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alright guys today we're going to be
talking about the retention shooting just like we mentioned before there are
different variations of this taught in different places we'll show you why we
do what we do here not only is it retention position but there's a flex
extreme angle and other things like that that you wouldn't be getting if you came to
a course but if I'm within this close personal distance it's not a good thing
for me to just go to my gun without doing some sort of distraction to them
first for this first one I'm going to do whether it be a face mash or maybe an
elbow up to them while I'm doing that at the same time I'm clearing to my gun
from there I'm just going to pull it up into a retention position notice that I
have my thumb flag I'm pushing it into the rib cage is helping me complete the
other side of my grip making sure when you're first starting to do this you're
checking your muzzle target line making sure nothing is in it
arms codes whatever and remember as soon as I start to shoot this there's going
to be a muzzle blast because we are this close it's something that you will feel
but need to get over so we put a couple of rounds into it and then from there I
wouldn't stay here I'd start to back up present out stand for other threats and
everything like that alright guys what I'm going to do on this one if I ended up in
this situation hopefully you saw the pre incident indicators and everything before
that didn't end up here but if you're asleep at the wheel of whatever you did
first thing I'm going to do is come in here come to a retention position
through my shooting boom boom then I'm going to need to drop my hand down out
of muzzle line and do it a modified like speed rock back into him to a point
shoot boom boom and then I'm continuing to egress as I'm pushing out onto him to
full extension alright guys now that we talked through it you kind of got a
concept let's go ahead and do it full speed alright guys one of the biggest
misconceptions is everybody thinks you have to have this certain pattern of
shot groups reality is in a situation like that okay I need to get rounds on
target somewhere Create Space then I can go ahead and do what I need to whether
it be stay in the fight or break and run if you have any comments please comment


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