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Attempted Kidnapping Put To A Stop By High School Wrestler


Defending the vulnerable
is a morally good thing, but you must recognize
that it is dangerous. Active Self Protection
Attitude – Skills – Plan I am John Correia, the founder
and owner of Active Self Protection. and thank you for
joining us today. Today's video comes to us from
New Mexico in the United States. Today's video is brought to us thanks
to the generosity of Newbold Targets. Newbold Targets are shooting targets made
of a self-sealing reactive polymer that act like the
steel shooting targets used in practice, but are safer
than steel. They allow bullets to pass
completely through the shooting target without bouncing
or splashing. Check out their links in the description
and thank them for bringing us today's video. The service station that we are seeing here
is also a bus stop in Greyhound and you can see in the upper left
that there is a woman with three small children, one of 9, another of 2 and another of 1 year, who have
just arrived to Greyhound and they wait for an Uber …

And she is with another woman
there waiting when this guy, the news is
linked in the description, that he got off the bus the day before
and was hanging around, he harasses her and starts talking to her when
she really doesn't want to talk to him, and then demands that she hand
over one of her children, and grabs her two-year-old daughter, again,
they hadn't had contact before, she pulls her 2-year-old daughter,
She falls on her back there, and if you look, she has her
1-year-old on her back, in fact, she kind of brushed
against her 1-year-old. Now look what's going on here,
you're going to start to see the screaming … I mean, obviously
we don't have audio here, but you can
imagine there's a ton of those things, and people start coming out to see
what the heck is passing while the 9 year old boy runs
to the other side of that car and starts screaming, mom is screaming and these
bystanders are trying to intervene too, but this guy is
totally crazy and demands on his kids, and he's playing to the pull and shrink
with the mother of this 2-year-old girl.

Again, all the news say they
've never had any interaction or anything like that, so mom takes her kids
and runs to the store, and the clerks say, "Go into the store and go into the back room. , to the employee room " Now, they are going to try to
block this guy to prevent him from reaching her. Why didn't he just
get away right now by failing in his attempt
to kidnap the children? It's something that's beyond me,
but he's going to hit this woman here, we're going to see from the angle
of the inside of the store …

And you see here, he's just going to try to get this
woman out of the way with A key to the head, and when the guy in the red cap
intervenes, he can't stand it, he throws a blow at him, he throws a couple
of blows at this woman too, and now she is going to come in and our friend
in the red cap He'll try to close the door but this guy can't stand it
and he's obviously … You know … I don't know if he's high
or whatever, but he's very strong and he can't tolerate it,
so he finally walks through the door and now our friend
In the red cap, he's acting like, "Hey man …

Let's just calm down,"
and the guy can't take it, and he's going
to start punching the guy. So you can see he throws
another right hand there, he hits it with his elbow, and that elbow cut that guy off,
so he's going to run away. Now the woman and her children at this point have
entered a back room for employees. Now this young man here is a
high school wrestler who's about to walk in and he was actually across the street
putting gas at another gas station, when he heard the commotion,
he reached over and grabbed this guy when he heard
everything. what was going on … And he's off-camera, unfortunately they
didn't post a camera that recorded that, but he'll grab this guy
and throw him on the ground.

And again, this young man is a
high school wrestling champion, apparently he won his section
in heavyweights just a month or so before, and he competed
in the state tournament, and now he's grabbing this guy
and holding him. Now, you are going to see other employees
and other spectators, some are talking on the phone
with the police, but you know: "When seconds count,
the police are only a few minutes away", and they are going to hold this guy
who does not want to get hold of him, and you're going to see him talk
to them a bit while this guy definitely wants to
get up, and you see him using his hands trying to slap our defender here
, our protector, but he's going to get a good
arm lock here and finally our protector will have
a pretty decent side control here. Now, I'm going to speed this up
to save some time because it will keep you here for a full 3 minutes
in this particular place waiting for the police to arrive
, again, it was about 5 minutes from
when the incident started until
the first police officers show up.

, and it's going to keep him here in a
pretty decent lateral control position , again, being a champion level fighter, he
has a very good grip and is very good at it, he doesn't know much
about submissions or chokes or anything about that, to
send that guy to sleep. So he's just going to hold it here
and hold it down, and prevent that guy from being
able to breathe and move, and from being able to
access his waist as well. Finally you will see
the Police Department appear, you will see the officer say, "Okay
, we'll take care of it. Everything's fine. You were the person who called,
that's great," and they are going to shoot this guy, the guy doesn't he is going to resist the officer
who puts the handcuffs on him. The guy faces a lot
of charges for kidnapping, assault, a couple of other crimes
too, he's not allowed to be
released on bail.

So he is in custody
awaiting trial. And our young man received a
lot of praise and is rightly seen
as a hero, I think these other viewers
did well too. Mom and kids are doing well,
recovering from this trauma. And that's where
this case ends. Much courage
from that young man! We just revamped our
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in the description, will you? And choose a few things from our
sweet merchandise. Let's talk
about today's video lessons. The first thing I really want to
talk about here is being a mother and taking responsibility
for young children. You know, we talk a lot about escaping,
about escaping from the danger zone, but when you are a mother with young children
that is not always possible, and when this guy grabs her son,
she has to stand up and fight.

