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5 Reasons to own a shotgun for defense


Hi. This is Joel Persinger. I'm the Gun Guy. Thank you very much for watching my
videos on my channel. I really, deeply appreciate it. Today I'm going to give you five reasons
why you should own a shotgun for self-defense. The truth is, there are a lot more
than five reasons, but I've only got time for five. So, that's how many i'm going to
give you today. Let's start with reason number one. Reason number one:
They're very inexpensive compared to other options. You can spend a fortune on
a defensive rifle. Truthfully, you can spend a fortune a defensive handgun. But,
you can buy a very inexpensive pump-action defensive shotgun for
pennies comparatively and you'll end up with a fine firearm that runs very well
and could save your life. So, the number one reason is: frankly,
compared to other choices, if you're on a budget…

They're very, very inexpensive. Reason
number two: shotguns are very easy to run; very easy to operate; and very easy to
learn to use. They're actually easier to shoot well than a handgun, because you
have four points of contact. You have one on your cheek; you have a point of
contact with your shooting hand; a point of contact with your supporting hand; and
a point of contact with your shoulder. So, they're just a lot easier to shoot.
With pump action shotguns, they're very reliable and super easy to learn to
run. Frankly, they're just easy.

Reason number three: They're extremely versatile. The
ammunition can be had in a lot of different varieties: everything from
birdshot; to buckshot; to duck-shot; and everything in between. You can choose what you feel is going to
be the safest, most effective option for inside your home, outside your home or
wherever you might be using that shotgun to defend yourself. You can even get
slugs so that you can reach out a hundred yards and sometimes even 200
yards to defend yourself that way. From a versatility standpoint there's just
nothing more versatile than a shotgun. In addition to ammunition, there are
also size choices. There are different gauges. If a 12-gauge kicks too hard and
you think that's a little bit more than you can handle, get yourself a 20-gauge. Gee, get yourself
a 410. I don't know if anybody wants to be on the business end of any kind of
shotgun. That includes a 410 shotgun that doesn't kick very much, but
certainly has a lot of power coming out the business end.

Reason number four. Shotguns, particularly
pump-action shotguns and break open shotguns, are legal just about everywhere.
So, you went out and you spent a fortune on a defensive rifle. The next thing
you know, your state just made it illegal. Or like California or New Jersey or
those other states, made it so non-functional that it's barely usable
as a self-defense tool. But, your shotgun? Those things are almost completely left
alone. So, if you want a defensive tool that you can count on and that you know is
going to be legal just about everywhere you go in the United States, a strongly
made defensive shotgun is your choice. They're legal just about everywhere. Reason number five. A shotgun is pretty
darn powerful. In fact, I would argue that a shotgun, particularly a 12-gauge
shotgun, is the most powerful and most devastating close quarters defensive
tool available to civilians today. Why not get one. I just gave you five
great reasons for it. The last of which is, these things are
incredibly powerful. So, there you go.

There's five solid
reasons for owning a defensive shotgun. Llike I said, there are a lot more reasons,
but in this video, I only had time for five. Thank you again very much for watching
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We try to keep you up-to-date on what's going on with firearms and what's going
on with firearms laws on our twitter and facebook account. If you happen to
own a gun for self-defense, you might end up using it someday. You're going to
need some legal backup as well. I want to explain to you that this is vital.
After you've defended yourself, even if you did everything right, there's a very good chance you can find
yourself arrested in jail or being sued by the person that you defend yourself
against or if they perished, by their family. You're going to need some
legal back up instead of having to sell everything you own to defend yourself. I use a company called Second Call Defense for that purpose. Second Call Defense
charges me a small monthly fee.

If I ever have to defend myself with a gun
they'll send money to bail me out of jail. They'll send money to an attorney
to represent me and I don't have to pay any of that money back. If you'd like to
check them out, I put a link right here for you to do
that. If any of the links I showed you for subscription or Twitter or
Facebook or blog or this one for Second Call Defense… if they don't work on the
screen, and some mobile devices they don't work, that's fine. We put all those
in the description for you as well so you'll find them down there.

Check out Second Call Defense.
Also, if you haven't already figured out… i'm sure you have if you don't let you
live in a cave… our Second Amendment is under attack all the time. One of the
key ways you can help defend your second Amendment rights is to join the National
Rifle Association. I want to urge you to join the NRA today. I got you a
discount, so you'll get a little bit of a deal in doing so. If you click on
this link right here, it'll take you to a special part on our website where you
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cost of a box of ammunition for a year. If that link doesn't work for some
reason, like I said, we put the links also in the description.

Thank you again for
watching. Have a great week and if you can come up with other reasons why it would
be a great idea to own a defensive shotgun, please put them in the comments
section and maybe we'll make another video. Have a great week. Thank you again and be safe..


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