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Personal Defense Tips: Long Guns – Shooting Pump Action Shotguns


here's another important video from the personal defense Network let's take a look at the pump shotgun we've looked at the basic manipulation this particular one I decided to store with slugs near it but the magazine tube loaded and no rounds chambered so the first thing I'm going to do of course is put the shotgun on properly with the sling if I had a carrying strap I wouldn't worry about that part of the procedure but I'd make sure my left arm was through that carrying strap when I actually mounted the firearm up on my body I'm going to take these slugs and I'm either going to put them into my belt line I'm going to put them right into the pocket of course I'm going to reach forward release the action pump the shotgun the chamber around now I've chambered around safety on or safety off this particular safety is on right now so I would stage my finger here to release it or I'm going to take the safety off and stage my finger up here on top of the receiver in a very positive way and keep it away from the trigger of course if I choose to do this and move forward in a ready position if I were to drop this firearm down I've got to make sure to put that safety on as it comes down most people will choose to leave the safety on and be prepared at this point until there was an imminent threat of danger of course just because you put the safety off doesn't mean you have to bring the shotgun up and shoot you need to be very cognizant to the fact that this is a light short trigger at this point so we're going to move forward as if we were moving through a house moving to our escape area moving to ensure our family was okay moving forward this way with the safety on we get to the point where we hear a threat we know someone is threatening our family they're screaming for help we're about to round that last corner we're going to have the safety off and our finger up here on the receiver as we come up we realize that we've got a situation where we need to use a slug the procedure at this point is safety on release the action I'm back here I'm using what cover I have I'm not exposing myself if I don't have to I'm going to wrap the slide and release the round that came out into the chamber area when that round comes out I'm back here in this position I find a slug I reach under put it in close the action now I'm ready to move forward again the Safety's on I take the safety off and I take the precise shot that I would need to take with the slug of course if I needed to slug shots I would have to now at this point take that other slug round put it in there and now I'm prepared with two slug rounds and if I were going to engage a threat this point safety goes back on shotgun can hang I can make that 9-1-1 call i can complete a 9-1-1 call that i started earlier pick up my children medical assistants all the other things i might need to do of course if i had the pistol on this also gives me another option to go ahead and take the shotgun clear it leave it open especially if I don't have a sling or carrying strap now that it's open and unloaded I can place it against the wall I can place it on the ground it's not going to be used against me especially if I've got a pistol as a secondary firearm I can come down and do what else I need to do when you're dealing with a long gun that sling or carrying strap can be incredibly useful think about having one on any long gun that you may be in a position to use for the defense of yourself or others check out more videos just like this one at the personal defense Network you


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