And of course, she is going to try to
take her son out of his hands but you have to recognize that if you are defending vulnerable people
like children, elderly parents or close relatives,
that kind of thing, you may have
to stand up and quarrel. So I would really recommend to
all mothers to have means to defend themselves, to carry
appropriate force multipliers, and to think about
protecting themselves and their loved ones. I also want to think
about the 9 year old girl here, who did a really good job of running
to the front of the car and out of the way, and putting a barrier
between her and this criminal, that's a well trained 9 year old girl
and I highly recommend that you teach your older children
how to escape danger , how to use barriers
and how to protect themselves, and to think about their self defense,
this 9 year old I think she did a very good job
in this regard.

Now mom takes them away
and she can finally get out of there but obviously you can't be very fast
when you carry two kids and in turn keep an eye out
for a third … Now let's think about being
a spectator here. Okay, I think it's morally great
that they protected this mother and her kids, and it's something that I
think most of us would do but you have to acknowledge
that it puts you in danger and you better have the
skill set to deal with that because This woman is standing there
getting beatings like this that is not doing her
any favors. Having some ability to defend yourself,
whether it's with a pepper spray or a firearm … And I ask the question: Could you defend
this with a firearm? And in fact, this being
a kidnapping in progress, this guy is trying to
kidnap some children and he's doing it by force, that's a serious crime. Now, there may be a place
where you say that that would not be the best but it is a serious crime when
you want to kidnap someone and that is generally a place where
you can stop him with deadly force if you have it.

Now, notice that our
attacker passes here and our friend in the red cap
raises his hands and puts his palms out a little: "Hey man … I don't want to fight", but you must
admit that this guy is already fighting. You better have an
empty handed skill set to handle this and this guy really
doesn't have them. So if you're going to step in, you better have
the skills to back it up. At this point it's
probably too late to use a pepper spray, if you had a little distance from
the guy it might have worked a little better, but when he's
in your face like this it's probably not the time
to use it because , again, he's already throwing punches, now is the time
to use your empty-handed abilities and this guy is very limited
in those empty-handed abilities. I also want to point out that the aggressor
is using his lever arm … It is something that we see all the time in
armed conflicts but even in unarmed conflicts where the guy will use that
non-dominant hand to anchor you in a place and thus keep you at a distance
and leverage you, have a good lever to throw right hands,
and that's exactly what he's doing here …

And it's what, again,
makes this guy cut himself and you can see he ends up bleeding there … And, again , this is a
pretty serious problem, the guy will probably have to put
some points on himself and that sort of thing. Now, let's think about the hero
that appears here, I think this is morally laudable
at all. This guy says: "Hey man …
I see a problem and I have to get in", if you go and read the news linked
in the description, his father was interviewed and says: "Man!
This boy worried me to die for what dangerous this was.
I'm super proud of him! But that was really dangerous, "
and that's exactly right.

You better recognize
what the danger is, and whether or not you are willing to intervene
before the incident occurs. So I really want you to think
about talking to your loved ones about what you are willing to get involved
in and what you are not. I think seeing someone trying
to kidnap young children like this , most of us
would probably want to intervene because it is so shocking to conscience
that we just have to do it. But you better keep
that in mind and have a
skill set to back it up , again this guy
is a champion fighter so not just a
random jerk hitting the streets but this guy has put hours and hours hours,
and hours and hours on the mat to be able to control someone,
so he has that skill set and because he has that skill set, he
can use that skill set.

It takes time to acquire
empty-handed skills and you have to get on the mat
to do it and I never tire of telling you
how important that is. Now, notice that he is using
that fight quite well here and also observe that there are other
employees that come here … I never tire of saying it, guys, you have to
learn to communicate with those people, if you are the one who is holding him down,
talk to these other women: "Keep this hand down",
"Take this here", "Check his pockets", "Make sure he doesn't have
anything on him", or whatever … "I have it around here , grab his foot
and we drag him to this other place ", or" Keep your feet together ",
or whatever … so that that way they
can communicate together and know what to do,
and can be more effective , than simply everyone
do the same. Look here when they try to control him, notice that
the guy still has his hands available, and in an armed environment
you should pay attention to that. So to my friends who work
with mastering things on the ground, be it grapple wrestling,
Jiu-Jitsu, or whatever …

Make sure to throw a little dirt
on your sports game every now and then, and maybe use some
training knives or things like that, threaten someone with that
and acknowledge that that might change things in how you're going to
hold someone because if they can get that weapon,
you're in real trouble. Now, I think our good man here
did a good job of holding him in place by keeping his hands away from his waist
and preventing him from accessing weapons, that's something you have to
practice on the mat and gain that skill
so that you have that. . Now, I also think that this guy is
a fighter and not a jiujitsu practitioner, and if maybe he had some skills he might
have been able to strangle this guy, make him pass out and hold him
in a little easier way, but he does a great I work
by keeping your weight on him and keeping him
in good lateral control.

Finally, I think it's cool
that the officer shows up: "Okay, I'm going to
put this guy in custody," and I love that our good man
just backs away, gets out of the way, and then starts
seeing other people. This guy clearly has a
pastor's heart and this young man is looking for other people
telling them they did a good job, and I think he should
get a medal, and I just hope that someone has offered him
a college scholarship somewhere, and that this young man goes Heading
for a good life taking care of his community. So let's make sure we think
about the issues in this case, about protecting young
children, and how important
that is to moms and dads. About getting involved
as a spectator, about having the tools on us
to do the things we need to do. Having a
highly developed skill set empty handed … takes time to
develop! And use those skills effectively
to cover our ASP.


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