: Stop! Remember, ballistic problem-solving is all about having to perform a mental and/or physical task, or both before you start launching bullets. Because we just can't launch bullets indiscriminately, we have to engage our brains and actually think before we do that. That's why we have these drills that force you to go through different mental exercises, different physical exercises that you actually have to do something and engage your brain before you start launching bullets.

This drill is called "Why can't we be friends?" Alright on the command "Fight" you must release your partner's hand, turn about, and engage your target. Paul: FIGHT! Misc. People: STOP! Paul: FIGHT! Misc. People: STOP! Remember we closed our eyes on Monday and we thought about the people whose lives we would be saving? Okay, those are the people that you might want to have a discussion with. Say alright we're in the restaurant and Johnny Jihad walks in & decides he's going to meet Allah. I'm all willing to help him meet him, but we need to do certain things first. Now while and my wife knows that her responsibility is the children. To get the children to cover and safety. Paul: FIGHT! Misc. People: Stop! Paul: FIGHT! Misc. People: Stop!.


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