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Review of the Brownells BRN 16A1 Part 1 #154


hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and today we got an interesting rifle that we're going to be talking about this is a parts gun basically it's a kit gun made out of Brownells parts. Brownells started selling upper receiver lower receiver and barrels for the M16 A1 rifle which is a actually a copy of the M16 A1 rifle they call it the BRM 16A1 rifle under the Brownells logo and it is a semi automatic copy of the Vietnam era M16 A1 I'm here with my friend Fred Masterson and Fred is a professional trainer with 30 years experience and he knows a lot about the M16 he started with this rifle many many moons ago and you know we're going to be discussing the features of the rifle even though it's a build this is not something that you buy as is you have to buy an upper receiver lower receiver and barrel from Brownells and then the hard part is fetching all the other parts.

I have I was lucky enough to be able to find parts for this rifle thou the internet, Facebook and also other sources and I found the most difficult to find parts which are the stock the grip, the teardrop forward assist, The flash hider the A1 flash hider but the rest of the parts are easily found sometimes it's kind of hard to find the A1 sights but I found them all the handguard is pretty difficult to on they're very expensive but if you are patient enough you'll be able to find all the parts for this rifle if you notice this handguard is actually broken it's got a chunk missing here because this is probably 30 years old so Fred tell me what you know about this rifle well first of all congratulations on building a beautiful rifle.

While Brownells gave you the bones to build this it took a lot of effort I know it get to accumulate all the other parts that are difficult to find it was really difficult and I can imagine and those out there watching today that may be in the rebuilding car arena where you may be rebuilding an old seventies or sixties car or even older you know how tough it is to find parts some time for firearms is it more difficult so for example this handguard I think I think Yamil is being a little humble in saying I'm not really sharing how difficult it was to find this especially in this good of shape I've seen a lot of them on the market that are really cracked and broken they've got tape on them and whatnot instead are still selling so the fact that you did did the looking and did the hard work to find everything you did a fantastic job.

A little bit about this gun obvious it is an Vietnam-era weapon the A1 was really one of the first guns to see action in Vietnam and this gun in this configuration and basic configuration stayed in service for quite some time the initial problems that people talk about a lot from the M16 A1 regarded its reliability and things like this a lot of that well it's true a lot of it was based on ammo maintenance and things like that. and the military solved that and the conditions of Vietnam absolutely in fact that myth. I want to call it myth really but that little cloud is hung over this rifles till modern-day times. I still hear people that are half my age talk about how unreliable that this platform is when it's dusty or when it's dirty it's just not true. you keep this gun wet and lube it will run, it will run… it's a fun rifle to shoot low recoil thick stock like this. If I can I have a safe area right here you have a nice safe area out put it on put my back in safe here but it's a natural point of aim rifle it seems to fit really really well stoner's original design obviously bought my Colt from the Armor Light Company thus the AR not assault rifle sorry folks Armalite the gun is a very natural weapon to shoot, a very natural point of aim.

It's lightweight which is very important. I carried some heavier weapons for different reasons training and whatnot and I can tell you that something as light as this in the seven plus pound range is a pleasure to carry oh I bet. a lot of people out there talking about how the .556 round just isn't enough that you need to carry 308 well I encourage you to put on three or four hundred rounds of 308 ammo and carry a 308 heavy gun. it's going to ruin your weekend. Yeah it will ruin your weekend This gun is a fantastic history piece and it's obviously more than the sum of its parts absolutely this is a beautiful rifle and you've done a fantastic job. and also you were talking about myth yeah there's one myth that people keep telling over and over and I know it's not true. who's that? It does not say Mattel inside of a handle.

No it does not say Mattel! that was a joke started quite a while ago sense it's a quote-unquote plastic gun. Mattel did make an M16 toy! oh they did. yeah I had one I had one too! I Know. Actually I want to get one too so if you're watching Jeff Dunham I know you have two of them. please send me one I'm pretty sure that Mattel gun would cost more than this one. it does. it does! I've seen it on ebay going for about three or four hundred dollars. Wow yeah I really want to get one too. but this is a great rifle my friend Sean from accuracy speaks in Mesa Arizona built this rifle for me I got on the part I can build a lower but he actually installed the barrel for me and did the finishing so thanks Sean thanks accuracy speaks for putting together this rifle thanks Brownells for allowing me to get this part from you at a very reasonable price because their price on this upper lower and barrel is a one in twelve barrel yeah it's original.

as original as it is they sell this thing for a really good reasonable price. it's a good project so check out your Brownell's catalog thank you for being with us today and I hope you stay tuned so we can give you more information about any firearms and apparel.


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