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Defender Draws His Firearm From A Seated Position


as a self-defender it is important to be able to draw your firearm from a seated position and use it [Music] hi everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active cell protection i'm your host john korea today's video comes to us from mexico palm pepper spray has recently reformulated for even more effect when you bless the deserving with the hot sauce palm is what i use between a harsh word and a gun and encourage everyone to do likewise the dude at the table has just sat down this is apparently a korean barbecue restaurant and sat down with his lady and now watch these two dudes on the right are going to approach him and the guy with the stripy shirt is going to stick his gun in his face so guys like yeah man let me give you my wallet whatever oh no it's not a wallet it's a gun and he shoots the first guy hit him once in the torso apparently and once in the arm second guy apparently he missed and drove those guys off and you can see the first guy doing his usain bolt impression there second guy's gonna run off as well the cops caught him at a local hospital getting treated for a couple of gunshot wounds so he is in custody they're still looking for the accomplice the dude and his lady got off unscathed and we get lessons to learn oh boy he went to work if you want to support the work we do here at active self protection would you consider joining our patron member program you could support us for three bucks a month and i would be super grateful we do it on our website if you support us at the gold level you get to come to our monthly online seminars as part of your membership and that's a very valuable piece so would you consider supporting our work so i think it's just a luck of the draw here that he was facing the direction that he was facing which ended up being a bad choice but in this kind of public environment we can't see what's going on the other direction so in some sense you're just going to have to take some chance here and i know everybody goes man i got to sit with my back to the entrances and all that stuff but sometimes you could put in a place like this you just can't so you do the best you can and you pay attention and you recognize that a high skill set is very important as well i don't think he really showed anything until the very last second that this guy's lady could have really said anything now then dude comes up with a gun and you know what's his lady gonna do in that moment of course if she's a self-defender she's able to get her gun out in the fight and get on these guys too while they're distracted with the dude and his phone and his watch and all those things that they want so ladies don't leave it to the man in your life to be the self-defender you protect yourself and protect him as well you have just as much opportunity to have attitude skills plan equipment those kinds of things as he does so now you're gonna see him he's got the gun out here and now he's going to you know tap the guy hey man i got that now i want to really talk just a second here about what we call feigned compliance so what we see here is our defender is actually going for his gun but unequivocally saying okay man let me get you my wallet no problem so having that opportunity to go yeah man i'm complying with you i got it no big deal let me get you my wallet while you go for your gun very important i think either case here in terms of you know if he's got the gun carried appendix or strong side that works and in this case the strong side actually gave him a little bit of advantage because he can hide his arm while he's going for the gun now then notice that he gets the gun up here very quickly and you can see that he's got that gun tucked very tightly to himself very similar to what craig douglas would call a thumb pectoral index it's over a little bit farther because the guy is over to his side but he doesn't float the gun way out in front of him and that's a mistake i see people make all the time that this guy doesn't make he holds that index there where he's got the gun indexed on him and tight to his body so he can't get taken away and he probably is not going to have a user-induced malfunction from it and so he's able to get a good solid hit on the guy and then get over to the next guy now the next guy he missed if you notice why is that eventually he loses that body index and now comes over now i do want to talk really quickly about what we call the boarding house rules that we always say everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds but we normally say that that first is a serving not an individual round now in this particular case okay fine it hits one round on this guy then turns to try to get the other guy as well probably worth your time to to because you're already indexed on this guy and you can make a split in 0.2 or 0.25 to get one two three even in the guy before you transition to the other one because it's still within the reactionary gap of his partner and maybe has a greater terminal effect on his partner and because of this was he turned around to the other guy he actually missed this shot i don't know which way he missed but there's no reports that he hit that other guy or that guy showed up at the hospital now then notice as the fight opens up very quickly you notice that it didn't end up in an entangled fight soon as the shooting starts the distances open up we see that in private citizen gunfights all the time couple of recommendations here as soon as you possibly can get two hands on the gun so so as the distances open up and this looks like around seven yards here this looks like the shot started about zero yards went out to seven yards you want two hands on that gun to see enough sights because grip is the master sight set the pace trigger is the servant to get good hits he didn't you know he got one more hit on this guy in the arm but not a good anatomical hit so the guy gets to keep shooting back at him now then our dude and his lady run off and this is a mission thing that i want to be very aware of as private citizens our mission is to break contact with the deadly threat as a law enforcement officer an on-duty law enforcement officer their mission is to apprehend bad guys and so they're going to close the distance with a bad guy and go hands-on with him we as private citizens on the other hand are going to try to break contact with a deadly threat and that difference in mission leads to a difference in tactics techniques and procedures leads also to a difference in our gear choices and those kinds of things so he's perfectly cool here to get the heck out of there even if he feels like he has to to leave the scene of the crime and call for emergency services from there now we saw the dude in white run off but i also want to see this guy here has run off as well and he has at least one high center chest bullet wound in him and an arm wound in him what i want you to recognize is that bad guys sometimes take a lot of shooting and they can maintain their status as a deadly threat for a long time so just because you put around in somebody doesn't mean they're going to go down that's hollywood and not real life thankfully they broke in contact so it doesn't matter if the guy runs off lives whatever gets to the hospital that's totally a fine outcome our defender here had his firearm on him knew how to use it effectively broke contact effectively and covered his asp


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